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Silvoita in caldera

Silvoita in caldera

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Wash the plums well. We take out the seeds and put them in the copper boiler, which has been previously greased with oil so as not to stick to it. When a paste is formed (crush the plums) add the sugar.

We arm ourselves with a lot of patience because we have some time to wait and we go to work, it boils over low heat. We boiled it for two afternoons, during which time it has to be mixed into one, so it's not that easy. I was lucky with the brilliant idea of ​​my father who automated the mixing process :)). In my grandmother's time, several neighbors gathered in the country, boiled in the evening until the next day for some time and made it over a wood fire. It was boiled until it reached the consistency of the jam, no sugar was added at all and the silvoita stayed for years without spoiling. We didn't boil it so much, we left it softer, adding sugar because the plums were not very sweet.

It can be used in pies, pancakes, dumplings, croissants ... Our grandparents often used it for folded polenta, and my mother used to tell me that she often ate as a child, bread smeared with lard and syrup. Good job for those who dare !!!

I'll leave you with a video.

Recipes and remedies with which people were healed. Gathered from people. Diseases of hair, teeth and eyes

Below are described treatment methods that have been successful in curing severe diseases, in the absence of a specialized nurse. These & # 8222primitive & # 8221 methods have been passed down from generation to generation.

Eye pain, conjunctivitis

Arnica, lime and sage tea

A remedy from sailors of past centuries for eye pain: linen cloths soaked in warm chamomile tea.

In the case of conjunctivitis, the sailors washed their eyes with sage or fennel tea.


Applying a strong magnet

"The toothache that appeared on a Saturday afternoon on my wife I was able to do disappears after I applied a strong magnet (4000 gauss, 75x15x10mm) for 10-15 minutes on the jaw. And the following Saturday I successfully applied this remedy again. Of course it must be taken to the dentist, because the magnet can only be a temporary help "

Baldness, hair loss

This remedy was told to me by an acquaintance of mine who met after several years with an acquaintance of his who had been imprisoned. Knowing this baldly, he asked him what he had done to his hair again. The answer was simple: "You won't believe me, but a boy from prison told me to urinate often on my head and my hair will grow back. I did that and now I have hair on my head again. At least that's what the prison was good for. "

Hair loss (in women)

Head wash with fruit vinegar (diluted)

"I suffered for many years because of the hair loss that was so strong that I could see the scalp, which for me as a woman was not happy at all. In Dr. Jarvis' book "5 × 20 Years of Life," I found an indication of the effectiveness of fruit steel. After that I massaged my scalp with fruit vinegar after each bath. The success was that the strong dandruff that together with the oily hair was the cause of the hair loss disappeared quickly and completely. After I continued the treatment for a few years my hair became healthy and related the hair before it can even be called "rich". Hair loss stopped more and more and narrowed to normal. I am convinced that this is due to the application of vinegar ". Vinegar should be diluted a little with water. This recipe was previously applied by sailors.

Hair loss, dandruff, sparse hair, fleas

The sailors left the sea with rich hair and returned the keys. In addition, they looked much older than they were before they went on the trip. At that time the cause was unknown - massive nutritional deficiencies. Today, "land sailors" who lose their hair believe that it is due to male hormones or that it is a hereditary phenomenon, as the pharmaceutical industry has taught us. But the truth is the same as in the case of sailors: deficiencies and massive mistakes in diet through the consumption of coffee and other foods that create acidity in the blood, distorted foods, excess artificial vitamins, chemical preservatives.

Lent 2020. Easter 2020. Lent recipes. Fasting food and cakes

Fasting food. Fasting cakes

Fasting food. Fasting cakes

Lent 2020. Easter 2020. Lent recipes. Fasting food. Fasting cakes. If you thought you couldn't do much during Lent, with the advice of nuns and monks, you could quickly and easily make fasting food and sweets that you hadn't even thought about until now.



Tahini soup (sesame paste)

Sesame seeds are increasingly found among the ingredients that Romanians use for various dishes. Tahini soup (sesame paste) is one of the best known.

Tahini soup is based on sesame paste that can be found in all major stores. This paste can also be prepared at home. Father Efrem from the Dervent monastery is one of the chefs who prepare this soup, especially since it is a fasting food, and fasting is always in the monastery. So, in order to be able to make this recommended preparation and to detoxify the body after so many holiday meals, the monk has a wonderful recipe. According to nutritionists, in the chemical composition of sesame seeds are proteins, fats, vitamins B, D, E, F, oil in large quantities containing sesamol and sesamoline, phytosterols, esters and alcohols. Sesame seeds and oil have an emollient, antianemic, laxative and strong natural aphrodisiac effect.


2 glasses of rice with short grain or bulgur
5 lemons for the juice
400g tahini (sesame paste)
salt, ground white pepper
a suitable bunch of parsley

Method of preparation:

Boil the rice in the water in which I dissolved the salt. As soon as the rice is cooked, take the pot off the heat and cover. Lemon juice and tahini are placed in a bowl and mixed well with a wooden spoon. "We need to get a strong meal," says Father Ephraim. We continue to mix, adding with a polish, little by little, the juice in which we boiled the rice, until we obtain a porridge of uniform consistency. Mix the rice and the juice and, at the same time, add the tahini porridge, little by little, to bind. The mixture thus obtained is no longer fired. Taste and if necessary add salt and lemon. When serving, add the parsley.

Aztec soup

An original recipe for a fasting soup is this Aztec soup recipe.


1 chopped onion
4 cloves of garlic
1 teaspoon hot paprika
1 tablespoon ground cumin
1 teaspoon paprika
1 cup diced celery
3 cups of concentrated vegetable soup
2 cans of 450 grams of black beans
1 cup frozen corn
3 tablespoons lime juice
1 diced avocado
1 diced tomato
1 cup freshly chopped coriander
sea ​​salt and black pepper to taste

Method of preparation:

Saute the onion and garlic in 2 tablespoons of concentrated vegetable soup in a soup pot over medium-high heat until the onion is soft. Add the spices and celery and cook for another 1-2 minutes. Add the concentrated vegetable soup, beans, corn and 2 tablespoons of lemon juice.

Bring to a boil, then reduce the heat and simmer for 10 minutes. Season with salt and black pepper. In a separate bowl, mix the avocado, tomatoes, coriander, the rest of a tablespoon of lime juice, salt and black pepper. Pour the hot soup into bowls and garnish with a tablespoon full of avocado salsa.

Spinach with rice


800 grams of fresh spinach
3 onions
3 tablespoons olive oil
300 grams of rice (any kind of rice can be used)
5 cloves of garlic
pepper and salt to taste

Method of preparation:

Wash the spinach well, drain it and cut it into thin strips (squeeze a sleeve as far as we can and chop it faithfully). Do the same with the 3 onions, which we fry in a saucepan or pan with olive oil. When the onion is hardened, add the raw spinach. The spinach thus prepared will retain all its properties. Cover with a lid after seasoning and salt to taste. In the 10-15 minutes while the spinach is boiling, cook the rice for 15 minutes (only half of its cooking time). Put the drained rice (after 15 minutes) over the spinach and let it continue to boil until it makes a connection and they become good friends. Put the chopped, crushed or crushed garlic, according to everyone's preference, then add salt if needed.

Loudda pasta

"Bear's garlic" or leurda is a plant widespread in many forests in Romania. It is widely found during this period, being preferred by chefs for various salads or pasta.


- 400 grams of leurd
- 200 milliliters of olive oil
- 100 grams of grated cheese
- 1 green pepper, 3 mint leaves, 150 grams of sunflower seeds, 2 fresh larch seeds, 5 fresh sage leaves, fresh parsley leaves, 1 teaspoon dried thyme, ½ teaspoon dried oregano, salt and pepper.

Method of preparation:

We wash all the leaves very well, break them in two and put them in the food processor. Add the hot pepper, cleaned of seeds and chop everything. To obtain a paste, we move the greens in a blender, add the cheese, the rest of the spices and the seeds. Slowly add the oil to the dough until the paste is formed. Put the paste on a foil, roll it and keep it in the fridge.

Baked tomatoes with garlic

Baked tomatoes with garlic are very easy and simple to prepare. They are delicious and healthy.


10 tomatoes
5-6 cloves of garlic
1 bunch of dill and parsley


Wash the tomatoes, then wipe with a towel. Place in a pan greased with oil. Among the tomatoes, put the uncooked garlic cloves in the peel. Match salt and pepper. Leave in the oven for 20 minutes, until the tomatoes are soft. After removing from the oven, sprinkle with finely chopped greens. Serve with pilaf.

Beaten beans

Traditional beaten beans, the version you didn't know!

The recipe is used especially in nunneries in Moldova. Beans are an important source of protein and fiber and help maintain a feeling of satiety, being a reliable ally in the fight against obesity.


500 g beans
1 celery
5 cloves of garlic
2 matching onions
2 carrots
4 tablespoons oil
a tablespoon of tomato juice
Red pepper

Method of preparation:

First, soak the beans in cold water for about 12 hours, to boil more easily. Change the water and put it to boil in a pot. We change the water again after it has boiled for 30 minutes. Then add the carrots, an onion and celery. After the beans have boiled, drain them in a strainer. Pass the beans together with the other vegetables, add the garlic, salt, pepper and 2 tablespoons of oil. Heat the second onion, add the tomato juice and pepper and put them over the beaten beans.


Post graduate

A delicious cake, easy to make and very good for fasting periods. Below are the ingredients and how to prepare it.


400ml soy milk
400ml coconut milk
4gr agar-agar or vegetable gelatin
100 gr Green Sugar sweetener
1 vanilla pod
1 dark chocolate without milk
150gr nuts
100gr raisins
grated lemon peel
200gr cherries and frozen fruits
1 tablespoon starch

Method of preparation:

Simple - that's how this dessert is made! And it's also delicious, even if it's fasting and more diet like that (because it contains very little starch or sugar).

Cut the vanilla pod lengthwise and, with the back of the knife, scrape the seeds inside. Boil the vanilla seeds and pods together with the coconut milk, 350 ml of soy milk and 80 grams of natural sweetener Green Sugar. By boiling the vanilla flavor encompasses all the liquid. The smell of vanilla will cover the entire kitchen.

Dissolve the agar-agar in 50 ml of soy milk, then add it over the hot liquid and mix very quickly while pouring it. After it starts to boil again, it should stay on the fire for another 2-3 minutes, during which time it should be stirred continuously. After the fire stops, add the grated lemon peel.

Separately, grind the walnuts with the raisins with a robot. Put the chopped walnuts in a round bowl with a diameter of 20 cm and press well.

Remove the vanilla pod and slowly pour the composition over the walnuts (slowly, so as not to dislodge the "base" and spread the walnuts). Let the cake cool, then put it in the fridge. * Sweets close even at room temperature from agar to agar, unlike gelatin which is in dire need of refrigeration.

To complete the cake, I put the fruit on the fire together with the rest of the sweetener and the starch dissolved in 2 tablespoons of water. They have to boil. The sauce formed will thicken from the starch. Taste and, if necessary, you can add sugar or leave the fruits more sour, in contrast to the cake. After cooling, place over the cake. Bitter chocolate can be grated or melted to make various shapes out of it. * You can put baking paper on a rolling pin, melt the chocolate in a bain-marie and you can make a kind of chocolate curls. (Source:

Leaf cake with tomato juice

Leaf cake with tomato juice is a recipe of the nuns from Ghighiu Monastery, in Prahova County, less than 5 km from Ploiesti. The cake is easy to make and cheap.


For sheets it takes 11 tablespoons of oil, 11 tablespoons of sugar, 11 tablespoons of tomato juice, half a teaspoon of baking soda

For the cream:

1 packet of margarine
1 packet of cake cream 1 cup sugar
250 g of water
1 packet of lemon powder

How is it prepared:

Mix the oil with the sugar, flour, tomato juice and baking soda until a crust is formed, from which four sheets are spread. Bake on the bottom of the pan over low heat. For the cream, mix the ingredients in a saucepan over low heat, then cool and grease the sheets.

On top, garnish with a glaze obtained from 2-3 tablespoons of margarine, 2 tablespoons of sugar, 1 tablespoon of water, 1 vanilla essence, over which sprinkle coconut.

Black with walnut and silvoita with Green Sugar

Black walnut is a special dessert.


1 cup and a half with water
a pinch of salt
1 cane Green Sugar
1/2 cup oil
2 cups filled with flour
2 lg cocoa
1 sachet of baking powder
rum essence
3-4 lg silvoita (without sugar)
1 cup nut

Method of preparation:

Put in a bowl water, Green Sugar and salt powder. Stir until the green sugar melts, add the syrup and coarsely chopped walnuts.

Mix, then pour the oil and rum essence. Separately, mix the flour with the cocoa and the baking powder. Pour over the liquid mixture and mix well. Wallpaper a tray with baking paper and pour the composition. Level and put in the preheated oven at 180 degrees for about 35-40 minutes (pass the toothpick test). Remove and allow to cool. For powdering, put 2 teaspoons full of Green Sugar, which has been ground before. Then sprinkle on top, portion and serve.

Fasting cookies

Sugar-free fasting cookies are delicious and can be made quickly if unannounced guests come to you.


300 gr flour
3 tablespoons Green Sugar sweetener
180 gr margarine (80% fat) or coconut butter
20 gr cocoa
20 ml of cold orange juice
1 teaspoon free of rum
1 teaspoon vanilla essence
1/4 teaspoon baking soda
orange peel
a pinch of salt

Method of preparation:

Divide the ingredients in two as follows: in a bowl put 150 g of flour, half of baking soda, a tablespoon and a half of sweetener, 90 g of margarine or coconut butter, grated orange peel, vanilla essence and 10 ml of juice of oranges. Knead a homogeneous dough, then let it cool for half an hour.

In the second bowl put the rest of the ingredients: the remaining flour and baking soda, cocoa, sweetener, margarine or remaining coconut butter, rum essence and orange juice. Knead the dough in the same way as on the first one, then let it cool for half an hour.

On the work table greased with oil, divide each ball of dough in half. Spread the first ball with cocoa and the first ball with white dough separately. Place the white dough over the cocoa and spread lightly with the rolling pin. Roll the sheets tightly and shape the dough lightly until you get a roll with equal dimensions in length. With a well-sharpened knife, cut the slices of about half a centimeter, which are then placed in a tray lined with baking paper. It is easily shaped with the fingers if it deforms when cut. Do the same with the other two dough balls. Then bake the cookies in the preheated oven over medium heat for about 25-30 minutes. Allow to cool completely, after which they can be served. The cookies freeze even more with each passing day, if they remain and are not eaten from the first day.

School begins, with water in the cauldron, toilets in the yard and unfinished work. Money for parliamentarians has been found!


In less than a week, the schools in the county will open their doors to students, but some of the buildings of some educational units do not have an operating license.

Currently, the activity of the state pre-university education units in Iaşi County is carried out in 1,470 buildings, of which 921 buildings are intended for activities with students, and 549 buildings have other destinations. Thus, following the monitoring of the activity regarding the stage of obtaining the sanitary operating authorizations from the state pre-university education units, monitoring carried out by the Iaşi County School Inspectorate, it was found that out of the 221 units of education, only 18 have legal personality. operation, and 40 do not have, either because works are underway, or because there is no drinking water in the commune.

The schools that do not have sanitary authorization for operation due to the lack of drinking water are: Popeşti, Had & acircmbu Gymnasium School, Poieni, Sc & acircnteia and Grajduri, and the schools Liteni, Erbiceni, Popeşti, Had & acircmbu and Sc & acircnteioare have external sanitary groups. Also, the Grajduri Gymnasium School did not receive authorization due to the old buildings that operate. The Secondary School & bdquoGheorghe Ciobanu & rdquo Andrieşeni has not had an operating license since 2016, as it was withdrawn in order to remedy some deficiencies, works that have not been completed yet, and at the Secondary School no. 1 Comarna is in the process of rehabilitation. Hăulică Gymnasium School & bdquoIon Hăulică & rdquo Ipatele has been rehabilitated, the reception of the works has not been carried out, and Răchiteni Gymnasium School must be rehabilitated. At this moment, only 81.90% of the schools with legal personality in the county have a sanitary authorization to operate.

Elite schools in Iasi without fire safety permit

There are also problems with fire safety permits. Out of the total of 1,470 buildings belonging to the state pre-university education units in Iaşi County, 1,054 buildings are subject to the procedures for obtaining the fire safety permit. For 155 buildings, the fire safety permit was obtained, and for 103 buildings that would need such a permit, it was not obtained. Among them is the National College & bdquoMihai Eminescu & rdquo Iaşi, which has to restore the fire scenario for a building, the Theoretical High School of Informatics & bdquoGrigore Moisil & rdquo Iaşi, which has difficulties because, & icircn following some expansions, a reserve must be built ensures the supply of the fire extinguishing installation, and the water company does not provide the necessary flow and pressure, or the National College of Art & bdquoOctav Băncilă & rdquo Iaşi, which does not have a fire safety permit for the festivities hall, where rehabilitation works are needed. Also, out of the total number of buildings of the learning units in the county, for 796 it is not mandatory to obtain a fire safety permit. Thus, 90.23% of these buildings where students study have fire safety permits.

However, regarding the sanitation of the spaces of the teaching units, 202 schools have completed these works, and 19 of them are being completed. At the same time, the fuel needed for the winter months was purchased in most schools, with the exception of the Theoretical High School in Roscar Rosetti and Răducăneni and the gymnasium schools in S & acircrca, Păuşeşti, Moşna and Şcheia, which have the necessary funds.

Textbooks have reached schools, even those for the sixth grade

At this time, all the teaching units in the county have received textbooks for all the cycles of teaching in the 10th grade. This is also the case with textbooks for sixth grade, some of which have a number of mistakes. Deputy General School Inspector Bogdan B & acircrzoi from the Iaşi County School Inspectorate mentioned that there will be no problems in this regard, the Ministry of Education is already taking measures to rectify the problems discovered. & bdquoAt 6th graders textbooks. There is, indeed, a situation which our colleagues in the Ministry, as far as I know, have already remedied. I hope that every time such situations arise we will succeed, as we all want, to make every effort so that our students, children, benefit as soon as possible from all the conditions for the beginning of the school year, said Bogdan. B & acircrzoi. In addition to textbooks, in the next period will be distributed the 29,013 packages of free supplies for students in grades I-VIII and preparatory class, supplies worth 787,045 lei.

This is a blackberry jam that will remind you of childhood from the first teaspoon served, it is made by Mama Vio (our mother) over low heat with wood in the cauldron from grandparents. This sweetness has no additives or gels or dyes, the fruits are collected by peasants near forests and hills. Weight 270g Price per jar

When ordering 3 jars, you have a 10% discount!

Delivery conditions: Delivery conditions: For the city of Cluj-Napoca, delivery is free, with a minimum order of 30 lei.
For the outskirts of Cluj Napoca it is free if the minimum order is 50 lei (or 10 lei delivery fee will be paid)
Outside the city or the outskirts of Cluj, there will be a courier delivery fee of approximately 15-20 lei but it will be confirmed before sending!

193 sins you must urgently confess:

On many sites, either of churches or of Orthodoxy in general, there is a list of sins, which are part of the "confessional guide."

The list is a guide to sin, which people must read and write down their sins before confession. Among the sins mentioned are: the sale of cigarettes, non-payment of workers on time, the belief in reincarnation from man to animal, spending money on luxury items, "dizziness with alcohol" and "vomiting afterwards", makeup, hair dyeing, wearing jewelry .

Below you have detailed a number of 193 sins:

1. I despaired of God's help and mercy.

2. I said that God no longer forgives me, that I am too sinful and I will go to hell.

3. I said: if God wills, he will save me, if not, no.

4. I said that God does not help me, that God has forgotten me.

5. I believed or said that there is no God, heaven, hell. I doubt that there is God, heaven, hell, etc., because I have not seen them.

6. I considered the Holy Scriptures false. I do not believe in certain miracles, events narrated in Holy Scripture.

7. I can't stand talking about God.

8. I trusted too much in the mercy of God, saying: No matter how much I sin, God forgives me, because He is good.

9. I was thinking of suicide.

10. I smoked. I took drugs (smoking and drugs are suicidal). I sold cigarettes and / or drugs.

11. I swore. And of the holy ones I said (Grijanie, the Church, the icon, the candle, God, Christ, incense, the dead, etc.)

12. I did not pay the workers. I didn't give them what I needed, I didn't make up with them. I didn't pay them on time. I bought something and I didn't pay.

13. I oppressed the servants, the poor, the orphans, the widows, the helpless. I mocked them.

14. I longed for death in trouble.

15. I killed people, willingly or unwillingly. Maybe because of me, someone died.

16. I murmured to God in trouble that it was too hard for me, that I had lost it, that I was persecuted, and that sinners lived well, that it was not good, or that it was too cold, too hot. it was raining, etc., instead of being patient.

17. I said zau, to die, not to have part, to cry, etc.

18. I was unhappy with my condition (it was better that way than that).

19. I swore crookedly. I swore I would do something wrong.

20. I cursed. And I cursed myself.

21. I was hypocritical, pretentious, flattering, cunning.

22. I spoke with several meanings.

23. I was talking about it.

24. I have hurt my neighbor in body and soul.

25. I prevented my neighbor from acquiring something good out of envy and wickedness.

26. I slandered, talked, gossiped, kept someone else's account. I slandered my parents, my priests.

27. I have ruined someone's good name by gossiping and arguing.

28. I did not remove the evil that I saw coming upon my neighbor as long as I could.

29. I borrowed with usury (interest) from individuals.

30. Being expensive, I sold at a high price.

31. I went to witches, riddles, spiritism. I charmed someone.

32. I know how to be happy. I know how to do charms.

33. I passed over the living to the dead, that they might be sick. I "turned the candles" for the evil of the enemies.

34. I wore red thread so as not to lose sight of me, I anointed them all with garlic at St. Andrew's, I wore wormwood at Pentecost, I wore various objects from witches given "so that the charms would not catch on me", I made fires and I skipped over them and other devilish habits. I looked for my luck in the zodiac signs, with the parrot.

35. I believed that the soul, after leaving man, passes into different animals (reincarnation).

36. I mocked, beat, beat someone. Parents, priests.

37. I judged others by what I do, what I say, why I am so and not otherwise, etc.

38. I assumed, suspected others.

39. I was an inquisitor.

40. I took what was due to another.

41. I have deceived, deceived someone. I sold the bad goods as good goods.

42. I have wronged someone.

43. I borrowed something and I didn't give it back.

44. I hid strange things in my house.

45. I have found strange things, and, knowing who they are, I have not given them back.

46. ​​I stole something. From the state (public wealth), or from man? From the church? From strangers or parents, relatives? This sin is not forgiven until we turn things around. If we can no longer do alms.

47. I moved the border to take from the neighbor's land.

48. I hid someone else's theft. I have something to steal in the house.

49. I sold or bought things I suspected or knew were stealing.

50. I collected money with false documents and cunning.

51. I did not return the damage done to my neighbor, even without permission.

52. Out of wickedness, I have ruined foreign wealth (sowings, trees, cars, etc.).

53. I deceived the state by filing false income statements.

54. I knowingly inherited wealth agonized by sins. I didn't give much to her.

55. I gave or took the bribe.

56. I made money by dishonest methods.

57. I was greedy for wealth, stingy with almsgiving.

58. I am not skeptical of expenses. They spend money on luxury things that are not strictly necessary.

59. I did not help the church and the poor in power.

60. If sins came to my mind, I sweetened myself by thinking of them, instead of driving them away immediately.

61. I looked for the right time to commit a sin (example: the thief looking to steal, the whore looking for a woman, etc.).

62. I sued someone in order to harm them.

63. I lied against someone in order to hurt them (false testimony against one's neighbor).

64. I have angered or abhorred someone with ugly words or deeds. I made him hate me.

65. I hate someone. I remember evil. I would like revenge. I enjoyed the evil of another.

66. I want to hurt someone. I wish others illness, trouble, death, etc.

67. During the prayer I thought of something else.

68. I spoke during the service. I flipped, I moved around the church.

69. I didn't think about the job. I looked at what others were doing, what they were wearing.

70. I ate, I drank something secretly.

71. I was greedy for food. I ate to my heart's content.

72. I got dizzy with alcohol. I got drunk. I also vomited after that.

73. I wanted to be above all with something if not completely.

74. I have made poverty or my wealth a cause for praise.

75. I was proud, I was bankrupt, I was proud, I grew up, I was proud, I was proud. I was proud of my children.

76. I bragged. I have a good opinion of myself. I think I'm someone compared to others. There's no one like me anymore.

77. I like to be praised by others. When I do a good deed, I expect praise from others and not payment from God.

78. I have great confidence in myself, instead of in God.

79. I thought I was better, more faithful (bone) than others, considering them worse, stupid, unbelievers, etc.

80. I laughed at the sins and faults of others. And I laughed at their good deeds.

81. I praised the sins of others.

82. I was lazy to pray every morning, in the evening, at every meal.

83. I ate sweets on a Wednesday or Friday.

84. I haven't held the 4 positions over the year.

85. I fasted on Saturday and Sunday.

86. I said, It is more sinful to covet sweet food than to eat it.

87. Am postit când Biserica dezlega, exemplu miercuri si vineri când era harti sau sâmbata si duminica când se mânca peste, socotind ca nu sunt bune aceste rânduieli.

88. N-am pastrat curatie cu sotul (sotia): miercuri, vineri, sâmbata, duminica, luni în cele 4 posturi de peste an în timpul sarcinii si al ciclului lunar 40 de zile dupa nastere.

89. N-am pastrat curatie cu sotul (sotia) cu acordul lui (ei), ci fara, încât putea sa cada în pacatul preacurviei.

90. Am luat pastile anticonceptionale, am folosit spermicide, ca sa nu fac copii.

91. Am facut pacatul onaniei ca sa nu fac copii, adica: am folosit prezervativ sau am varsat samânta afara ca barbat, iar ca femeie am folosit diafragma.

92. Am facut avort. Ca barbat, am dat voie sotiei sa faca avort.

93. Am folosit sterilet ca sa nu fac copii (steriletul provoaca avort).

94. M-am împreunat cu sotul (sotia) de mai multe ori în 24 de ore.

95. M-am împreunat cu sotul (sotia) în diferite pozitii,ca animalele.

96. M-am împreunat cu sotul (sotia) în vazul sau auzul copiilor mei, crezând ca sunt mici si nu stiu.

97. Am curvit. Am preacurvit.

98. Am gânduri de desfrânare cu persoane de sex opus sau de acelasi sex. Când îmi vin aceste gânduri, nu le departez, ci ma îndulcesc cu ele, desi n-as vrea sa fac pacatul.

99. Am preacurvit cu ruda, fin, nas, var, frate, fiu, fiica, nepot.

100. Am gândit sa preacurvesc sau chiar am preacurvit cu preot, preoteasa, calugar,

101. Am pipait alt trup pentru a simti si provoca placeri de desfrâu.

102. Am trait necununat(a), adica în concubinaj.

103. M-am casatorit cu alta femeie, nefiind divortat de prima.

104. M-am culcat cu femeia mea dupa ce am divortat de ea.

105. M-am casatorit cu rudenie de sânge, de cuscrie (nu se poate decât de la gradul al 8-lea în sus, altfel e pacatul amestecarii de sânge).

106. Ca nas (nasa), m-am casatorit cu fina (finul) sau am dat voie copiilor mei sa se casatoreasca cu copiii finilor mei.

107. Mi s-au facut mai mult de trei cununii în biserica( cununia a 4-a este pacat).

108. Am facut pacatul malahiei singur(a) (adica atunci când o persoana îsi provoaca placere singura, masturbare). Acest pacat se numeste curvia cu diavolul.

109. Am facut pacatul malahiei cu alta persoana, unul la altul. Eu cu altul, altul cu mine, cu femeie, barbat cu barbat, femeie cu femeie, cu copii.

110. Am facut pacatul sodomiei (barbat cu barbat, femeie cu femeie).

111. Am facut pacatul gomoriei (prostii cu gura, sex oral).

112. Am preacurvit cu animale, pasari (zoofilie), cu copii (pedofilie)

113. Am privit filme, poze cu prostii. Am în casa poze, statui cu prostii.

115. Am privit cu placere cum se împreunau animalele.

116. Am fost invidios (invidioasa). Mi-a parut rau de binele altuia. Îmi pare rau ca altul are si eu nu. Invidia este aceeasi cu zavistia si pizma.

117. M-am lacomit la munca. Am muncit peste puteri, încât poate chiar m-am si îmbolnavit.

118. Am mintit. Am obiceiul sa mint mereu.

119. Îmi place sa „ înfloresc ” lucrurile si povestile.

120. Am dracuit. Am dat naibii. Si pe mine însumi m-am dat dracului. Am zis: „ sa fiu al naibii ” , „ sa ma ia ” .

121. Am muncit în duminici si sarbatori.

122. Am lipsit de la biserica în duminici si sarbatori. În timpul slujbei nu m-am rugat, ci am dormit ori m-am ocupat cu lucruri desarte, am fost la târg etc.

123. Daca am fost la biserica, n-am dat pomelnic si n-am aprins lumânari.

124. Am stat în fata la toti în biserica. I-am dat la o parte pe altii, zicându-le ca stau pe locul meu.

125. Am adus daruri, jertfe si donatii la biserica din ce era mai rau.

126. Am ucis animal, pasare. Le-am chinuit, batjocorit, le-am împovarat peste puteri, le-am lasat sa moara desi puteam sa le salvez.

127. Am mâncat eu sau am pus altora în mâncare spurcaciune (animal netaiat, carne de om, jertfe satanicesti, necuratie etc.)

128. Am sfatuit si învatat pe altii sa faca pacate.

129. Am fost la petreceri destrabalate. În posturi, miercurea, vinerea, în duminici si sarbatori.

130. Cred în superstitii: caldare goala, sa nu ma întorc ca-mi merge rau, daca întâlnesc preot îmi merge rau etc.

131. N-am multumit lui Dumnezeu pentru binefaceri.

132. Am facut glume, bancuri cu si despre cele sfinte.

133. M-am machiat, rujat, vopsit la par, am dat unghiile cu oja etc. Am purtat cercei, margele, inele, coliere, bratari, pantofi cu toc. Mi-am facut parul.

134. Ca femeie, am purtat pantaloni sau fusta scurta, n-am purtat capul acoperit, am mers sau am vorbit, ca sa atrag barbatii.

135. Am scuipat sau am vomitat în ziua în care m-am împartasit.

136. M-am mâniat si nu mi-a trecut îndata, ci am tinut mânie.

137. Am ambitie, încapatânare, obraznicie, nerusinare, iubire de sine.

138. Am fagaduit ceva si n-am împlinit. N-am tinut învoiala, promisiunea.

139. N-am tamâiat si stropit casa cu agheasma cel putin o data pe luna.

140. N-am iertat pe cei ce mi-au cerut iertare.

141. Nu mi-am cerut iertare pentru a departa orice vrajba, chiar daca n-am fost vinovat(a).

142. N-am aprins candela la rugaciune, în duminici si sarbatori.

143. N-am facut semnul crucii cum trebuie, drept.

144. N-am facut cruce când am trecut pe lânga biserica.

145. Am mers la mai multi preoti si am zis la unul unele pacate, la altul altele.

146. Din pricina rusinii sau a altor motive, am ascuns cu buna stiinta la Spovedanie unele pacate. M-am si împartasit dupa aceea.

147. M-am împartasit la un preot, fiind legat de altul.

148. Ca femeie, m-am atins de lucruri sfinte din biserica, atunci când am avut ciclu.

149. Am venit târziu la biserica. Am plecat înainte de sfârsitul slujbei fara motive întemeiate. Am facut din acestea o regula.

150. N-am crescut copiii si finii în frica de Dumnezeu. Nu i-am învatat poruncile lui Dumnezeu. I-am învatat la rau, contribuind la uciderea lor sufleteasca.

151. Nu mi-am pedepsit copiii când i-am vazut ca persista în greseli.

152. Nu am ascultat de parinti atunci când m-au învatat de bine.

153. Nu mi-am iubit la fel toti copiii. Am fost partinitor (partinitoare) cu unul sau mai multi din copiii mei.

154. Am amânat Spovedania. Am zis sa pacatuiesc, ca mai e timp sa fac pocainta si sa ma spovedesc.

155. N-am facut canonul pe care l-am primit dupa Spovedanie.

156. M-am împartasit dupa ce am avut necuratie în vis.

157. Ca femeie, m-am împartasit când aveam ciclu.

158. Ca femeie, n-am facut molitfele la o zi, 8 zile si 40 de zile dupa nastere. Am intrat în biserica înainte de a trece 40 zile. Am citit molitfa înainte de a trece cele 40 de zile.

159. Am pierdut sarcina fara voia mea. Daca mi s-a întâmplat asa, n-am venit la preot sa-mi citeasca rugaciunea speciala.

160. Am înabusit copilul lânga mine, botezat sau nebotezat.

161. Din neglijenta mea, mi-au murit copiii.

162. Am lasat sa-mi moara copilul nebotezat.

163. Am abandonat copiii vii pe drumuri, în orfelinate.

164. Am mustrat prea aspru. Am cicalit. Am stat cu gura si am fost prea bagacios (bagacioasa) pe altcineva.

165. Am lasat nefacuta sfestanie în casa mai mult de un an de zile.

166. Am facut jocuri si râsete la priveghiurile de morti.

167. Nu mi-am facut datoria fata de rudele moarte. Nu le-am facut tot ce trebuia.

168. N-am îngrijit mormintele. M-am zgârcit sa platesc sarindare, slujbe pentru sufletele celor adormiti.

169. Am jelit mortii. Am pus bani pe crucea lor de pe piept sau în mâna. Am dat lucruri peste groapa lor. Am spart ceva când a fost scos mortul din casa.

170. Am în casa, am citit carti sectare. Am fost la adunari de sectanti, i-am primit în casa.

171. Am ucis oameni, cu voie sau fara voie. Poate din si din cauza mea, a murit cineva.

172. M-am casatorit cu evreu, turc, catolic, sectant etc.

173. Am dat anafora pe jos.

174. Cred în vise. Ceea ce fac a doua zi este în functie de cele ce visez.

175. Am cântat si am ascultat cântece lumesti si sectare.

176. Am jucat si am mers la discoteci si alte petreceri anormale.

177. Am facut nunti si petreceri cu mâncare de dulce si cu muzica în post.

178. Am smintit si l-am facut sa pacatuiasca pe aproapele meu când a auzit ce zic si a vazut ce fac (astfel sunt raspunzator în fata lui Dumnezeu pentru pacatul aproapelui meu).

180. N-am platit contributia la Sfânta Biserica.

181. Am ascultat discutiile altora, desi nu-mi folosea si îi deranjam.

182. Am intrat în Sfântul Altar.

183. Am mostenire si n-am îngrijit pe cei care mi-au dat-o.

184. Nu mi-am cautat sanatatea dupa datorie.

185. Am luat anafora si agheasma, desi mâncasem sau bausem apa dupa miezul noptii.

186. Am râvna nesocotita, habotnicie( post mult încât poate m-am si îmbolnavit, milostenie fara socoteala încât sufera cei din casa etc.).

187. Nu m-am rugat totdeauna cu fata catre rasarit.

188. Am dat importanta mai mare celor trupesti decât celor sufletesti.

189. În loc de a ma împaca cu aproapele, l-am tras la judecata.

190. Nu mi-am iubit sotul (sotia) ca pe mine însumi. Din pricina mea a facut pacate.

191. Am facut diferite pariuri diavolesti, prin care multi si-au pierdut sanatatea si viata.

192. N-am sfatuit pe cel care avea nevoie de sfat. N-am învatat pe cel nepriceput.

Siropul concentrat de mure are un gust de vara, de copilarie care iti face ziua mai usoara!
Se diluaeza cu apa in raport de 1:5.
Beneficiile consumului de mure sunt : protejează ochii şi pielea de razele UV, conferă o stare de bine şi combate anxietatea şi depresia, reduc stresul, întăresc sistemul imunitar, detoxifică ficatul, ameliorează hemoroizii, previn cancerul şi anemia.
Contine : 70%fruct, 30% zahar, zeama de lamaie.
Produs natural.

Condiții livrare: Livrarea in Cluj Napoca si limitrof este gratuita la comenzi mai mari de 75 de lei. Pentru livrari in tara costul livrarii se achita separat.

Caldare,ceaun din cupru,arama,silviota,magiun,dulceata

In stare buna de functionare,taie tabla goasa de 5mm,capul se poate roti la ce unghi se doreste.FEIN. si spune totul. Este din cupru in ca si unele din tabala si cuprate pe deasupra.Are manere foarte groase pentru sustinerea ei,are 60 litri,ideala pentru maguin,dulceata,silvoita,sau la stana pentru lapte.Am curatat-o doar partial pentru a scoate in evidenta materialul din care-i facuta.

Pentru a evita situatii neplacute va rog verificati disponibilitatea acestui produs inainte de a-l comanda,

Pentru a afla mai multe detalii despre produs va rog sa folositi forumul cu incredere,printr-un mesaj in cadrul licitatiei!

Preturile sunt negociabile in limita rezonabilului si a bunului simt.

Costul transportului este relativ,depinde cu cine se face si modalitatea de plata,La transportul cu un curier rapid am pretentia de a se achita transportul anticipat intr-un cont,pentru a ma asigura ca se ridica coletul.

Odata ce ati licitat sunteti raspunzator pentru cumpararea acestui produs

Ingredients Socata

10 flori mari soc
500-600 gr zahar
1 lamaie mare
8 gr drojdie proaspata

Mai aveti nevoie de: un borcan de 5l

Preparation Socata

  1. Se spala florile de soc si se pun pe fundul borcanului. Se acopera cu zahar, apoi adaugati sucul de la lamaie si coaja taiata felii. Se pune apoi apa cat sa acopere totul si se lasa pana a doua zi.
  2. A doua zi se umple borcanul cu apa rece, se amesteca, se adauga drojdia (pentru a fermenta), se acopera cu tifon si se lasa la loc cald si insorit pentru inca 2-3 zile (depinde cat e de cald si cat de acidulata doriti sa fie soacata la noi au fost suficiente 2 zile).
  3. In fiecare zi amestecati in borcan dimineata si seara si gustati socata. Cand a ajuns la aciditatea dorita strecurati socata, o puneti in sticle si o tineti la frigider.
  4. Socata se serveste rece.
    * Nota 5.06.2017 - Saptamana trecuta am facut socata cu mici diferente: nu am spalat florile fiindca le-am cules dintr-o zona fara praf, pe unde nu trec masinile si de aceea am redus drojdia la jumatate (4 gr). A iesit o socata si mai aromata si care a tinut mai mult timp la frigider fara sa devina prea alcoolizata.

Veți culege câte o căldare de căpșuni de pe fiecare tufă după această bombă vitaminoasă aplicată foliar și sub rădăcină!

E greu de găsit soluția care ar asigura căpșunile cu hrana necesară și le-ar proteja de dăunători. Exact aceste 2 funcții le îndeplinește permanganatul de potasiu. În cazul unei prelucrări la timpul potrivit, are loc profilaxia contra trombarilor și altor insecte. Apropo, soluția poate fi utilizată nu doar după iarnă. Amestecurile cu permanganat sunt permise până la înflorire și în perioada de înflorire.

Înainte de înflorire, tufele de căpșuni trebuie udate cu următoarea soluție: în 10l de apă, adăugați 1 pahar de cenușă de lemn mărunțită, 1 lingură de iod, 2 gr de permanganat și 2 gr de acid boric. Amestecați foarte bine ingredientele, până soluția devine omogenă.

Fiecare element are propriile funcții: permanganatul și acidul boric hrănesc și dezinfectează căpșunile, iodul protejează bine plantele de boli (putregai cenușiu și alte boli fungice frecvent întâlnite pe vreme umedă), iar cenușa reduce aciditatea solului și îl îmbogățește cu potasiu și fosfor. După această prelucrare, pe tufe se formează de 2 ori mai mulți pedunculi, iar pierderile în urma putregaiului cenușiu vor fi minime.

De asemenea, căpșunile pot fi fertilizate cu permanganat de potasiu la începutul perioadei de înflorire pentru ca fructele să se lege mai bine. Prelucrați tufele foliar cu următorul amestec: 1/3 linguriță de permanganat și 10l de apă. În timpul stropirii, aveți grijă ca soluția să ajungă cât mai puțin pe flori.

După ce fructele se leagă și încep să crească, prelucrați plantele cu soluție de iod: 20 de picături la 10l de apă. Astfel, le veți proteja de putregaiul cenușiu, în special dacă vara este rece și ploioasă.

Video: Spirite încinse în discuțiile despre procuratură (July 2022).


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