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Children's sandwich

Children's sandwich

for the first sandwich:

we put on a slice of bread a slice of melted cheese. then with olives cut in half lengthwise we make the shape of a grape. with the help of parsley we make the tail of the grape.

for the second sandwich:

on a slice of bread we place a slice of melted cheese. from a slice of salami and one of mortadella with the help of a lid we cut 8 circles (four of each). with these we form a circle in the middle of which we put 3 halves of olive. in addition with ketchup lines and olive pieces.

for the third sandwich:

on a slice of bread we place a slice of melted cheese. with the help of a circle we cut the slice of salami so that we get the parts. we use the thin circle to make the contour of a girl. we make the nose and the cheeks from ketchup.

for the fourth sandwich:

on a slice of bread we put a slice of melted cheese. we place the remaining part of the salami used in sandwich three. on this we put a slice of mortadella cut and thus we make a gargle.

Healthy snacks. 7 ideas for car travel

The best car trip can only be & # 8230 so!

Children can also eat healthy snacks in the car during the trip!

Whether you choose a tourist place from us, located nearby, or you venture on a longer route abroad, or go to grandparents who live not very close to you, if the car is the means of travel you must not forget something important (apart from passengers and suitcases): some healthy snacks on the road.

Fortunately, there are several healthy snacks, easy to make, transport and eat in the car. Here are the healthy dishes that can be consumed on a car trip and that are approved by the occupants of the back seat!

Healthy snacks & # 8211 1. Baked vegetable chip schnitzel schnitzels

Schnitzels are one of the favorite dishes of children (but also of adults!) And I am sure that there are not too many capricious people to look at them. These healthy snacks can be made from any kind of meat you want and can have on the outside the classic crust, the one with egg and wheat flour, but also a crust made of breadcrumbs, sesame or cornflakes. Cut the schnitzels into small pieces so that they can be easily eaten by the little ones, and add a garnish of baked vegetable chips. What vegetables can you play with? With zucchini, carrots, simple or sweet potatoes, pumpkin or even eggplant, if you have lovers of this vegetable in your family.

Healthy snacks & # 8211 2. Raw vegetables

A casserole, or even more, full of raw vegetables, cut into lengths, will be the source of a delicious snack while traveling by car. The taste of carrot sticks, celery, parsnips, peppers of all colors and cucumbers is to the liking of many children and, because these vegetables are an excellent source of vitamins and minerals, they can not fail to please parents. Indeed, some of these healthy snacks prove to be very useful if the little one's teeth appear, being used as a gingival toy, so do not skimp on vegetables at all, these friends of the whole family.

Healthy snacks & # 8211 3. Skewers with mini-mozzarella

Some skewers of cherry tomatoes and mini-mozzarella look good not only on a plate, at a festive meal, but also in the generous package of food for the trip. It may seem like a complicated matter, but skewers are easy to make, tomatoes are small enough not to splash all over the car when bitten, and the combination of tomato and cheese taste is always a winner. Do you want different skewers? Put grapes instead of tomatoes and you will be just as successful with them.

Healthy Snacks & # 8211 4. Fruits that leave little (or no) juice

Fruits are an important part of a child's diet, not only because they are good in terms of their content, but also in terms of taste, and a journey without fruit has no charm for the little one. Choose not very juicy fruits, which allow the child not to get dirty on the clothes and which do not require a previous portioning. Carefully buy apples, bananas, apricots, less soft pears, grapes, plums, even not very ripe nectarines. If you dare, however, you can put oranges in the car (which it would be best to clean yourself) and, in a box with a lid, cubes of melon and pineapple.

Healthy snacks & # 8211. 5. Sandwiches with everything

Other healthy snacks, accepted in passenger bodies, are sandwiches with everything. Slices of bread or bun cut in half are greased with butter and between them you can put absolutely anything you want. From slices of cheese or cheese, to sausages with as short a list of ingredients as possible, sliced ​​meat made in the oven, hummus, liver pate, fish paste. Of course, lettuce leaves and tomato slices shouldn't be missing from the sandwich either, for a truly delicious taste.

Healthy snacks & # 8211 6. Dried fruits, nuts and nuts

Full of fiber, vitamins, essential nutrients, proteins and minerals, but also extremely tasty, dried fruits, nuts and nuts are easy to eat and take with you in the car. You can find them in ready-mixed stores or you can buy different bags, from several assortments, to combine them according to the child's preferences or to leave each one in his bag, so as not to create animosities between the occupants of the car seats.

Healthy snacks & # 8211 7. Muffins and biscuits

You can make some delicious muffins or biscuits with the little one, with a little sugar, which go perfectly as a nibbling snack or dessert. On the last trip by car we took with us not only a tray of muffins, but also small bottles of sana, kefir or fresh milk, which went great with the dishes made by our little hands.

Ingredients needed for the egg sandwich

For four sliced ​​sandwiches, we used:

  • two eggs. If the slices are large, put 3.
  • cheese. I used cheese for two sandwiches and in the other two I put telemea.
  • sausage or any type of meat you want. In the cheese ones I put pork ham, bought from Lidl, and in the other two, I put slices of boiled and smoked sausages. I also made them with smoked and boiled chicken breast or pork muscles and they were very tasty.
  • when I have it on hand, I also put spinach or salad in them.
  • salt
  • pepper
  • a tomato that I cut into slices and put next to it. I prefer not to put it in the sandwich, because it leaves juice.

After preparing the sandwiches, beat the eggs with salt and pepper. Carefully put the sandwich through the egg and put it in the pan, in the hot oil. Now you have to hold the slices with a spatula, to stick a little when they are fried. One of them, I put a clean plate on them, to keep them glued, because I don't have time to sit next to them. When the egg is fried, turn the sandwiches over. When they are ready, take them out on a kitchen towel, which will absorb some of the oil and then they are only good to eat.

Back to school. 5 recipes to pack for the fussy

After the holiday with late breakfast and lazy lunches, the school is not looked upon favorably by children. Convince them to eat healthy and in recreation with a tasty package from home. We have 5 ideas that the fussy ones can't refuse.

The package at school is not to the liking of any child. They are tempted by the jukebox sweets, the sticks of the bank colleague or the chocolate promised after school.

Rediscover the good habits of healthy and full meals during school. Pack the little one with homemade cookies, muffins made by you, sandwiches with his favorite ingredients. He will refuse them harder next time.

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Mother's inventions: the sandwich that even the most capricious child will devour

A mother from Great Britain created a type of sandwich based on a garlic stick, stuffed with meatballs, with tomato sauce and cheese. Here's how it can be prepared and how much this simple dish might cost you, but which will enter the top of your loved ones' preferences.

Gemma Chadwick shared on a social network the recipe for a hot sandwich, which can be prepared in just a few minutes. Her dish became popular, gathering over 250 comments. Here are some of them: "I know what I'm going to make for dinner tonight," I said, "and now my partner is still asking me to make more food, and I'm going to make it tonight with pork with BBQ sauce and sauce on top."

The one who made her recipe known on Daily Star Online also stated that all she did was use semi-prepared garlic sticks, canned meatballs, tomato sauce and cheese: & bdquoAll I used was garlic wand, canned meatballs & icircn tomato sauce and br & acircnză & rdquo. Put everything in the oven for 15 minutes: & bdquoIt is easy to do, fast and cheap & rdquo.

Gemma Chadwick also mentioned that the recipe can be prepared with meatballs and fresh tomato sauce & icircn instead of semi-prepared and that, for an extra flavor, & icircn sandwich can be added ingredients such as hot peppers, mushrooms, spinach, caramelized onions, br & ac Gouda or br & acircnză with mold.

As a preparation, for the sandwich will proceed as follows:

  • The sticks will be cut in half lengthwise (be careful not to cut them too deep)
  • & Icircn baguettes add meatballs, tomato sauce and br & acircnza (to taste)
  • The baguettes will be placed in the oven until the flame starts to melt (for about 15 minutes).

In terms of costs, they vary depending on the ingredients chosen, whether they are semi-prepared or homemade:

  • baguette with butter and garlic (60g) semi-prepared - 4-5 lei
  • semi-prepared chicken meatballs (220 g) - 10 lei
  • chicken breast (200g) - 6 lei
  • spicy tomato sauce - 7 lei
  • mix of grated cheeses - 8 lei
  • For a homemade tomato sauce: 3-4 tomatoes (1 leu), salt, pepper, spices (oregano, basil, etc.)
  • For homemade garlic baguette: 1 baguette (1.5 lei), 200 g butter (8 lei), 5-6 garlic cloves (1 leu cap & acircna of garlic), salt, pepper, chopped parsley (1 link- 1 leu)

Along with the above option, you can surprise your loved ones and prepare other meatball sandwiches. Discover the recipes below:

Potato and vegetable dishes

Sweet potatoes with egg yolk

Wash the potatoes and steam them or bake them in the oven. Then clean, hot rub through a sieve, pour hot milk, season with salt and beat well, so that the mashed potatoes are fluffy, white, no lumps. Rub the oil with the yolk and put in a pill.

  • Bone bone "sugar" - 150-200 g, water - 2 cups, herbs and roots - 30 g potatoes - 3 units, milk. - 0.25 cup butter - 0.2 teaspoon of salt.

Wash bones, crush smaller, fill with cold water and bring to a boil remove the foam when lifting the lid. Put a "bouquet" of greens and roots (parsley, carrots), salt, boil broth again, reduce heat and simmer, covered for 2.5 hours. After that, strain the soup through a damp cloth, fill them clean and cut into small slices of potatoes (it should be covered only) and boil, covered 25 minutes, then wipe through a hair sieve (through -a meat grinder do not miss!), Pour boiling milk, mix broom or fork, steam and add oil.

Parsley and mashed spinach potatoes

Wash the potatoes thoroughly with a brush, pour boiled water so that the water covers only the potatoes and boil under the lid. Spinach, wash, rinse, then transfer to a saucepan, add sugar and chop in your own juice, without adding water. Bake the potatoes, rub through a hot sieve through a strainer (broth, if it is a little, strain through the pan into mashed potatoes), there also wipe the spinach. Dilute the resulting mass with hot milk, season with salt, place a saucepan on the edge of the plate, and whip or fork whip to splendor, without letting it boil. Then put them on a plate and add oil. There is only hot. You can't warm up. Spinach puree can be put in corn cream, soup, served as a side dish to noodles, omelet. Instead of spinach, you can take a young salad.

Two sandwich recipes that you definitely want to try

Guess my riddle: What is the only dish that does not require more than 5 minutes to prepare, does not require who knows what ingredients, is available to anyone, anytime, anywhere and, moreover, helps you pass successfully an exhausting day of work? Is simple. a sandwich.

The most beautiful part in preparing one sandwich is that, practically, you have innumerable possibilities. That way, you can't get bored of it. If you are tired of a guy, you can always replace an ingredient and something else comes out.

Let's make two together sandwiches delicious.

We start with chicken sandwich. For him you need:

  • 8 slices of bread
  • 250g chicken
  • One tomato
  • It was salad
  • 1 cucumber

Chicken should be cut into slices as for slices. Here you have two options: either put the chicken in breadcrumbs and beaten egg, or just fry it. The choice is yours alone. Fry the meat and let it cool. Take a slice of bread, put on it a slice of meat, two or three slices of cucumber, a salad leaf and 1-2 slices of tomatoes. Put the second slice of bread and. ready. Your cold chicken sandwich is only good to serve.

Of course, you can venture to prepare one sandwich more pretentious. What do you think of a sandwich with salmon?


  • 8 slices of bread (this time, preferably black)
  • 2 eggs
  • Fresh cheese (look for a more pasty cheese and not very salty)
  • 150 g smoked salmon fillets or in oil
  • Fresh parsley.

Put the eggs to boil in salted water and leave them until they have a hard yolk. Then take them out, cut them in half and separate the yolk. Put them in the bowl with a few tablespoons of fresh cheese. You can also use cream cheese with greens. Take the salmon fillet and cut it into strips, then add it over the eggs and cheese. Use the mixer at a not very high stage to mix the ingredients. If you prefer more spicy food, you can get rid of a pepper powder in your composition.

When the composition is ready, spread it on the slices of bread. You can enjoy this sandwich with a slice of tomato on top, a few slices of cucumber or a parsley leaf for decoration.

Here's how to make a delicious snack. When friends come to visit unprepared, such sandwich it is very suitable for a cold aperitif per minute. Try them!

Potato pudding with carrots and cheese

A dish from which the child can get many nutrients is potato and carrot pudding. Boil the potatoes and carrots, cut them into cubes and mix them with a little sm & acircnt & acircnă. Scrape enough bracket on top to cover them, then put the dish in the oven and leave it on the crust when it crusts.


The sandwich, always at hand

It is said that the best sandwich is the one that traveled with you. Even a common slice of cheese turns into a delicacy when it merges its tastes with the two slices of bread that envelop it, when it crosses the mountains or the paths of adventure. If you add some vegetables, sauces or spices, you are already partying at a traveler's feast.

This formula of consuming fast but healthy packaged food took shape and fame in the time of Lord John Montagu IV, Earl of Sandwich, who consumed sandwiches during card games, but the origins of this dish can be traced back to the period antiquities. From the rabbi who put crushed walnuts, apple slices, spices and herbs or from the meat cut and placed on slices of bread from the Middle Ages, sandwiches have become a solution for schoolchildren, lunch at work , a good friend at a picnic and even on a diet.

The sandwich at work
Yes, maybe it's the day you didn't have time to cook, and tomorrow you'll still not want to eat anything at random. The situation can be solved in just 5 minutes, with a few ingredients at hand: a can of EVA tone in its own juice, a little feta cheese, a small onion and 3-4 cherry tomatoes, a few olives, lettuce leaves and parsley threads, lemon juice and a teaspoon of Dijon mustard. All will come together in a sandwich that will give you the energy you need, but also the joy of a tasty lunch. In two steps and three moves, the sandwich will be ready. To start, drain the canned EVA tuna and mix it with a teaspoon of olive oil. Separately, mix the lemon juice with the mustard, adding on top of this sauce the onion, tomatoes, parsley and finely chopped salad, cheese and diced olives. Salt and pepper will not be missing from this mixture that can be served on a slice or between two slices of wholemeal bread or with seeds.

The diet sandwich

If you want to lose weight, then it is clear that bread has nothing to do with your diet, at least not white. It's okay, a sadvis with lettuce leaves, slices of zucchini, cucumber or potatoes that successfully replace bread is just as delicious and much friendlier to your figure. Or, why not try a sandwich that uses brown rice leaves? You also need 140 g of grilled chicken breast, half an avocado, raw vegetables, 100 g of cabbage and finely chopped carrots. For the preparation, you will cut the avocado in four, the chicken breast into thin slices and the vegetables into small pieces. You will soak the 4 rice sheets in water for five seconds, after which you will immediately fill them with the prepared ingredients and you will roll them. For the sauce, you will mix 3 tablespoons of natural peanut butter, a tablespoon of rice vinegar, half a tablespoon of hot pepper sauce, a teaspoon of freshly grated ginger and a tablespoon of water.

The mountaineers' sandwich

It is known that when you climb the mountain, you consume a large amount of energy, so carbohydrates and especially proteins are your best friends. For this, you can try to use the omelette in a more ingenious and easier to consume way, preferably as soon as possible because it is easily perishable. For even more consistency, add 115 g of turkey, spinach, mozzarella and bell pepper and the sandwich is ready for an energetic climb.

The schoolboy's sandwich

For children, sandwiches are the healthiest option, but also a delicious choice for supplementing caloric intake during cooking hours. It is good that they are as simple as possible, as compact as possible, but very consistent and healthy. Thus, along with the two slices of bread, a little fish paste obtained from the butter mixture and EVA tone in its own juice, a few slices of fresh cucumber or olives and a thin slice of cheese will be able to support the activity of schoolchildren.

Regardless of the situation, a sandwich gets you out of trouble. Appetizer, lunch, dinner or breakfast, diet or as a healthy portion of energy, the sandwich can be reinvented in thousands of ways related to imagination and needs. Don't avoid it, but always prefer it to fast food!