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Sandwich with mascarpone cream

Sandwich with mascarpone cream

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I first separated the yolks from the egg whites.

I mixed the yolks well with the sugar. I added cocoa, vanilla sugar, rum essence.

I put the beaten egg whites over the composition and I incorporated them easily, after which I added flour, a spoonful, mixing just as easily, so that at the end the sheet remains fluffy.

I lined a tray with baking sheet and poured half of the composition into it. I leveled and put the sheet in the hot oven for 15 minutes.

I did the same with the rest of the composition, so I obtained two sheets, with dimensions of 20/30 cm (approximately).


I mixed the mascarpone cheese in a bowl with the sugar and vanilla sugar.

I hydrated the gelatin, according to the instructions on the envelope.

I broke the white chocolate into small pieces and put it with cream on the fire. I stirred until the chocolate melted and I stopped the fire. I added gelatin and incorporated it well. I let it cool a bit.

I mixed the warm composition with the cold one.

In the tray where I baked the sheets I put one of the sheets, I poured the cream on top of it and I leveled it well, after which I put the other sheet on top.

I left the cake cold overnight. The next day I cut it into rectangles, that's why I called it a sandwich.

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