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Man Claims to Have Caught 3-Eyed Catfish from Gowanus Canal

Man Claims to Have Caught 3-Eyed Catfish from Gowanus Canal

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“Those people down there just told me that you found a catfish? Three eyes?”

The Gowanus Canal might have its first mutant fish, if this story is to be believed.

In a headline ripped straight from The Simpsons, a Brooklyn resident is claiming to have caught a three-eyed catfish from the Gowanus Canal, which is considered among the most polluted bodies of water in the country, and the focus of several cleanup projects by the EPA and other groups.

A video of the alleged three-eyed fish was submitted to Gothamist earlier this week, and has since drawn the skepticism of many, including New York University biology professor Richard Borowsky, who told the New York Post, “It looks like someone stuck a piece of paper on this [fish] to make it look like a third eye.”

For the sake of clarity, the New York Times then showed the video to another biology professor, John Waldman of Queens College, who declared the mutant fish a hoax. “Everything is wrong here,” Waldman told the Times, pointing to the unlikelihood of a freshwater fish being found in the saltwater canal, and the forced acting of the cameraman, who identified himself to Gothamist as Greg Hunter and called his footage that of a “crazy scene.”

Watch the video: Λαγοκέφαλος δαγκώνει λουόμενο σε παραλία του Αιγαίου (July 2022).


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