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'Cake Boss' Cake-Decorating Kits and More Hit Stores

'Cake Boss' Cake-Decorating Kits and More Hit Stores

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Calling all cake decorators who may have never used fondant… or even those who have. Buddy Valastro of TLC's Cake Boss has just announced that cake-decorating kits will be sold in Michaels starting Sept. 5, and then Bed Bath and Beyond, Target, Walmart, Kohl's, JC Penney, and Sam's Club, starting in November. These kits include all the tools necessary to work with fondant, including four colors of fondant, tips, piping bags, cutters, and more, along with two easy-to-follow decorating ideas for your cake, and will each retail for $29.99.

Meant to be a guide, these decorating ideas are personalized to fit the four colors provided in the package, and will either guide you through the decorating process or provide a jumping-off point for your own decorating ideas. Kit themes include Boys/Sports, Girls/Flower, Circus, Baby Shower, Spring, Halloween, and Winter. The mission of the kits, explained Valastro, is to provide the tools necessary to produce a professional-looking cake at home. "If you have the right tools and a little bit of know-how, I guarantee can make cakes that look very successful. And that’s what we want," he said.

In the kits, Valastro’s team will include videos that walk users through the process, enabling them to produce something they can feel good about. This idea applies to kids especially, and one of Valastro's goals is to show boys that baking is just a good a hobby for them as it is for girls, and he prides himself in being an example. "When you make a cake you get a sense of satisfaction and a sense of pride, and I want very kid in the world to be able to do that," said Valastro.

Intrigued by this idea, we knew we had to test it out. Who better to send than a fondant virgin who loves arts and crafts and decorating but whose baking experience lies at break and bake, and another contributor for The Daily Meal, another fondant virgin who works in finance. Due to my artistic background, I thought I would be able to pick up decorating with fondant easily. My partner, however, was a little nervous about his lack of decorating skills. But oh how the tables turned. It turns out, fondant is not for the over-confident first-timer. While I struggled with laying my fondant over the cake, as I was not used to the sticky dough-like mixture, and had trouble kneading and rolling it out, even producing a few rips and tears in my first time laying it over my cake, my finance-practicing cohort was a natural, and laid his fondant with ease. But from there my decorative skills took over (it was not an all-around failure, friends), and our contributor followed the instructions to produce a very professional, and delectable-looking cake. Both took less than 30 minutes to craft, and were surprisingly stunning.

Fondant was surprisingly easy to use, after a first try or two. Photo by Tyler Sullivan.

So, we learned two lessons from our first-time fondant experience: 1) The kit is beginner-friendly, and 2) You may need to give your skills a trial run before presenting the finished product to guests.

At The Daily Meal, we are keeping these kits on our gift lists for Christmas, birthdays, and for young bakers who (uninhibited by a perfectionist tendency) tend to produce better cakes than the grown-ups.

"The Cake Boss" also has a range of other products hitting stores soon, geared toward more than just the novice. An entire catalogue of metal bakeware, novelty bakeware, baking tools, mixing bowls, countertop accessories, frosting tips, fondant accessories, servingware, icing ceramics, dessert sets, and more will be available in stores. Some highlighted products include a baking sheet with drop zones, making spacing cookies while baking easy and foolproof; colorful silicone grips that are resistant to the oven’s heat; a scraping spatula with measurement marks and conversions on one side, with beechwood handles that resist heat and flavor absorption; fondant imprint mats and imprint rolling pins; and festive mixing bowls and cake carriers, inspired by Valastro's wife.

If you’d like to hear more about these products coming soon, please click here. You can also visit the 'Cake Boss' Twitter and Facebook page.

Tyler Sullivan is The Daily Meal's assistant editor. Follow her on Twitter at @atylersullivan.

The Cake Boss – Everyone’s Buddy

For New York Times best-selling author Buddy Valastro, mixing eggs, sugar, butter and flour means a lot more than “making a cake.” As a fourth generation baker, it’s a constant source of pleasure, pride and creativity. Creating amazing cakes connects Buddy with the memory of his father Buddy Sr. and his extended Italian family history.

His talent and passion for the family business, Carlo’s Bakery, has earned the straight-talking cake expert the moniker, and TLC TV show, Cake Boss. In December 2010, TLC premiered the spin-off series, Cake Boss: Next Great Baker, where Buddy challenged bakers from around the country to compete for a chance to work alongside the Valastro family at Carlo’s. This past August, Cake Boss: Next Great Baker crowned its fourth season winner. December 2013, TLC launched Buddy’s Bakery Rescue (formally Bakery Boss), a series following Buddy Valastro across the country helping other family-run bakeries that are struggling to find their own sweet success with his famous blend of business skills and baking expertise. Following the launch of his best-selling first book, Cake Boss, Stories and Recipes from Mia Famiglia (Free Press, Nov. 2010), Buddy brought the pages of stories and tips to life on stage via his highly successful Bakin’ with The Boss Tour. Buddy went on to release a how-to book, Baking with the Cake Boss: 100 of Buddy’s Best Recipes and Decorating Secrets (Free Press, Nov 1, 2011).

A year later, Buddy shared his savory skills and favorite Italian recipes in his how-to book, Cooking Italian with the Cake Boss: Family Favorites as Only Buddy Can Serve Them Up (Free Press, Nov 6, 2012) and hit the road for his much-anticipated Homemade for the Holidays Tour. Last November, Buddy offered families festive tips and tricks to celebrate the holidays with his newest how-to book, Family Celebrations with the Cake Boss (Atria Books, Nov 5, 2013). Expanding outside of Hoboken for the first time, Buddy and the famiglia built a 100,000 square foot baking facility in Jersey City in 2011, opened multiple new locations throughout the United States and in Brazil. In October 2013, Buddy brought his family’s classic Italian recipes to the table, opening his first restaurant, Buddy V’s, in the Venetian Las Vegas Buddy then went on to open additional Buddy V’s restaurants in McAllen, TX and Bethlehem, PA. Old favorites and new recipes are on the menu as well as desserts you know and love from Carlo’s Bakery. Taking his talents behind the camera lens, Buddy and long-time partner Art Edwards have launched Cakehouse Media, a production company focused on creating original high quality lifestyle programming.

15 Buddy was arrested for a DWI in 2014

The star of the show, Bartolo "Buddy" Valastro, is known for his boorish yet charming demeanor. Even though he acts all rough and tough on the outside, deep down you can tell that he's a great guy with a soft spot for his family and a good sense of humor. Buddy has been running Carlo's Bakery since his father's unexpected and tragic passing in 1994, and has acted as a model citizen as well as a role model to the people who watch his show.

This is why it came as such a shock when, in 2014, Buddy was arrested and charged with a DWI in the Hell's Kitchen neighborhood of New York City. At around 1 a.m. in the morning, police officers pulled over Valastro while he was driving his yellow corvette. Allegedly, Buddy tried to talk his way out of the arrest by claiming that he couldn't be arrested because "[he] is the cake boss."

After spending a night in jail Valastro was released. However, Buddy was quick to apologize and take responsibility for the incident.

CakeBoss Cloud

Introducing CakeBoss Cloud. Now, manage your home bakery business from any mobile browser, including your tablet, smartphone, or even at home on your PC or Mac. Login anywhere to check an order status, shopping list, or ingredient price.

Keep track of all your customers and print out individual customer activity reports. Add your customer’s birthdays and anniversaries to be able to proactively market to them on their own special occasions.

Cost out every recipe and ingredient down to the penny with our built-in ingredient converters. Hit the ground running with our pre-loaded ingredient prices and even our recipes for you to use or make your own.

Introducing CakeBoss Cloud

When are my orders due?

Your orders are at your fingertips, so you never lose or forget an order. Add photos of sketches or your finished product. Email a PDF invoice with your own logo to your customer. Record deposits and schedule future payments, and even print out reports to show you which payments are upcoming or overdue. Use our Pricing Calculator to determine exactly what you need to charge on your order to be profitable. You can even create a shopping list for one order or many orders that has all your ingredients and materials, so you never have to run back to the store for a forgotten item.

Goodreads reviews for Learning to Bake Allergen-Free

Posts on this site are based on my personal journey of learning to eat allergy-free, and are not intended to influence your food choices. This site is not intended to provide medical advice . The suggestions here are not intended as dietary advice or as a substitute for consulting a dietician, physician, or other medical professional. It is the reader’s sole responsibility to determine which foods are appropriate and safe for his or her family to consume. Always consult your doctor. The author makes no claims regarding the presence of food allergens and disclaims all liability in connection with the use of this site.

I am not paid to review products and I am under no obligation to provide positive reviews. Occasionally I receive complimentary products and this is specifically noted in the review. I participate in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program. I am able to earn fees from these programs when you link via the ads on my site.

Feel free to link to this site. Feel free to pin photos, with a link back to this site. Please request permission to reprint or republish content.

Learning to Bake Allergen-Free Book cover design by Susi Oberhelman, SVO Graphic Design. The Allergy-Free Pantry cover design by Joanna Williams. Author photo by Harry Yudenfriend.

12 He Fired His Own Sister

Despite all of the focus on family values and keeping up traditions, family feuds are sometimes unavoidable. After Buddy’s sister, Mary Sciarrone, couldn’t drop the drama, Buddy decided to drop her.

Mary had become notorious for her bluntness and rude interactions with customers and staff alike. Despite Buddy’s own brashness, he felt that Mary’s bedside manner was putting his customers off.

Buddy confronted his sister after repeated incidents and eventually gave her the boot. He swore that Mary would never again have the opportunity to manage any of his several bakeries. While things were tense and awkward for viewers and crew alike, the decision to fire Mary was still greeted with favor by fans of the show who had long taken issue with her negative attitude.

Другие книги автора Buddy Valastro

Cake Boss desserts are in high demand, with fans clamoring for more of Buddy Valastro’s delicious cupcakes and little cakes. This collection of recipes includes easy-to-follow instructions, along with mouthwatering recipes for butterfly pastries, beautifully decorated cupcakes, and charming Cassatini. Stunning photographs and a helpful decorating guide provide clear directions for making your treats even more appealing with an assortment of flowers, Christmas trees, and decorative flourishes.

Buddy Valastro makes cookies that are as delicious as his famous cakes. With this collection of ten perfect cookie recipes—complete with hassle-free, easy-to-follow directions and beautiful photographs—you’ll find your favorite recipes. Here are classics, like Chocolate Chip Cookies, Biscotti, and Chocolate Brownie Clusters, and holiday treats, such as Icebox Christmas Cookies, Rugelach, and Linzer Tart cookies.

Baking with the Cake Boss: 100 of Buddy's Best Recipes and Decorating Secrets

Buddy Valastro, the star of TLC’s smash hit Cake Boss shares everything a home cook needs to know about baking as he takes readers through the same progressive training he had in his own apprenticeship.

Call it the Buddy system, because Baking with the Cake Boss is an education in the art of baking and decorating, from kneading to rolling, fondant to flowers, taught by Budd Buddy Valastro, the star of TLC’s smash hit Cake Boss shares everything a home cook needs to know about baking as he takes readers through the same progressive training he had in his own apprenticeship.

Call it the Buddy system, because Baking with the Cake Boss is an education in the art of baking and decorating, from kneading to rolling, fondant to flowers, taught by Buddy Valastro himself, the star of TLC’s smash hit Cake Boss. With more than 100 of his most sought-after recipes, including birthday and holiday cakes and other special theme designs, this book is a master course that culminates in the showstopping cakes for which Carlo’s Bake Shop is famous.

Following the arc of Buddy’s career from apprentice to master baker, Baking with the Cake Boss offers readers the same on-the-job education earned by everyone who comes to work at Carlo’s Bake Shop, with some of Buddy’s and the family’s memories shared along the way. It builds organically from simple cookies and pastries to pies, flower-adorned cupcakes, and basic fondant cakes, to breathtaking cakes for every holiday and special occasion. And, as you progress from basics to bedazzlements—like the safari cake complete with chocolate animals and a waterfall—Buddy shares his inspiring enthusiasm and stories from the shop in his inimitable voice. He also provides the tools for creating your own personal trademark cakes, with a chart that lets you mix and match cake, frosting, and liqueur syrup for cakes the way you like them. And there are plenty of photos that illustrate artistic flourishes and decorations you can use to adorn your individual creations. With 650 gorgeous, step-by-step instructional photos that let you follow Buddy as if you were next to him in the bakery, Baking with the Cake Boss is an incomparable dessert education that will become an essential reference for aspiring and skilled bakers alike.

Bursting with delicious, tried-and-true recipes, how-to boxes and sidebars, and numerous tricks of the trade, Baking with the Cake Boss is a rare treat—a fun, accessible guide to baking, all in a gloriously designed, fully illustrated package worthy of the Cake Boss’s artistic vision. . more

'Cake Boss' Cake-Decorating Kits and More Hit Stores - Recipes

I'm looking for a gel food coloring that is squeezable. I'm currently using wilton food coloring but I'm not crazy about them. I heard Americolor is good. I would love some suggestions.

I would really like to know the answer to this question too!

Me three! But I'm pretty sure Wilton won't get too many votes but you never know!

I love Americolor. Have to use less to get color and it is much easier to use.

americolor by far . holds the color true.. like i used pink from wiltons and it was great for about 3 hrs then it turned neon pick i was fumin mad.. but ordered some americolor and did the pink test and stood up for many hrs no neon

I use Americolor, I think it is good, way better than Wilton, and your color will stay the same days after (Wilton only lasted few hours).

Now, I recently started watching Cake Boss, and I like their colors more than mines, and they use Chef Master. I would like to give Chef Master a try.

I have some Chefmaster gel colors. I went to my supply store looking for Americolor, but they only sold Chefmaster and Wilton. I bought the chefmaster because it came in a squeeze bottle. I really like them, but now my supply store carries Americolor and that's what I really want. I'll still use chefmasters if I can't find a certain color in americolor wilton will for now on be my last choice.

Cake Boss Spring Cake Decorating Kit Giveaway

Enter for a chance to win a 14-piece Spring cake decorating kit from Cake Boss!



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Cake Boss Spring Cake Decorating Kit Sweepstakes: Beginning 4/8/16 at 12:01 AM (ET) through 6/8/16 at 11:59 PM (ET) (the "Entry Period"), go to on a computer or wireless device and complete and submit the entry form pursuant to the onscreen instructions. Prizes & Approximate Retail Value: Seventeen (17) Winners will each receive one (1) Cake Boss Spring Cake Kit. Approx. retail value of each prize: $20 total ARV of all prizes awarded: $340. Any difference between the stated ARV and the actual value of the prize will not be awarded in any form.

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Celebrate Summer with Three New Cake Boss™ Cakes Now Available at Stores Nationwide

JACKSON, Mich. , June 30, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- The Cake Boss makes it easy for fans to serve up a slice of that legendary Cake Boss quality at any summer celebration with three brand-new cakes now available in stores nationwide. Buddy Valastro , star of TLC's hit TV series, Cake Boss, is expanding his Cake Boss cakes line with three vibrantly-decorated designs that taste as good as they look - Let's Party, Eye Poppin' Petals and Beach Party.

"I designed these three new cakes to help fans celebrate in delicious style!" said Valastro. "My fans can make memories with the same cake designs that are so meaningful to me. The new Let's Party cake is perfect for celebrations with mi famiglia, while my daughter Sofia inspired my new bright, pink floral Eye Poppin' Petals cake."

Valastro also incorporated one of his favorite summer pastimes into the third cake design. "Whether you're in the backyard or at the Jersey Shore, you can take a piece of the beach to the party with Beach Party, one of my most popular summertime designs," he added.

Just in time for summer, these three memorable cakes are made with Valastro's recipes and designs. Each cake features moist yellow and velvety chocolate cake layers married together by an indulgent layer of fudge filling.

Let's Party is perfect for celebrating all things family, from reunions to birthdays. It's an easy and delicious dessert the whole family will love.

Eye Poppin' Petals was inspired by Valastro's daughter, Sofia. This bright pink floral cake celebrates that special girl in your life.

Beach Party allows you to take the beach anywhere and is perfect for celebrating summertime Buddy-style! One of Valastro's best-selling summer time designs is now available for your guests to enjoy.

To find the cakes (SRP $19.99 ) at a store near you, go to

The cake launch comes at an especially sweet time as the Cake Boss Sweet Ticket promotion, which runs now through July 25 , offers fans a chance to win a trip for four to decorate cakes with the Boss himself in New Jersey . Grand-prize winners will receive a trip for four to Valastro's bakery to experience the ultimate decorating class with friends or famiglia – Cake Boss style.

There are three ways to win a Sweet Ticket to decorate cakes with Valastro.

  1. Find a Sweet Ticket inside packages of Cake Boss cakes and cake mixes + .
  2. Register to play the Sweet Ticket memory-matching instant win game at Users can play once daily to enter.
  3. Enter a participating* UPC code for a sweeps entry when you register + at

Sweet Ticket sweepstakes winners will be announced this Fall.

+ To enter without making a purchase, see the Official Rules at

*Participating products include any Cake Boss Cake, Cupcake, Cake Mix, Frosting, Fondant, Sugar Crystal, Sprinkle, Decorating Pearl, Sprinkle Assortment, Cake Wrap, Cupcake Topper, Decorative Icing, or Color Gel.

A fourth-generation, master baker, Valastro shares his love for baking and decorating cakes through full product line of Cake Boss products. These beautiful and delicious cakes and cupcakes, feature his iconic designs and the finest ingredients and are available nationwide. Cake Boss cake mixes, frostings, decorative icings, fondants, color gels and cake decorations are also available nationwide and inspire everyone to Be the Boss at home, while also promoting cake baking and decorating as a way to connect with their children in the kitchen.