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Dessert rolled pies with Turkish pumpkin

Dessert rolled pies with Turkish pumpkin

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Peeled pumpkin and seeds are placed on the large grater of the food processor. Put it on the fire in a small bowl together with the sugar and vanilla sugar. After it has softened well and the juice left by it initially evaporated, take the tuciulet off the heat and mix the pumpkin with cinnamon. Allow to cool.

Turn on the oven to heat.

In a bowl, rub the yeast with a spoonful of sugar until the yeast becomes liquid.

Heat the milk together with the butter.

Sift 300 g of flour over the yeast. Add sugar, vanilla sugar, egg, a pinch of salt, 300 g of hardened pumpkin and milk with melted butter. Mix everything and knead, adding as much flour as possible. At the end, grease the hands and the bowl with oil and form a ball of dough.

Normally the dough is left to rise, but due to lack of time I went straight to spreading the dough.

The dough is divided in two.

Spread some of the dough on the floured work table. Grease with half of the hardened pumpkin, leaving the edges free. Roll and glue the dough well so that it does not fall apart. The roll is carefully rotated on the table to come with the solder under it, and the ends are inserted underneath. Carefully place in a pan greased with oil and lined with baking paper.

Do the same with the other sheet.

Normally the dough is allowed to rise again, but I put the tray directly in the oven until the pies have browned nicely.

Rolled pumpkin pies can be powdered with sugar.

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