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Deer with mushrooms, hazelnuts and pomegranate - Recipe no. 400

Deer with mushrooms, hazelnuts and pomegranate - Recipe no. 400

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Mix the rum with brandy and 2 tablespoons of oil. With this mixture, massage the piece of meat well, salt it, sprinkle it with ginger powder, then keep it cold for a few hours. Put the rest of the oil and butter in a non-stick pan. When they have heated up, fry the piece of meat well on all sides, until it browns.

Remove the venison from the bowl and lightly fry the sliced ​​leeks and the mushroom mix. Put back the whole piece of deer, quench with wine, a glass of water and balsamic vinegar. At this point, add the bacon, thyme, rosemary, bay leaves and peppercorns. Cover the pot and simmer over low heat for an hour. Add as little water as needed. At the end of cooking, add the beans from half a pomegranate and remove the sprigs of herbs and bay leaves from the sauce.

Remove the piece of meat on a plate and slice it. If necessary, let the sauce drop until it has the desired and suitable consistency. Serve hot sliced ​​venison with sauce on a plate decorated with tomatoes and lettuce.

Sprinkle pomegranate seeds and crushed hazelnuts on top.

Game meat

The game meat can be consumed without any restriction, except for the sanitary norms imposed in the respective area
Game meat has an exceptional nutritional value! This is the conclusion of a study conducted by Pierre-Henri Ducluzeau & # 8211 nutritionist at the Faculty of Medicine in Angers, at the request of the National Hunting Federation (France).
Game meat is superior to fish with a higher phosphorus content, and beef, pork or lamb with a higher potassium content. It has a higher iron content than spinach. Because game moves very freely in nature, its meat is very low in fat, and the fat it contains is of very good quality.
Partridge meat is richer in potassium, phosphorus and iron and three times less fat than chicken meat while having a lower sodium content. 100 g of partridge, pheasant or rabbit meat covers 1/3 of the daily protein requirement.
With only 4.3% lipids, wild boar meat is rich in phosphorus necessary for a solid bone and dental system, in potassium necessary for limiting heart disorders and muscle relaxation. Deer and deer meat is 25 times less fatty than beef and contains 20% oleic acid & # 8211 component of the family of unsaturated fatty monoacids & # 8211 with a role in lowering blood cholesterol.

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Harvesting, transporting, storing and storing pheasant eggs are done in a similar way to those of eggs destined for incubation, being 5-7 days.. Eggs of 8-15 days can be used for incubation, but the hatching percentage obtained will be lower by 8-15%. Eggs over 15 days old, give poor hatching results Free collection of pictures of pheasants. The collection contains over 15 pictures that can be downloaded for free Free collection of pictures of pheasant crows. The collection includes over 2 pictures that can be downloaded for free

Lettuce leaves should also be included in the diet of pheasant chicks, which should be part of the daily menu. If the chicks are not too crowded to eat, they may be lured by flour worms or various larvae. At 6-7 weeks, special granules can be introduced, with protein content. The greatest importance for the hunting pheasant in Romania is the hybridization product made at the pheasantry from Padurea Verde, on the outskirts of Timisoara, between the common pheasant the female pheasant, which is more similar to the hunting pheasant, but with a higher body weight, over 2 kg, with special organic resistance and increased adaptability. It is a species of large bird, which has accentuated sexual dimorphism, and the plumage of the subspecies varies considerably. The male has a long, ribbed tail and a general brown plumage color, with black streaks on the chest and abdomen, whitish-black streaks on the back, greenish-metallic collar and nape, sometimes with a white collar and the sides of the head. Pheasants is the niche business with which small farmers can still bet on profit. The initial investment is small, about 400 euros, excluding the land, and those who have knowledge about raising birds have a great advantage, especially since pheasants are a demanding species. But they are easy to sell because of the population of the parks, [ offers you the opportunity to publish free ads for your city and its surroundings. You will easily find on interesting free ads from Bucharest, Ilfov and other cities in the country and you will be able to easily get in touch with those who published them. On is waiting for you jobs, apartments and rooms for rent, used cars and mobile phones at low prices Oua De Fazan Ads on Add new ad. My account. Recently selected: Choose location: + 0 km 0 + 0 km 0 + 2 km 2 + 5 km 5 + 10 km 10 + 15 km 15 + 30 km 30 + 50 km 50 + 75 km 75 + 100 km 100 Search in description . Only with pictures. Delivery via OLX available Filters. Category. Choose category. Price. from. to Pheasant Pheasant male and female The female has the plumage of more faded colors of shades of yellow and gray. Currently known as. 30 breeds, all active birds during the day, living in fields with cultivated land, where they usually consume plant-based food. Words to close at Pheasant. How many times have you not spent minutes thinking of words with which to close your opponents in Pheasant? Well, did you know that in addition to the famous restaurant, weapons and calm, which you can use only once in a game, there are over 800 other words in Romanian with which you can close Pheasant 6 recipes: Pheasant steak, Pheasant with grape sauce - a 5 * star lunch !, Pheasant in the oven, Pheasant in the oven, Pheasant in the oven with mushrooms and thyme with brussels sprouts and boiled potatoes, Pheasant steak

I heard that the pheasants are stupid, they can be caught with a 10 l can, a little cut at the top placed horizontally on the field with some corn inside is it true? If you don't tell me other pheasant traps. Hello! You should know that it is not good with the can, I am a hunter and I recommend you to have a ten liter jar through which it can be seen. In that jar you put berries, and he will enter there The most interesting educational games for children. Pheasant Children learn much easier and develop their creativity through play. Although there is a general tendency for classic games to be replaced by computer games, more and more parents are aware that in this way the spontaneity, creativity and initiative of the little ones will be affected.

Ordinary pheasants are social birds. In autumn, they gather, sometimes in large groups, in areas with food and shelter. Their normal flight speed is up to 60 km / h, but when pursued, they can fly up to 90 km / h. The main predators of pheasants are foxes, falcons, owls and raccoons, which feed on eggs. Man tends to be. Game Pheasant. At first one of the players says the alphabet in his mind. The next one says STOP and the letter that the one with the alphabet had reached is the letter with which the first word will start. The player who said stop says the first word, and the next participant must form another, starting with the last two letters of the word given before Steak. with meat of pheasant. Ingredients: Spices for a pheasant (with the day before we cleaned well, washed, wiped with a towel, grease everywhere with olive oil and put in a bowl): paprika, oregano, rosemary, bay leaves, a glass with red wine, 2 cubes of butter, salt, pepper. Optional: rosemary or basil, bay leaf, paprika. Cover the pheasant's chest with slices of bacon, put butter in a saucepan and place in the oven to fry. let it boil covered in the oven. Serve hot, with sour cream on top and a little dill. - 1 pheasant, 1 kg of apples, 1/2 cup sour cream, 2 tablespoons butter.

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  • Here you can play, ask for advice or simply socialize with a lot of friends! PHASE WITH IMAGES. FORUMUL ALBASTRU :: Games and contests :: Games on the forum :: Word games. Tweet. Page 6 of 8
  • I didn't cook and I didn't eat pheasant (I didn't see anything to buy) but with the marinade you made it must be extraordinary! Knowing how he looks alive, I didn't think he was so fat without feathers! Yours is really well done !! It was like being stuffed

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  1. Features Pheasant. The rooster, in the first place, is more vividly colored than the Pheasant. It has a green head and neck with metallic reflections, a reddish-brown body dotted with large black spots and yellow stripes on the contour of the feathers on the back, a long brown tail furrowed transversely with dark brown stripes and bright red-light skin around the eyes.
  2. The fun starts the day before, when we prepare the pheasant: we clean it well, wash it, wipe it with a clean towel and put it on the farm. First grease it with olive oil and season it (both inside and outside) with salt, pepper, paprika, oregano, rosemary over which we pour a large glass of red wine
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  5. Today a neighbor was crossing the road with a bird in his hand. I asked him what bird it was and he said he didn't know what it was, he found it in the yard and couldn't fly. I asked him to give it to me to put on quails. In the evening I saw that he was in the same place in the quail cage. I searched the net for pictures of birds from our country and saw that it was a.
  6. Levese on pheasant with semolina dumplings The section is reserved for Food recipes with pictures. Moderators: miha1950, Nally, adi, maria MIHULESCU, kia, adinush 08:25. Levese on the pheasant with semolina dumplings. Post by Leila »14/02/2008 08:26. Ptr. soup (levese) we need: 1 piece pheasant 6 carrots 4 parsley root 1 celery 1.

History: The country of origin from which the golden pheasant species comes is China. They are beautiful birds, with an ornamental role, but sometimes they can also become poultry. Despite domestication, the place of pheasants is in nature, and they are found free in their native country of Asia. The golden pheasant was first brought to Europe in the late nineteenth century pheasant with its own name. Childhood memories :: ENTERTAINMENT :: toys of all kinds. Page 23 of 26. Page 23 of 26.

Details and comments picture Pheasant silver from the photo album Animals. Image added by d_dana_a. Comment, Publish / Recommend this photo. Twilight: Eclipsa is the leader of the Romanian box office. the next positions in the weekly top being occupied by Toy Story 3 with 3,337 admissions, in the second week of launch, Prince of Persia: Sands of Time / The Sands of Time with 3,464 admissions made in five weeks and All about sex 2 Page 19 of 21 - PHEASANT *** 111 *** - posted in One eye laughs, one is game & sushi from Madagascar: quote: Originally posted by EvaFiubaret 14+ Pictures with usThe stork is coming! .I didn't find anything with etz-. Also from wild pheasant you can make a delicious paprika with Slovak dumplings - as made with venison - see here. Answer Roast Deer with Cognac Sauce - Baked Game Pulp Recipe | Urban Flavors January 13, 2020 at 11: 3 p.m.

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  • The pheasant in the oven is ready. So we take him out of the magic bag. The sauce has also dropped and all we have to do is put the pheasant with the banon in the pan with the sauce and put it back in the oven, but this time selected on the grill, to lightly brown it. Now we can put pheasant soup over grapes
  • Pheasant steak is not difficult to prepare but you must strictly follow a few steps. First of all, prepare the filling. Mix in a bowl the seasonal filling, onion, grated apples, and to bind pour the beaten egg and melted butter and mix well. Fill the two pheasants well and put them in a tray greased very well with butter
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  2. Subject: Pheasant Tue Apr 28, 2009 8:29 pm: I think you all know this game. not? I start: joaCA _____ I like it I don't like it: hero Level 3 Number of messages: 30 Registration date: 28/04/2009: Subject: Re: Fazan Mar Apr 28, 2009 8:43 pm: computer. I like it I don't like it
  3. A pair of gold pheasant on a diamond rosette for sale last year made this chicken. sell or exchange with diamond pheasant. tragopan temnik. The female 2018, the male 2017, are not brothers. I took chickens with them this year as seen in the pictures. I don't negotiate and I don't ...
  4. The pheasant (Phasianus colchicus) is one of the proudest and most masterful birds we can observe in our country. It is difficult to control your reaction of pleasure and amazement when you see it. The pheasant is one of the birds successfully introduced to us
  5. The Hunting Team in Romania and abroad welcomes you! Do you prefer a deer, deer, mountain rooster or wild boar hunt, or do you love hunting rabbits, pheasants, partridges, ducks or geese? Join us to exchange impressions, to help each other. You have questions about the weapons, calibers or ammunition you use

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  1. Light soup - pheasant soup. And because it came to the necessary, these are the ingredients you need for pheasant soup: - 1 pheasant - 2 carrots - a bunch of fresh parsley - 100 g celery - two parsley roots - 1 onion - 2 cloves garlic - salt - noodles Do not dwell on thoughts
  2. Only with pictures. Search the description. Grid List. Active filters: Pheasant Animals-Agro-Industry. Pets and birds. Satu Mare, Satu-Mare. Announces. Price350 LEI Golden pheasant on yellow Birds Satu Mare, Satu-Mare 6 days ago Distribute the ad.
  3. All parts of the device that come in contact with mass of fermented fruit and with steam, are made of electrolytic copper with high purity (99.99%). This metal is a very good conductor of heat, resistant to organic acids contained in pulp and positively influences the taste and smell of the distillate.

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  • Page 9 of 30 - Pheasant - 68 - - posted in One eye laughs, one is game & sushi from Madagascar: tepe Claudia MARE AND MATEI PICTURES PARENT PICTURES
  • Read the latest articles about pheasants published on! See comments and pictures about pheasant, on
  • I liquidate the common pheasant queen at the age of 2, 4 pheasants wanting to take flight. Price 100 pieces or 350 all 4. Price 100 pieces or 350 all 4. The male has given, but I can offer a chicken ..
  • bone towards red, marked with pearly dots, gray, delimited. READ more The law on hunting fund and game protection 103/1996
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  • Birth date calculator Find out when the stork comes, when the baby is born
  • Read the latest articles about steak and pheasant published on! See comments and pictures about steak and pheasant, on
  • Fazan Liaza on Sam Jul 05, 2008 6:52 pm Game rule: The first player puts a word, and the second one puts another word starting with the last 2 letters of the previous word

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Pheasant & lt Iscoditoare80 & lt Galerie & lt beautiful and the pheasant and the landscape! it's very beautiful! and its feathers seem to make me feel better after the frost outside with so many beautiful and well-chosen colors! beautiful! it's really a rarity on the site I haven't seen many other designs with pheasants . this is the first one i've seen since i was on. A well-known manager of hunting fauna and fishing areas in Alba County A.J.V.P.S. Alba was created under the current name in the spring of 1968, with the administrative-territorial reorganization of Romania and the transition from regions and districts to counties, municipalities, cities and communes, keeping today this name for legal reasons, in order protection. Funny Escort Pictures Useful Blogs Regulation Terms and Abbreviations For Beginner Whores Frequently Asked Questions Premium Benefits PHEASANT. Beginning of ana26.

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  1. coloring pages with birds coloring pages with sparrow coloring pictures with parrots coloring pages coloring pages for kids with pigeon I present coloring pages with animals - birds for kindergarten and preschool kids. You can download the following coloring pages for free. You can choose from the gallery with the following coloring pages: cocostar coloring, ciocarlie coloring, coloring.
  2. strange with pheasant dishes recipes The quoted source mentions that the Florentine striker, Adrian Mutu, who is called Jul and of the government, as well as substantially inferior to those taken as a landmark the guilt that will certainly remain after the waters destroyed a bridge swine fever enemies. right reply (118271) With.
  3. A pheasant like Donald Trump is making waves in China AGERPRES FLOW. 23:19 Tennis: Filip Jianu, "But after Trump was elected president of America, I started to see more pictures of him and I think he looks a little like him," added the caretaker, who added that he hopes to hang out in Hangzhou. Safari Park to come now.
  4. I had seen pictures of fan eggplants - accordion on the internet about 2-3 years ago, but I don't know why it's their turn. I made several kinds of eggplant stuffed with meat or vegetables, ratatouille or just plain, baked

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  1. Subject: Pheasant with name Thursday Aug 26, 2010 4:23 am: Anuta: bebelusha18 The daring woman Points: 195 Reputation: 0 Date of birth: 18/11/1982 Date of registration: 18/08/2010.
  2. istrator Age: 43 Location: Piatra-Neamt, RO
  3. Subject: Pheasant with bands / soloists Tue Feb 26, 2008 4:28 pm So the title says it all! dak for example the artist / the band is put: Anda Adam will be taken only I have from the sf word I hope you understand
  4. This exclusive set contains a natural pheasant feather, has 3 special models of steel tips with different sizes, as well as an inkwell, all packaged in a refined vintage box. Delivery in 1-2 days! Free return! Order now
  5. Here we play pheasant, only with stars Example: Taylor Swift-Teo rose-Ramona Gabor and so on I start: Dylan Sprous
  6. a with the letter: n. Being made up of 5 letters, this word is of medium size

Welcome to the Mommy with Dwarfs forum. Respect and you will be respected. To enter the conversation with us, register because our community of mothers are eager to meet you. If you are already registered / click on Solitaire connection, it is played with a single pack of 52 cards. Pheasant and closing words Pictures of kittens Beef leaves for sarmalute Childhood is a gift Contact lenses Commercial spaces Ploiesti June (46) May (59) April (54) March (36) February (7) January (8) 2012 (1) May (1) I start forUM Miscellaneous Forum Games Do you want to react to this message? Create an account in a few clicks or sign in to continue. Find out details about Radio with pheasant watch, USB, SD, AUX, wood and see the opinions of others. Discounts, promotions, special offers on radios on ShopMania Try the games with Dora in which you have to prove your skill, because through them you will prove to Dora that she can trust you because you will never disappoint her. You have to be very careful not to do anything wrong, no matter how insignificant a thing may be, because it matters a lot and it is not known when this girl will upset you.

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. The preparation of the shelter for the reception of small chicks is done 2-3 weeks before hatching or population with chicks from other farms. The training consists in washing and disinfecting both the shelter and the equipment used In Romania, there are a lot of mammals, birds, fish and turtles that are protected by law, just so that these rare species do not disappear, as happened with other animals such as: beaver, bison, marmot or eagle lizard Pheasant species The most read articles Top 100 Most Beloved for YOUR Puppy Are you bored? - Here are 15 Activities That Get Rid Of Boredom Fast 50 The Most Profitable Business Ideas For Women Where The Blue Lagoon Was Filmed Alex Velea's Story - How It Came So Far I Start An Academy is still a pheasant topic. made by mn pls wipe on asth PHASE WITH OWN NAMES. Written by miky_28 on Sunday May 03, 2009 8:38 pm. ADAM _____ Whoever has the ability to fall in love, can always trust the love and value of the man he fell in love with !.

I heard that pheasants are stupid, they can be caught with a can

Foreword: The illiterate clan was Forum Games. Do you want to react to this message? Create an account in a few clicks or log in to continue PHASE WITH WINE SAUCE. After slicing the pheasant, clean it and cook it with a flame, then wash it and rub it with salt and leave it for about 50-60 minutes. Place it in a pan greased with butter and a glass of water then let it read speakers repeatedly candy narcissus poor horse. Do you want to react to this message? Create an account in a few clicks or log in to continue If you are a parent and have an energetic child, or maybe even two and you don't know what activities to do with him / her, we offer you over 99 activities for children who they will help you not only to spend quality time with them, but also to have fun. Through what you do or do not do every day with your child, you have a direct and concrete impact in his life. It's never too late. Oral and anal sex in chickens pheasant publi24 arad reducers turati mica publi24. Babe from perverted pictures france who pay for sex women looking for cunnilingus ads pictures with girls gal: numbers mature women galati publi24I am looking for gay sex - pubic 24 roman dating.

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8. Peacock-pheasant. 9. The Black Panther 15 pictures of incredible animals - I never suspected that such a thing could exist on Earth! February 20, 2018. Animals are part of our environment. It looks like we know them, but there are some species you've probably never heard of. In reality, an ordinary person knows about the Earth's fauna. They are used to exchange certain information with third parties with whom we advertise, to know how you got to our site. We may also use cookies to identify the parts of the site you are interested in

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PHASE WITH OWN NAMES. mothers and children :: GAMES. Page 2 of 32. Page 2 of 32. Shops and prices - Dog food CARNILOVE Adult Dog Pate with duck and pheasant 12.90 RON !: (AdultDogPatecurațăsifazan) Carnilove Wild Meat Adult Dog Pate with duck and pheasant is a moist, complete food , with whole pieces of meat, without cereals for adult dogs. The duck is an ideal source of protein and I invite you to play! I thought of putting a game, to have a place to relax, constructively. Pheasant is a classic game, with simple rules: - s Attention, we are not pheasant! Do not block the other players, play with fair play and imagination. Let's see how far you can play with pictures. with the cordless phone. How to put pictures in comments 1. In the form of comments there is a box next to it that says html. Check it. (it is very important not to forget this) 2 WE ARE WAITING FOR YOU THERE WITH A NEW LOOK FOR VALENTINE`S DAY! Affiliate with Us! Star of the Week: Selena Gomez Member of the Week: Dee Dee: Latest topics »Choose from 2 pictures! Fri Jan 29, 2010 9:16 pm Written by Lady Twisted Love: X: X »Give an emoticon to the one in front of you! Fri Jan 29, 2010 9:09 pm Written by Acadeaua Emo: X »Questions and.

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Pheasant on movies! Smiley message »Sun Sep 26, 2010 4:03 pm Let's say all the movies that start with A. When we have no options, we start with B and so on If you liked our recipe Pheasant soup with semolina dumplings no forget to review it. After you have finished cooking, give yourself a few minutes and arrange your hair like in the salon with personal care products from BaByliss recipes with recipes with pictures. Illustrated recipes: Recipe of the day: Homemade pie with strawberries 6 MAY 2015 Homemade pie with strawberries from: flour, sugar, salt, butter, whipped milk, strawberries, sugar, brown sugar, starch, sea salt, lemon juice, ginger, egg Page 1 of 2 - Hidden topic Pheasant - posted in Regulations and administrative announcements: I simply scratch my retina when I notice on the forum the topic Pheasant and I do not mean General Discussions, but on the main page, it's like a pheasant forum , not reviews and escorts. Can't create a hidden option for him? To play pheasant only who wants Who did not play Pheasant as a child? It's a very interesting game, not only because it takes up your time, but it also puts your brain to work, it makes you look for words that you didn't normally use, sometimes you invent new ones that no one has heard of and you try to convince the person I'm playing with that it's a real word, that it exists.

PHASE: only with the name of living things and aquatic plants! (Page 1) - Games - Dream Aquariums - Wine Aquariums. Then they hold him by one finger and he says the bottle, the bottle of water, juice, perfume, etc. When he says the bottle, the bottle of poison, all the players run away and they have to catch them (touch) we play pheasant, but we don't close! I begin: corocdil, so you have to say a word that starts with the last two letters, that is now with IL! EDI A Chinese pheasant has become famous due to its resemblance to the US President-elect. The bird has a golden tuft, reminiscent of Trump's cutter. But after Trump was elected president of America, I started to see more pictures of him and I think he looks a little like him, said a park caretaker. Here we put pictures of us! Is eo. aww you are ff cute. Do you want to react to this message? Create an account in a few clicks or sign in to continue

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Pea and asparagus soup

How long have you slept, strong & hellip! Paraphrasing the famous phrase (for initiation, threads) from the story of White & Icircmp & # 259rat, after a fortuitous pause, generously offered by a tic calculus from the area folkloric & # 259 of the right kidney (& icircntre between us, & icircnc & # 259 m & # 259 more glad of his presence & # 539a, & hellipvremelnic & # 259 I hope), the time has come s & # 259 mai & # 537i put m & acircna on crati & # 539 & # 259 , oal & # 259, the Polish believer & # 537and other similar tools, dear to my heart, s & # 259v & # 259r & # 537ind this time something u & # 537urel, work that fully falls with the official status of suffering acut & ldquocalculat & rdquo, 537a c & # 259 facem ast & # 259di, & icircn nota benecunoscut & # 259, o agreabil & # 259 hablare despre o Soup de pea si asparargel, eronat pretendas (de cu & # 259tre personas c & acircrcota & # 537e natural & # 537te), c & # 259 eo sup & # 259 259 prim & # 259v & # 259ratec & # 259.

Nonsense, it is an excellent soup, which is suitable for any calendar season, under the natural condition of purchasing the necessary asparagus. As we find permanent asparagus in the supermarket, the assortment with the first soup is no longer checked. Q.E.D.

Therefore, dear & # 537i chiparo & # 537ilor, & hellipPea and asparagus soup, a soup that highlights asparagus, as the main note, with a garnish of bacon and crispy croutons ( how to make the strong 120 oca well, but & rsquo & hellipf & # 259r & # 259 kidney stones), which add & # 259 added value to our soup, & icircn while sm & # 259nt & acircna fresh & # 259t & # 259 & icirci d & # 259 accents of f & # 259 accents 259r & # 259 previous.

And as any word (much pleasant (even pleasant) is human), let's see the main ingredients:

Being a sup & # 259, things unfold only linearly, according to the typical known:

A & # 537adar!

We put the soup base on the fire (we don't make the soup base, we see the vegetable soup soup on the step), we add the green onion and we clean it. 259 & # 537i sp & # 259lat & # 259 & icircn prealabil), iar & # 259 & icircntr un alt vas, pe un alt ochi, d & # 259m maz & # 259rea & icircn boiling.

Sp & # 259l & # 259m the asparagus stalks, t & # 259iem v & acircrfurile & # 537i de d & # 259m temporal aside.

Chop the large asparagus and add it to the soup with a pinch of salt. Cover the soup and simmer for 10-15 minutes, until the asparagus is tender.

As the soup thickens, brown the bacon slices in a frying pan until crispy. Take out absorbent towels and rest at rest.

If there is more fat left from the bacon in the pan, add 1-2 tablespoons of oil and brown the breadcrumbs and, in a high heat, turn it over. , p & acircn & # 259 se rumene & # 537te.

Remove with absorbent towels to remove excess oil.

Finished this interlude & ldquorumenicios & rdquo, c & acircnd maz & # 259rea & # 537i and asparagus are f & # 259cute, blend & # 259m soup.

Add the asparagus leaves aside and simmer on low heat for 5 minutes, until they fry.

Por & # 539ion & # 259m soup & icircn plates & icircnc & # 259lzite & icircn beforehand.

Put each smeared plate on each plate and sprinkle with a spoon, press the pieces of crispy bacon and freshly ground black pepper.

Serve with croutons.

Pea and asparagus soup.

Dear ones, I have a craving!

Table of glycemic indexes of foods, according to Montignac

We could not enumerate the values ​​of the IG Glycemic Indices, the values ​​established by Michel Montignac (1944 & ndash2010), the creator of the famous diet in the early 80's, meant to reduce excess weight and prevent weight gain and obesity.

Personally, I can't certify whether it's good or not, but for a wider range of information, I won't see any reason not to mention these. glycemic indexes, maybe & hellipcine & # 537tie, use someone.

* These foods, even if they have a high glycemic index, their content of pure sugars (pure glucose) is very low (about 5%). Their consumption should not greatly affect blood sugar levels.

** There is practically no difference in GI between whole milk and skim milk. It is important to keep in mind, however, that dairy products (even if they have a low GI) increase insulin secretion.

Table of glycemic indexes of foods, according to Montignac

Nr.crt.The name of the foodGlycemic Index IGIG level
01Corn syrup115IG big
02Beer*110IG big
03Rice syrup100IG big
04Wheat syrup100IG big
05Glucose syrup100IG big
06Modified starch100IG big
07Glucose (dextrose)100IG big
08Rice flour95IG big
09Potato flour95IG big
10Starch95IG big
11Baked potatoes95IG big
12Maltodextrin95IG big
13Fries95IG big
14Gluten-free white flour bread90IG big
15Sticky rice90IG big
16Nap (cooking) *85IG big
17Gulie *85IG big
18Cornflakes85IG big
19Instant rice85IG big
20Preferred rice85IG big
21Parsnip*85IG big
22Rice milk85IG big
23Pretzels (dried)85IG big
24White flour85IG big
25Arrow-root85IG big
26Celery, celery root, celery stalks (cooked)85IG big
27Hamburger bun85IG big
28Corn starch85IG big
29Popcorn (no added sugar)85IG big
30Rice pudding85IG big
31Expanded rice85IG big
32Tapioca85IG big
33White sandwich bread85IG big
34Mashed potatoes80IG big
35Watermelon*75IG big
36Gourd75IG big
37Pumpkin (different varieties)75IG big
37Doughnuts75IG big
39Lasagna (soft grade)75IG big
40Waffles (with added sugar)75IG big
41Rice milk (with added sugar)75IG big
42Pumpkin75IG big
43biscuit70IG big
44Ravioli (soft flour)70IG big
45Potato chips70IG big
46Refined rice70IG big
47White sugar (sucrose)70IG big
48Rice bread70IG big
49Patlagina (kitten)70IG big
50Molasses70IG big
51Paine Matzo70IG big
52Dried dates70IG big
53Brioche70IG big
54White bread baguette70IG big
55Noodles70IG big
56Chocolate bar (with added sugar)70IG big
57root70IG big
58Brown sugar70IG big
59Tacos70IG big
60Special K & trade70IG big
61Risotto70IG big
62Refined cereals (with added sugar)70IG big
63sorghum70IG big
64Amaranth expanded70IG big
65corn70IG big
66Boiled potatoes (peeled)70IG big
67gruel70IG big
68My70IG big
69gnocchi70IG big
70Baked banana70IG big
71Fluffy pretzels (American pretzels)70IG big
72Cookies70IG big
73Cola70IG big
74Refresher70IG big
75Sweet carbonated drinks70IG big
76Croissant70IG big
77Polenta70IG big
78Boiled corn on cobs65IG big
79Sorbet (with added sugar)65IG big
80Young corn65IG big
81Lasagna (hard grade)65IG big
82Preserved apricots65IG big
83Peeled potatoes65IG big
84Tropical yam -US-, yam65IG big
85Whole wheat bread65IG big
86Peeled potatoes65IG big
87Tamarind, Indian dates (sweet)65IG big
88Alac, einkorn65IG big
89Rye flour bread (30% rye & # 259)65IG big
90Gutui (preservatives / gelling agents, sweetened)65IG big
91Mayonnaise (sweetened, in a jar)65IG big
92Raisins65IG big
93Canned pineapple65IG big
94Semolina65IG big
95Dark bread65IG big
96Maple syrup65IG big
97Mars & reg65IG big
98Sneakers & reg65IG big
99Nuts & reg65IG big
100Muesli (with added sugar or honey)65IG big
101Marmalade (with added sugar)65IG big
102Couscous65IG big
103Jam (with added sugar)65IG big
104Fava bean, broad bean, horse bean (cooked)65IG big
105Chocolate bread65IG big
106Noodles (rice flour)65IG big
107Beetroot (cooked)65IG big
108Beetroot (cooked)65IG big
109Vermicelli (from rice flour)65IG big
110Chestnut flour65IG big
111Panapen, breadfruit, breadnut65IG big
112Ravioli (hard grade)60IG big
113The pizza60IG big
114barley60IG big
115Oatmeal60IG big
116Porridge60IG big
117Long grain rice60IG big
118Ice Cream (Sweetened)60IG big
119Semolina (hard grade)60IG big
120Bananas (ripe)60IG big
121White flour / soft wheat pasta60IG big
122Melon*60IG big
123Chocolate powder (with added sugar)60IG big
124Scented rice60IG big
125Ovomaltine & reg60IG big
126Sweetened cocoa (instant)60IG big
127White bread with milk60IG big
128Honey60IG big
129chestnuts60IG big
130Tagliatelle (well cooked)55IG big
131Japanese plums, loquat55IG big
132Bulgur (cooking)55IG big
133Grape juice (unsweetened)55IG big
134Ketchup55IG big
135Cassava (amar) cassava (amar) R & # 259d & # 25955IG big
136Mustard (with added sugar)55IG big
137Mango juice (unsweetened)55IG big
138Sponge fingers55IG big
139Cassava (cassava) and cassava (sweet)55IG big
140Nutella & reg55IG big
141Peaches (canned, with syrup)55IG big
142Spaghetti (well cooked)55IG big
143Sushi55IG big
144Cookies55IG big
145Red rice55IG big
146Papaya (fresh)55IG big
147Apple juice (unsweetened)50IG average
148Biscuits (wholemeal flour, unsweetened)50IG average
149Brown, unrefined rice50IG average
150Chayote, chocho, pear squash, christophine50IG average
151White truffles50IG average
152Litchi (fresh)50IG average
153Japanese dates50IG average
154Sweet potatoes50IG average
155Mango (fresh)50IG average
156Quinoa bread (approximately 65% ​​quinoa)50IG average
157Pineapple juice (unsweetened)50IG average
158Muesli (without sweeteners)50IG average
159Macaroni (durum wheat)50IG average
160Kiwi*50IG average
161Cranberry juice (unsweetened)50IG average
162Cereal energy bar (no added sugar)50IG average
163Basmati rice50IG average
164Wholemeal pasta50IG average
165Wasa & trade secara50IG average
166Whole grains (no added sugar)50IG average
167Carrots (cooked)50IG average
168Tomato sauce (with sugar)45IG average
169Pumpernickel bread45IG average
170Pineapple (fresh fruit)45IG average
171Muesli Montignac45IG average
172Paine Kamut45IG average
173Pasta Capellini45IG average
174Cranberries45IG average
175Green peas (preserved)45IG average
176Grapefruit juice (unsweetened)45IG average
177Integral couscous45IG average
178Whole wheat bulgur (cooked)45IG average
179Toasted wholemeal bread45IG average
180Alac, einkorn (integral)45IG average
181Rye flour45IG average
182Pumpernickel bread45IG average
183Raw banana45IG average
184Raw plantain45IG average
185Fresh oranges45IG average
186Faina Kamut (integral)45IG average
187Jam (unsweetened)45IG average
188Black grapes (fresh)45IG average
189Wholemeal semolina45IG average
190White grapes (fresh)45IG average
191Faina Farro (integral)45IG average
192Basmati brown rice45IG average
193Grau in Egypt40IG average
194Kamut40IG average
195Farro40IG average
196Sorbet (no added sugar)40IG average
197Make Quinoa40IG average
198Sweet cucumber40IG average
199Oat40IG average
200Paine Pumpernickel Montignac40IG average
201Spaghetti al dente (cooked 5 min)40IG average
202Lactose40IG average
203Wholemeal pasta al dente (cooked 5 minutes)40IG average
204Raw cider40IG average
205Carrot juice (unsweetened)40IG average
206Dried figs40IG average
207Kasha (integral)40IG average
208Coconut milk40IG average
209Prunes40IG average
210Falafel (Fava beans)40IG average
211Beans (raw)40IG average
212Pinto beans (canned)40IG average
213Paine Matzo (wholemeal flour)40IG average
214Oatmeal (undead)40IG average
215Peanut butter (no added sugar)40IG average
216Saracen (integral)40IG average
217100% wholemeal bread40IG average
218Buckwheat (whole)40IG average
219tahini40IG average
220Biscuits (wholemeal flour, no added sugar)40IG average
221Quinces (preservatives / gelling agents, unsweetened)40IG average
222Bread with sprouted cereals35IG small
223Dried apricots35IG small
224Mustar Dijon35IG small
225Roman beans35IG small
226Chickpeas (berries, canned)35IG small
227Celery, celery root, celery stalk (raw)35IG small
228Black beans35IG small
229apples35IG small
230Stems of Ale35IG small
231Figs35IG small
232Indian corn35IG small
233Paine Montignac35IG small
234Beans35IG small
235Wasa & trade fiber content 24%35IG small
236Tomato juice35IG small
237Soy yogurt (flavored)35IG small
238quince35IG small
239Plums35IG small
240Oranges35IG small
241Sesame35IG small
242Yeast35IG small
243Dehydrated apples35IG small
244Faina de naut35IG small
245Vermicelli (hard grade)35IG small
246Yogurt**35IG small
247Wild rice35IG small
248Almonds (puree, unsweetened)35IG small
249Almonds (paste, unsweetened)35IG small
250Tomato sauce (natural, without added sugar)35IG small
251Sunflower seeds35IG small
252Quinoa35IG small
253Pomegranate (fresh)35IG small
254Peaches (fresh)35IG small
255Nectarines (fresh)35IG small
256Pinto beans35IG small
257Ice cream (with fructose)35IG small
258Green peas (fresh)35IG small
259Falafel (from chickpeas)35IG small
260Dried tomatoes35IG small
261Amaranth, seeds35IG small
262Fasole Adzuki / azuki35IG small
263Coconut35IG small
264Noodles (hard grade)35IG small
265Scorzoneras30IG small
266Powdered milk**30IG small
267clementines30IG small
268Passion fruit30IG small
269maracuja30IG small
270tangerines30IG small
271Milk**30IG small
272Granadilla30IG small
273Grapefruit30IG small
274Pommelo30IG small
275Green beans30IG small
276Bean pods30IG small
277Naut (grain)30IG small
278Brown lentils30IG small
279Fresh cottage cheese **30IG small
280apricots30IG small
281Pink grapefruit30IG small
282Tomatoes30IG small
283Pears (fresh)30IG small
284Oat milk (uncooked)30IG small
285Jam (unsweetened)30IG small
286Garlic30IG small
287Noodles (from Mung beans)30IG small
288Vermicelli (from Mung beans)30IG small
289Vermicelli (soy)30IG small
290Noodles30IG small
291Soya milk30IG small
292Yellow lens30IG small
293Sugar beet (raw)30IG small
294Almond milk30IG small
295Barberry25IG small
296Cranberries25IG small
297Dark chocolate (more than 70% cocoa)25IG small
298Red currant25IG small
299Peanut paste (unsweetened)25IG small
300Strawberries25IG small
301Soy flour25IG small
302Peanut paste (unsweetened)25IG small
303Humus25IG small
304Blackberries25IG small
305Dude25IG small
306Blueberries25IG small
307Raspberries (fresh fruit)25IG small
308Mung beans25IG small
309Green lentils25IG small
310Fasole Fayot25IG small
311Cherry25IG small
312Cherries25IG small
313Nap (raw)25IG small
314Flageolet beans25IG small
315Peas25IG small
316Barley25IG small
317Bamboo shoots20IG small
318Lemon20IG small
319Fructose20IG small
320Cocoa powder20IG small
321Soy yogurt (no flavors)20IG small
322Eggplant20IG small
323Tamari sauce (unsweetened)20IG small
324Soy (cream)20IG small
325Cherry Acerola20IG small
326Ratatouille20IG small
327Gem Montignac without sugar20IG small
328Lemon juice (unsweetened)20IG small
329Palm heart20IG small
330Chocolate & # 259, plain (& gt 85% cocoa)20IG small
331Artichoke20IG small
332Carrots20IG small
333Onion15IG small
334Pesto15IG small
335Pickles15IG small
336Green almonds15IG small
337Black blueberry15IG small
338Rhubarb15IG small
339Lettuce15IG small
340soy15IG small
341shallots15IG small
342Spinach15IG small
343Bell peppers (red, green, yellow)15IG small
344Mushrooms15IG small
345Nuci Barcelona15IG small
346Hazelnuts15IG small
347Chicory15IG small
348ALMOND15IG small
349Broccoli15IG small
350Cabbage15IG small
351Cashew nuts15IG small
352Celery15IG small
353endive15IG small
354Pumpkins15IG small
355Zucchini15IG small
356Fennel15IG small
357Paprika15IG small
358Tofu15IG small
359Radish15IG small
360Pine seeds15IG small
361Blueberries15IG small
362Peanuts15IG small
363olive15IG small
364Agave15IG small
365Asparagus15IG small
366Bran15IG small
367Varz & # 259 de Bruxelles15IG small
368Roscova powder15IG small
369Cauliflower15IG small
370Cereal buds (soy or mung bean sprouts, etc.)15IG small
371chili15IG small
372Cucumber15IG small
373Ginger15IG small
374Green onions15IG small
375Italian silver beans15IG small
376Pickled cabbage15IG small
377Case (soy)15IG small
378Wheat germ15IG small
379Pistachio15IG small
380Leek15IG small
381Sorrel15IG small
382Germinated seeds15IG small
383NUTS15IG small
384Tempeh15IG small
385Avocado10IG small
386Pasta Montignac (spaghetti)10IG small
387shellfish5IG small
388Vinegar5IG small
389Parsley5IG small
390Oregano5IG small
391Cinnamon5IG small
392Vanilla5IG small
393Basil5IG small

Foods with low glycemic index

The value of the glycemic index is measured using valid scientific methods. It cannot be established only by knowing the chemical composition of food. Currently, there are only a few nutrition research groups around the world that offer a legitimate testing service.

In the following, indicative tables with glycemic indices of the main groups of foods, fruits and vegetables are presented below.

Today, low glycemic index foods.

Shrimp with hot peppers and mango

Juicy mango & # 537i onions & # 259 crispy green & # 259, & hellipardei iu & # 539i & # 537i & fresh ginger & # 259t, & hellipto all these confer & # 259 Asian flavor & # 259 authentic & # 259 prawns & # 539ilor, & hellipsota & # 539i fast to # !

Dear ones, what does it say? Sun & # 259 interesting?

Personally, I appreciate that yes, because the ingredients are everywhere and they are not extraordinarily expensive, so why not?

The classic soups, stews, pilafs, sarmale and many others every day are more and more temporary. Hellipsi delights us with something.

Shrimp with hot peppers and mango, prepared quickly (as only Asian beef), very tasty and very tasty.

Dear ones, talk a lot about human health, helliphai let's follow together the necessary ingredients for something Shrimp with hot peppers and mangoes.

Prepare quickly and efficiently for 30 minutes, as follows:

Usually the prawns are ready to be frozen, frozen, thawed and thawed for a while.

Sprinkle with green onions, then cut into pieces diagonally on the diagonal.

Peel a squash, grate it and squeeze the garlic. All this is left on a temporary basis, resting in a bowl.

Peel a squash, grate it and squeeze the juice.

Mix the tomato paste, soy sauce and sesame oil.

We remove the leaves from the wick and mount them on individual plates.

& Icircncingem peanut oil & icircn wok. Add the mixture to the green onions, ginger, garlic, hot peppers and simmer over high heat, stirring often.

Add the shrimp and the mango slices, then continue sautéing for 1 minute.

Season with freshly ground pepper and salt (if necessary), sauté for 1-2 minutes, then pour in the composition over the salad leaves. # 537and serve immediately.

Shrimp with hot peppers and mangoes!

And not anyway, but with Tres Rosae, coupage roses, the successful combination of the 3 bahici roses, in which the Merlot offers freshness and fruitfulness, Cabernet's virtuosity, Feteasca Neagr & # 259 roundness and balance. De M & # 259cin! Alcovin M & # 259cin!

Dear ones, I have a craving!

Cabernet Sauvignon of the Royal Court

& ldquoIf & # 259 God created Cabernet Sauvignon, then the devil made Pinot Noir ”.

Excellent butad & # 259 butad & # 259, which fully reflects the special character of the Cabernet Sauvignon in general, but especially of the wonderful Cabernet Sauvignon of the Royal Court. Fire & # 537te, from M & # 259cin. Alcovin M & # 259cin.

Cabernet Sauvignon can be considered as the red wine with the best choice and the most solid reputation. In Australia, New Zealand, California, South Africa, Chile or, for example, in Alcovin M & # 259cin, Cabernet Sauvignon is considered the king of red wines.

The simple inscription on the label of the name of this variety, means for the wine consumer, a first quality certificate.

The variety originates from the Bordeaux region (France) with Merlot, Marbec and in some places Cabernet franc. It was introduced to us about 100 years ago, on the occasion of the restoration of the vineyards destroyed by the phylloxera invasion & # 259.

Through all its characteristics, Cabernet Sauvignon wine expresses vigor, virility, strength.

The wine is intense in color, red with a hint of purplish because it is strong, red ruby ​​intense, when it is over 2 years old, full-bodied, full, sometimes astringent, rustic, with a taste-olfactory character. grassy, ​​weed & # 259 (in the most positive way with a little & # 539 & # 259).

Some French oenologists have stated that Cabernet Sauvignon wine does not have a vegetal character, but on the contrary, an animal, leather, ivory character. P & # 259reri & hellip

As a rule, Cabernet Sauvignon wine should be consumed after 2-4 years of aging in the vessel.

Sometimes it is too harsh, almost unconsumable because it is dry, but such a wine presents in the highest degree, the guarantee of a positive evolution through aging. Usually the acidity of Cabernet Sauvignon wine is higher than other wines, for example Merlot or Pinot Noir, but this acidity also strengthens the feeling of robustness.

Its robust robustness makes Cabernet Sauvignon wine the best place for pork steak and much better for wild boar dishes. 539.

When tasted, Cabernet Sauvignon can have a lively and even a hint of opulence, but usually ends with a firm astringency.

Cabernet Sauvignon de M & # 259cin, b & # 259rb & # 259tos, generous, full-bodied, usually alcoholic (12.5-13.0 vol%), harsh, & icirc & # 537i dob & acircnde & # 537te apogeul calit & # 259 & # 539ii dup & # 259 2 -4 years of maturation in the vessel and after 259 years 3-6 years of maturation in the bottle (if there are more than 259m & acircne & hellip) but, when it escapes the anger of the consumer, it is able to 259 secured the gold medal at any wine competition.

Royal Court Cabernet Sauvignon!

A real royal wine.

Dear ones, I have a craving!

Salmon with vermouth

From the category & bdquoHow do we prepare salmon & rdquo, today, dear ones, we like a pleasant dish about a unique dish, called Salmon with vermouth.

And if we still prepare various combinations, either with pan-fried vegetables, or with emmentaller, or grill, or with mashed peas, let's not talk about the various salads. # 259v & acircr & # 537ite over time, I see no reason why, today I & # 259m not prepare & # 259m a combination & # 259ie & bdquovermut-oas & # 259 & rdquo, with what & # 537ce dry martini, which thread It has dual advantages, the first exceptional taste of the preparation, the second exceptional taste of the Martini from which we can get enough, respectively 1.2 cups, with the corresponding lines.

Thanks to the so-called Martini, we are somehow in a mysterious James Bond atmosphere, for only a few moments, because in what follows we will surely reveal. 259 ingredients needed for the wonderful Salmon with vermouth.

& # 536i-we ​​start with Martini, & hellipce God-forgive & # 259-m & # 259 my glass & # 259sta was tied to my hand 259 op & # 259rim ro & # 537iile.

Cur & # 259 & # 539 & # 259m the fillet of salmon skin, & icircl sp & # 259l & # 259m, then & icircl & bdquodebit & # 259m & rdquo cubule & # 539e, they not really like the l & # 259c & # 259tu & # 537erie (& hellipage at Martini & ), so we cut the cubes, then season with salt and pepper.

We fry the oil in a frying pan over a high heat and brown the salmon twice and turn it white. Remove from the pan on absorbent towels and leave on a temporary basis.

Clean the onion, garlic, coarsely chop and sauté over low heat, and add the remaining oil from the salmon browning until the onion softens.

When the water is still boiling, we cut the tomatoes short, then drain them and peel them. Quickly chop the peeled tomatoes and add them over the onion and garlic in the pan.

Add the Martini & icircn pan (don't confuse the pan with the glass) & # 537i m & # 259rim flac & # 259ra.

Sp & # 259l & # 259m & # 537i usc & # 259m tarhonul & # 537i-l ad & # 259ug & # 259m & icircn tigaie.

Sp & # 259l & # 259m & # 537i l & # 259m & acircia & # 537i-i radem coaja, & helliptot & icircn tigaie!

Let it boil for 5 minutes, stirring often.

We bring the salmon back to the pan, add the smoked cheese and mix everything well.

Small and thin, leave it for about 5 minutes, until it is well covered on the skin.

Salmon with vermouth!

Contrary to appearances, it is not served with vermouth, be it even Martini, but with a wonderful Aligote from the Royal Court, with a subtle, mineral taste.

Dear ones, I have a craving!

Green asparagus cream soup

Dear ones, today we are talking about an ingredient that has become relatively clean, in domestic gastronomic habits, in the name of asparagus.

Certainly many have heard of it, but most have no idea what it is, how it looks, how it is prepared, but especially how it is handled.

Present in the West for a long time, a luxury ingredient in menus, asparagus or asparagus, known since antiquity, is timidly beginning to make its presence felt. 537i on our tables, thanks to the consumer society.

Very delicate and perishable, asparagus is suitable as an important part in many recipes, soups, garnishes, grills, this multitude of ways of preparation, relief & acircnd the versatility of this wonderful ingredient.

Today, from the multitude of ways of preparation, we will approach a very easy one, namely a cream soup, called suggestive yarn, Green asparagus cream soup.

A really special supper, where the taste of asparagus is extraordinarily well enhanced by a vinaigrette with Dijon must, a white wine and natural white wine, dry white wine. .

I confess with my heart, liver, pancreas and other folklore areas that it was one of the finest cream soups I have ever eaten, which is why it is so popular. 259zi, & icircmp & # 259rt & # 259 & # 537im & icircmpreun & # 259 re & # 539eta & # 537i how to prepare an extraordinary soup.

P & acircn & # 259 another, let's see a little closer the necessary ingredients & hellip

Relatively elaborate, the preparation is carried out as follows:

Sp & # 259lam asparagus. Peel the stalks only in the lower third, and cut the tender stalks.

We cut the rods into pieces about 1cm long, and leave the stems at rest for a while, separately.

Boil the basic vegetable soup, which you will find in the Vegetable Soup. 259r & # 259 v & acircrfuri, pieces & # 259 & # 539i that we boil under the lid for 5 minutes.

& Icircntre meantime, sp & # 259l & # 259m, cur & # 259 & # 539 & # 259m & # 537i t & # 259iem ridichile & icircn slices sub & # 539iri.

The green onion is clean and clean.

We make the vinaigrette as follows: mix the Dijon mustard with the salt, pepper, a little wine and the walnut oil, then mix well.

The asparagus is already boiled, blend once with the base soup, then add it to the homogenizer.

Leave the stove on the stove and add the cream, the asparagus and the wine. All I have to say is that the wine is a Royal Feteasc & # 259, truly exceptional, from M & # 259cin. Alcovin M & # 259cin.

D & # 259m asparagus soup & icircnc & # 259 once boiled, mix & acircnd often.

Before serving, add the vinaigrette and green onions.

Spread the soup on the plates and pre-cook and add the vinaigrette with green onions and radishes.

Green asparagus cream soup.

Dear ones, I have a craving!

Mozzarella with tomato dressing

& # 536tia & # 539i c & # 259 mozzarella, originated from Italy, is a soft, white, fresh, fresh cheese, made by the process & bdquopasta filata & rdquo, through which the clot sinks. hot, then spread and fry to the desired consistency?

If you didn't know, well, hell just found out!

Mozzarella with tomato dressing!

It is well known by now that mozzarella has many other uses that need to be considered, although it is known almost exclusively as a basic ingredient for pizza.

Extraordinary component of salads, the most famous being the already famous Caprese Salad, mozzarella lends itself extraordinarily well to other salads, and today, the choice has come almost natural, in the form of Mozzarella with tomato dressing.

Like any Mediterranean dish, the composition is particularly simple, except for the dressing, the composition of which makes the presence feel like a unique blend. Dried vegetables, basil, parsley, oregano, capers, balsamic vinegar, garlic, sprinkled with yarn, bel & # 537ug, with oil from dried tomatoes.

Poten & # 539at & # 259 excellent of this elaborate dressing, our mozzarella & # 259, cut & # 259 c & acirctorva leaves arugula, compose a salad & # 259 excellent & # 259, salad & # 259 of which ingredient, I invite you to eat. 259 we follow the following:

As with any business, we start with the advice, therefore we prepare the dressing, as follows:

Remove the dried tomatoes from the jar and put them in a blender. Measure 150ml of oil from the ro, with a graduated glass and add it over the ro.

Sp & # 259lam & # 537i & # 537tergem verde & # 539urile.

Ad & # 259ug & # 259m verde & # 539urile, o & # 539etul balsamic & # 537i caperele & icircn blender. Peel a squash, grate it and squeeze the garlic.

Macin & # 259m short, on the ice & # 259 & # 259 & # 259 grinding program, so that the dressing r & # 259m & acircn & # 259 a little more textured.

We straighten the dressing thus obtained from pepper, because salt no longer has to be added, the capers being made of bel & # 537ug.

Clean the arugula leaves, then arrange them on plates.

Drain and slice the mozzarella, then arrange over the salad leaves.

Complete with dressing and we serve immediately.

At & # 259t?

It's created dumb! & Hellip

I also pour a pinch of Cabernet Sauvignon, with a distinct aroma of black raisins, strong tannins, of cinnamon. Alcovin M & # 259cin!

Mozzarella with tomato dressing!

Procedure & # 259 complete & # 259! Session & icircnchis & # 259!

Dear ones, I have a craving!

Avocado cream and coconut soup

Avocado! With an exotic and resounding Latin American name, avocado is not a vegetable, as many may be tempted to believe, due to the fact that it is not at all tempting in its first appearance, it is a fruit. .

This is a source of fat that, paradoxically, is not very important, avocado has so many advantages for health, it doesn't need too many arguments to convince you. # 259 s & # 259 include it icircn every day & icircn diet & # 259.

Now, dear ones, many have heard of avocado threads, but about an Avocado Cream and Coconut Soup, for sure, less.

Don't worry, because in the following, we will light the light bulb and make a light of light on this great, refreshing, exotic soup, served in a big way. & bdquofason & rdquo with ice cubes & # 539 & # 259 & # 537i with our eyes on the & bdquotembelizor & rdquo where our political foreheads enchant us with the high standard of living of us, of all of us.

God, it's good in Rom & acircnia & hellip!

No, leaving behind these current socio-political considerations, we still remember the task of the so-called Avocado and Coconut Cream Soup, the extraordinary benefits for people who in one way or another want to & # 539in & # 259 of any diet & # 259, but not only for these.

The subject being somewhat exhausted, let's get acquainted more closely with the main ingredients for an Avocado Cream and Coconut Soup.

Eiii, da & rsquo after how many ingredients there are, it can be seen that it is not really a matter of & # 537ag & # 259, and we prepare it like this:

Turn & # 259m & icircn blender vegetable soup base, & hellipcum we make vegetable soup & # 259, well that's good & # 259, we have everything described in detail in Vegetable Soup & ndash Basic Recipe.

Sp & # 259l & # 259m, cur & # 259 & # 539 & # 259m & # 537i toc & # 259m green onion.

Cur & # 259 & # 539 & # 259m & # 537i crush the garlic.

Sp & # 259l & # 259m, cur & # 259 & # 539 & # 259m de semin & # 539e & # 537i toc & # 259m ardeiul iute.

All this l & # 259s & # 259m on time & # 259 rest & # 259!

If we don't lose the icing, we dry the coriander (I was saying that if it's not hellip and it's very possible that it isn't, we use green parsley). We stop for a few leaves to decorate, and the rest is roughly cut.

We've come to the avocado, where things are pretty simple, so we'll take you out in two steps.

We scoop out the core with a spoon and add the blender over the base soup.

Also in the blender (which is not just a coffee maker), add onions, garlic, hot peppers, coriander, coconut milk, which we can preserve and preserve. In a fresher walnut, oil, sugar, yogurt and a tablespoon of juice and sour cream are squeezed in half beforehand. 259cur & # 259m speech).

& bdquoTurn on & rdquo to & bdquobobotone & rdquo blender & hellip & # 537i l & # 259s & # 259m p & acircn & # 259 that the mixture becomes creamy & # 537i homogeneous! With a quick, quick gesture of your finger, I switch the blender on & bdquoTurn off & rdquo!

Brenauzi, & hellipce & # 539i-e & # 537i cu tehnica modern & # 259, cum te ajut & # 259 ea, dr & # 259gu & # 539a!

Drizzle the soup with salt and let it cool for 25 minutes.

Once read, distribute individual bowls, with 2 ice cubes, decorated with coriander leaves / parsley and fresh black pepper. 537i start & bdquotembelizorul & rdquo!

Avocado cream and coconut soup!

Dear ones, I have a craving!

Merlot of the Royal Court

There are still places where time measures up for centuries. & Icircndep & # 259rtate coclauri zugr & # 259vite cu p & acircnz & # 259 de cea & # 539 & # 259 ascult & # 259 & # 537uierul v & acircntului sau & # 537oaptele lunii, plaiuri & icircnvelite & icircn vi & # 539a & # 539, the granite heart of the Hercynians, an ancient mountain massif with a megalithic shape, on ridges mysteriously mirrored by the blue undulation of the Danube - Fisos - as the Phoenicians called it, around the year 1000 BC. because they thought it was the river that surrounded the world.

Beyond the bustle of the woods, not at all proud today, but blessed with the scent of linden trees, Dobrogea is a land of stone, of legend, of sunshine and of sunshine. areas with vines, cultivated here & icircnc & # 259 from antiquity. It is said that the waters of the flood would have carried Noah's ark to the mountains of the ancient mountains, then towering, with their foreheads to the sky, struck by the waves of the sea.

It is said that this would be the place where Noah planted the first vine, which then grew to the sky, like a real tree of life, full of sweet and juicy grapes. , from which Noah made the first wine, the one that brought him strength and joy, then he taught the people to cultivate the tree of life. Later, missionary missionaries who found peace in the mountains erected prayer hermitages that often surrounded the living cultures. the secret of wine.The ancient ancients arrived in the area and wrote in amazement that the vineyard of the vineyard must be sought after, the hard, rich and rich lands of the vineyards of the Pontus and the peaks. beyond the Danube & rdquo, the place where Homer said: & bdquob & # 259rba & # 539ii & # 537i women drink wine according to the Scythian fashion, not mixed with water, from large deer horns, which passed from m & acircn & # 259 & icircn m & ac .

Alcovin M & # 259cin vineyard is located on the oldest part of the country, on the Hercynian hills & ennobled by the alluvial soil of the Meadow and the Danube Delta. From Tulcea to M & # 259cin, the relief is extremely varied, with subunits & # 259 & # 539i & icircnalte & # 537i v & # 259i ad & acircnci, with meshes of water & # 259 & # 537i p & # 259duri de s & # 259lcii & # 537i then mun &. # 539ii the old ones, hills without time and crossed by your depressions. The culture of the vineyard favored by the natural conditions is an old occupation of the locals because, at all times, the vine has grown on the hills that border the mountains, from here & # 537i the genesis of the word & bdquopodgorie & rdquo that comes from ancient glory & # 537i & icircnseam means & bdquosub mountain & rdquo.

Keeping the multimillennial tradition of the place, the Alcovin wine-wine complex, continues to write the story of Macin Wines in the area of ​​some natural reserves, witness to the creation of the world. Always facing the sun, the fields are surrounded by hercynian soil, the vineyards are surrounded by greenery. precipitating lightly, with long autumns and severe winters, the wine-growing massif is blessed with divine light.

The quality of the wines is given by the structure of the soil, which is a sandy limestone that helps the wine to be very extractive and typical of the respective variety. The wine-growing center from M & # 259cin develops only on 300 ha of 300 ha of old land from around the world, a vineyard with the local personality. The city of the titans that tells the story of the first people who discovered the power without resemblance to the living grapes, who then gave the liqueur to the gods and kings, because the wine, the wine & # 539; The people here delighted the Royal Courts of Poland and Russia, and arrived in Vienna, Paris, after passing through the triremes of the Greeks, the galleys of the Romans, the caravans of the Byzantines. & # 537i & icircn galenilor Vene & # 539iene, per bolozanele Turce & # 537ti sau per la vasare dei corsari.

The quality of M & # 259cin wines is recognized by the Royal Family, starting on October 27, 2011, Alcovin Company becomes the Official Supplier of the Royal House of Romania.

And why, after all, is Merlot from the Royal Court?

Because, here, the team of hard-hearted and hard-working people managed to give this assortment, special valence, representative wine, astringent wine and tannin wine, with aroma & # 259 delicate p & # 259 hard fruit.

The Merlot of M & # 259cin is a true magic of nature. Wine is not a simple drink, the wine comprises a set of compounds that give quality and personality, because, of all the foods, wine is the most complex. The differences from one wine to another come from the different grape varieties, from the lithological substrate & in this case prehercinic, metamorphic and sedimentary granite and granodiorite rocks with atypical chernozems of temperate continental climate and not icirc. last but not least, from the moment they are harvested by the complex technological process established by the specialists of the Alcovin center, in order to produce the liqueur that delights the consumers.

The sun, the Danube, the ambience and the terroir in the area give you a power and a softness to measure.

Merlot vinified & icircn sec, contributes to raising the reputation of Sarica-Niculi & # 355el Vineyard. It has a red-ruby color, is astringent and tannic, imposing itself by a softness specific to the finest wines. The scent and aroma are delicate and associated with berries. By maturing and aging, the Merlot gains an attractive, persistent bouquet of post-taste sensations.

It can be served with meat products based on fatty meat, beef, pork, or thick fermented cheeses.
Recommended serving temperature: 15-18 & degC

Dear ones, S-ave& # 539i poft & # 259!

Sarmales were apparently invented by the Turks, who spread them directly to countless former Ottoman possessions, especially the Balkans, Eastern Europe and Central Asia, and indirectly through other nations. Bosnia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Slovenia, Greece, Serbia, Roma & acircnia, Hungary, Macedonia, Montenegro, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Moldova, Syria, Ukraine, Russia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Poland, Germany, Sweden, Finland & hellip all these countries are on the map of sarmales.

Sarmales are usually a heavy meal (especially non-vegetarian ones), which are prepared especially in winter. It is served with polenta, sometimes with potatoes, or p & acircine, & bdquoracorite & rdquo with yogurt, sm & acircnt & acircna and horseradish. Normally, for each family a large pot (pot) with sarmale is prepared, which are then served as the main course on special occasions. Many communities in the diaspora are valued as a symbol and a reminder of their homelands.

The term & bdquosarma & rdquo comes from the Turkish word & bdquosarmak & rdquo, which means & quotquorulou & rdquo, or & bdquopachet & rdquo. So it's a package, something that wraps around a filling. According to, S & acircrmă is used in parallel with another Turkish word, & bdquodolma & rdquo, the two being interchangeable in many languages.

As wire refers to the method of preparation (roll), & icircn Turkey he also calls pastries, similar to baclavalele, such as & bdquosaray wire & rdquo and & bdquofistik s & acircrmă & rdquo, which are prepared from pie sheets that & icircnellesc a filling mixture hazelnuts, walnuts, pistachios and syrup.

Dolma, on the other hand, means stuffed things, referring to vegetables that are hollowed out in order to receive stuffing. This name also applies to pumpkins, peppers, tomatoes, eggplants, fruits, fish, squid, shells, etc.

Dolmens cooked with olive oil, but without minced meat, are called & ldquoyalancı & rdquo, which means & bdquomincinos & rdquo, & bdquofals & rdquo, or & bdquofalsified & rdquo. They are false, because they do not contain meat.

Among the Turks (and it has been taken over by other peoples) there is, in fact, another name, & bdquoyaprak & rdquo, which is the term for & bdquofrunza & rdquo.

Sarmalele is a universe in itself, to which each country has contributed. To simplify, sarmales are prepared from minced meat (usually beef, pork, veal, or a combination of them, but also lamb, goat, chicken, chicken, duck, goose, etc.), rice, onions, salt, various spices. (pepper, various greens, raisins, pine seeds, cinnamon, onions, etc.) mixed and then rolled & icircn large leaves. Cabbage leaves (fresh or pickled), beets, cauliflower, sorrel, vines (fresh or pickled) or even banana leaves are used as packaging. This combination is boiled for a few hours. There are countless variants, with meat and vegetarian, seasoned & icircn differently.

Recipes may vary from country to country, but everyone agrees that the best way to cook them is to cook them slowly, in large earthenware pots.

From one country to another

& Icircn Croatia and Bosnia sarmaua includes minced meat and rice, but also smoked beef. Unlike Muslim areas, Croatia uses dried pork, bacon and sausages.

& Icircn Dalmatia & icircnsă, there is a variant called & bdquoaramba & scaronići & rdquo, which does not contain rice, and the meat is cut into small pieces, & icircn instead of being minced, and is seasoned with lemon & acircie, cinnamon, cloves and hazelnuts.

& Icircn Serbia the sarmaua is cooked with sauerkraut, minced meat, rice and spices. The sarmales are cooked & icircndelung, & icircn large pots, with bacon and layers of smoked pork, seasoned with vegeta, bay leaves and paprika. Sometimes the sarmales are finished in the oven, browning and gaining a special taste. Sarmales taste better if left to stand for a few days, because they better absorb the taste and aroma of smoked meat. These sarmale are cooked for Christmas, New Year, Easter, birthdays, etc. There are also fasting variants that contain rice, grated carrots, onions, spices, nuts and sometimes smoked fish.

In Italy, sarmales were brought by refugees from Dalmatia during the last world war.

Bulgaria boasts sarmale prepared from minced meat, rice and yogurt.

& Icircn Russia and Poland are called & bdquogolubtsy & rdquo and are made from cabbage leaves.

& Icircn Germany sarmales are called & bdquoKohlrollen & rdquo, & bdquoKohlrouladen & rdquo or & bdquoKrautwickel & rdquo and are also prepared with cabbage leaves.

& Icircn Sweden are called & bdquok & aringldolmar & rdquo and are stuffed with minced pork and sometimes rice. Serve with boiled potatoes, meat sauce and berries. In Sweden the sarmales are considered a version of the dolma, and their takeover is due to the exile in Moldavia, to which King Charles XII was forced, after the lost battle of Poltava in 1709. The king took refuge in the fortress of Bender and then spent two years. exile, & icircncerc & acircnd to persuade the Turks to help him & icircnfr & acircnga Russia. Carol returned to Sweden, followed by Turkish creditors, from whom she borrowed money to finance her wars. These Turks lived in Stockholm between 1716 and 1732, during which time dolma-ua was introduced to Swedish cuisine. It was mentioned earlier in a 1755 cookbook written by Cajsa Warg. At that time it was made from vine leaves, but they were later replaced by cabbage leaves, more readily available in Scandinavia.

& Icircn Finland sarmales are called & bdquokaalik & auml & aumlryleet & rdquo and are similar to the Swedish ones.

& Icircn Azerbaijani sarmalele are called & bdquoyarpag dolmasi & rdquo and are made from minced lamb (or a mixture of lamb and beef) combined with leeks and rice. Beef or cabbage leaves can be rolled. Azeris also cook other types of dolma: kalam dolmasi (with cabbage leaves), pomidor dolmasi (stuffed tomatoes), badimjan dolmasi (stuffed eggplant), bibar dolmasi (stuffed green bell peppers), dali dolma (meat mixed with rice, peas, dill and mint, which fill the eggplant), lavangi dolmasi (small and young eggplant stuffed with fish), shirin dolma (meat mixed with chestnuts, plums and grape juice concentrate, & icircnvelite & icircn cabbage leaves). Almost all of these options are served with yogurt or skim milk.

For Albanians, minced meat (usually beef), rice and sliced ​​potatoes are cooked with spices (salt, pepper, paprika, vegeta), wrapped in large sheets of cabbage, boiled or steamed, after which the sarmales are cooked in the oven. There are many variations, depending on personal tastes and available ingredients. White cabbage is used by the Albanians in Kosovo (here the sarmaua is even called & hellip s & acircrma), and those in Montenegro use white cabbage or beet leaves.

In Armenian cuisine, minced lamb, or beef, is mixed with rice and wrapped in vine leaves (tpov tolma & ndash թփով տոլմա), or & icircn cabbage leaves (kaghambi tolma & ndash կաղամբի տոլմա). Season the rolls with coriander, dill, mint, pepper, cinnamon and melted butter. Sometimes chestnuts and peas are also used. Garlic yogurt is often used as a sauce. Eggplants, potatoes, tomatoes, bell peppers, onions, quinces and apples are stuffed with lamb, or beef, and are called & bdquotolma & rdquo. & bdquoEchmiadzin tolma & rdquo, for example, uses eggplant, green bell peppers, tomatoes, apples and quinces. & Icircn Cyprus stuffed vine leaves are called & bdquokoupepia & rdquo.

Greek Cypriots refer to all other vegetables filled with the term & bdquogemista & rdquo (which means & bdquoumplut & rdquo), or & bdquodolmades & rdquo (that plural from & bdquodolma & rdquo). C & acircnd the filling contains only spices and rice, the Greeks call sarmalele & bdquopseftika & rdquo (& bdquofalse & rdquo). & Icircn Greece there are many variants of sarmale, depending on the region. Some prepare them with sauce & bdquoavgolemono & rdquo (eggs and lemon & acircie), others prefer tomato sauce. Some Greeks cook sarmalele & icircn oven, others prefer the stove.

& Icircn Iran The mixture of minced lamb, or beef, with rice, yellow lentils and spices is used as a filling, & icircnvelit & icircn beef leaves (dolmeh barg mo) cabbage leaves (dolmeh kalam), eggplant ( dolmeh bādenjān), tomatoes (dolmeh gojeh farangi), or donuts and bell peppers (dolmeh felfel)

In Iraq the mixture of rice with minced lamb, or beef, is added to other ingredients that pomegranate juice, often used in Arabic cuisine to give a special taste to dishes. Iraqi Arabs usually serve sarmales with yogurt and prepare them with beef leaves and tomato sauce.

In Israel, the Ottoman Turks introduced sarmales into the 16th century vines. Here they are filled with a combination of meat and rice, but also with other ingredients, such as lentils.

It is not known exactly when the sarmau appeared on the territory of our country. It has a strong tradition and is closely associated with our national cuisine. In our country, sarmales are prepared with beef leaves, cabbage leaves and cabbage leaves. Cabbages with cabbage leaves are prepared similarly to the sour version, made of pork, rice, spices and smoked meat, cooked for hours on low heat. Rom & acircnii also prepares many other stuffed vegetables, vaguely similar to sarmales, especially peppers, donuts, zucchini, tomatoes. All these preparations are served with p & acircine, or polenta, and are sprinkled with yogurt, or sm & acircnt & acircna. Sarmales are a dish especially designed for religious holidays, such as Easter and Christmas, and even for festive occasions, especially at weddings.

In Turkey, the country of origin of this wonderful delicacy, there are two categories of sarmale: those stuffed with a combination of minced meat, onions, pine nuts, oil and spices and those stuffed with a mixture of rice (without meat). , olive oil, pine nuts, raisins, greens (dill, parsley and mint) and spices (usually allspice, cinnamon and black pepper). Sausages with meat are eaten hot, as the main course, along with yogurt, & icircn while those without meat are served at room temperature, as snacks (meze).Turkish cuisine uses an impressive variety of stuffed vegetables and fruits, the most common being bell peppers (biber dolma), eggplant (patlıcan dolma), zucchini (kabak dolma), plums (erikli dolma), cauliflower leaves and broccoli (karalahana dolma). , beef leaves, beets and cabbage (s & acircrmă), pumpkin flowers (& ccedili & ccedilek dolma) or mussels (midye dolma). Tomatoes, pumpkins and other fruits, as quinces, or melons, are also used in the preparation of dolma. In some regions rice is replaced, or mixed, with wheatgrass. The inside of vegetables and fruits (the one that is hollowed out) is usually added to the filling. There is much more to be said about sarmale and their relatives, the ones they use, as stuffing containers, various other vegetables, fruits and even animals, but we will only come to one conclusion: the kitchens of the world are related, and The preparations are not as national, or ethnic, as regional, writes.

Sarmaua is perhaps the clearest example of how history, trade, culture and gastronomy are linked. It is interesting to see how an Ottoman civilization was able to propose and spread a dish to all the countries with which it came into contact, whether it was war, trade or cultural exchange.

Sarmale recipes from 1881

Delicious dishes made of sour or sweet cabbage leaves can be found in a specialized volume published more than 120 years ago. The book is called & rdquoModern Kitchen with an Introduction to Kitchen Hygiene & rdquo and was printed & icircn 1881 at the Soceco Bookstore Publishing House & ampComp. For sauerkraut with sauerkraut, the following recipe is recommended: & rdquoMake finely chopped pork filling, onion and uncooked rice and sprinkle with pepper filling. Then we take a head of sour cabbage, and we open the leaves, we put a spoonful or two of filling on each one and we make the stuffed cabbage, we choose the size we like and then we put them in a saucepan or we put a pot of cabbage on the tower. let them simmer in a covered pot and simmer for an hour. At the end we straighten out the smear with sm & acircnt & acircnă & rdquo.

Sarmalele with sweet cabbage has a different recipe: & rdquoCut the head & acircna of cabbage & icircn two, boil it, take it out of the water, & icirci unfold the leaves, then make a filling of veal and pork, with the leaves & icircnmuiate & icircnmuiate & icer. We put the filling on the & icircntense leaves, we make the sarmales, we put them & icircn pan, we put butter and sm & acircnt & acircnă on them, we sprinkle them with breadcrumbs and we bake them in the oven & rdquo.

Transylvanian, Oltenian or Moldovan

The composition of the sarmales can be different depending on the areas of the country, as well as their size. The legendary chef Radu Anton Roman publishes & icircn the volume & ldquoRoman dishes, wines and customs & rdquo published by Paideia Publishing House specific recipes for each region of the country. Transylvanian sarmalele are as large as possible and have, according to the quoted source, 1 kilogram of finely chopped pork, 2 chopped onions, two eggs, a cup of rice, salt, pepper, paprika, 1 glass of boiling water, 250 grams of chopped smoked bacon, 250 grams of finely chopped smoked meat and & ldquod if you liked, 250-500 grams of brain, the great secret of Transylvanian sarmales, gives them a special finesse & rdquo. According to the author, the onion is hardened a little in fat, then all the meat, the brain and, after a while, the rice are added. Mix everything well, let it change color, then add salt, pepper, paprika to taste, let it cool, put 2 beaten eggs, mix well and fill the cabbage leaves. A large, wide pot is ground and greased on the bottom with lard, then a layer of mice and smoked meat, chopped cabbage, then layers of sarmale and smoked among them, sprigs of dill and thyme. The last layer is cabbage, add water to cover the sarmales and boil on the stove. Oltenian sarmalele & ldquos are suitable in size & rdquo and & ldquovara, on the side of the veal, the lower Jiu sauerkraut are also & icircndesate and with chopped greens & ndash onions, bell peppers, donuts, eggplant, zucchini and marjoram & apple at dusk, in the harsh midday sun. At the bottom of the pot is made a bed of dill and slices of tomatoes, then followed by chopped cabbage, sarmale, greens, especially tomatoes, and so on, until the cauldron is filled to saturate the wedding & rdquo, the quoted volume is shown.

Moldovan sausages are smaller and thicker and have half a kilogram of minced pork and as much beef, 4 tablespoons of rice, 2 chopped and hardened onions, 2 tablespoons of lard, salt and pepper. ground and chopped dill. Wrap sour cabbage, put in a pot of earth, a layer of cabbage rolls and a layer of finely chopped cabbage and, among them, sprigs of thyme. Pour a sauce made from a tablespoon of lard, a liter of borscht and a cup of broth over them. Boil in the oven or on the edge of the stove for at least 3-4 hours and serve with polenta and sour cream.

Sarmale without meat: with mushrooms, raisins or urda

The delicious dish can also be an alternative for vegetarians, the meat can be replaced with mushrooms or with new ingredients such as raisins or urda. Bogdan Roman, the Sibiu resident who made a sensation at Masterchef, offered for Adevărul the recipe for the sarmales with mushrooms, but also the one for the delicious sarmales with raisins. For mushroom sarmales you need 2 small pickled cabbages or one large one, 500 grams of champignon mushrooms, a small cup of round grain rice (200 grams), 2 large carrots, 1 quarter of celery, 3 large onions, 400 of milliliters of tomato juice, a cup of sunflower lions, salt, pepper, 2 sprigs of thyme, optional and a sprig of dill. & ldquoWe cleaned and washed the vegetables. We put the carrot, onion and celery on the grater. We chop the washed mushrooms into cubes. I washed the rice well with cold water and cleaned it of impurities (if any). & Icircl let & icircntr a strainer to drain well. Add the oil well and add the carrots, onion and celery. Sprinkle with a pinch of salt and mix carefully until browned. Now we add the mushrooms and temper them together. If the mushrooms leave a liquid, keep the composition on the fire until the liquid evaporates. Taste and season with salt and pepper. Add the rice and keep on the fire for 1 minute, stirring continuously. Turn off the heat, pour a little tomato juice and let it cool. Meanwhile, we prepare the cabbage leaves. We open them carefully so as not to break them. We remove the thick ribs and use pieces of leaf like a large palm. & Icircmpăturim composition & icircn pickled cabbage leaves. Put the sprigs of thyme and dill on the bottom of a large pot. Put the thick ribs of cabbage and a little chopped cabbage. We place the sarmales next to each other without squeezing them until we finish the sarmales or until we fill 3/4 of the pot. Top with a generous layer of chopped cabbage. In another bowl, dissolve the tomato juice in 2 liters of water. Pour the water over the sarmale until it is covered. If necessary, top up with water. Put the stuffed cabbage to the boil and, after they have boiled, put them in the oven at medium temperature until they brown. We taste a wire before we stop the fire & rdquo. Bogdan Roman explains.

Sarmale with raisins or urda

If you want to go a little out of the ordinary, you can try a unique but absolutely delicious recipe, that of raisin sarmales. You need 2 small pickled or one large cabbage, 100 grams of raisins, a small cup of round grain rice (200 grams), 4-5 large onions, 400 milliliters of tomato juice, a cup of olive oil sunflower, salt, pepper, 2 sprigs of thyme, optional and a sprig of dill. & rdquoWe clean and wash the onion. We chop it finely. We wash the raisins well with warm water. We wash the rice & icircl well with cold water and clean it of impurities. & Icircl let & icircntr a strainer to drain well. & Icircncingem oil well and temper the onion. Sprinkle a little salt and mix carefully until browned. Add the raisins and rice and keep on the heat for 1 minute, stirring constantly. We stop the fire, pour a little tomato juice and let it cool & rdquo, explains Bogdan Roman. The cabbage leaves are prepared in the same way as in the case of sarmales with mushrooms. The sarmales are folded, on the bottom of a pot are placed, also, sprigs of thyme and dill, the thick ribs of cabbage and a little chopped cabbage. The stuffed cabbage is put in layers, the last layer being of chopped cabbage, and over it is poured the tomato juice dissolved in 2 liters of water. After they have boiled, leave them in the oven for a while, until they turn brown.

Another unique recipe is the sarmale with urda. The recipe was published in the volume "Books of selected dishes" written by Didi Balmez and published in 1981 at the Technical Publishing House in Bucharest. You need 750 grams of urda, large stevia leaves, 3 eggs, 3 tablespoons of semolina, greens, 5 green onions, 300 grams of borscht, salt and 2 tablespoons of butter. & bdquoWash the stevia leaves well and scald them with borscht. Urda is sifted and mixed with chopped onions and greens, salt, pepper, eggs and semolina. On the stevia leaves, the main rib is removed with a stalk and on each sheet the urd composition is placed, wrapped and shaped. Place in a saucepan, pour water to cover them, add butter, salt, and put in the oven to boil. When it is half boiled and removed from the water, add a little borscht or lemon juice and let it boil & rdquo.

Beetroot contains iron, magnesium and vitamin B6, which can fight anemia, stimulating the formation of red blood cells. It is recommended a cure for a month, 150 grams of raw beets, once every two or three days.

Beet root contains substances that prevent the oxidation of cholesterol, preventing the process of thickening blood vessels. The cure lasts from one to two months, during which time 150 grams are consumed, alternatively, as a juice and as a salad, the beets can be boiled or raw.

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Chicken with pineapple

Source: Chicken with pineapple. In: Delaney, Rain. Recipes from Argentine cuisine / Rain Delaney, Hannah Green. & # 8211 Cluj-Napoca, Urban Lifestyle, 2008, pp. 111-112.

Chicken with orange sauce

700 g chicken, cut into 4
1 cup chicken soup
1 tablespoon flour
1 cup orange juice
2 eggs
3 tablespoons butter
peel from an orange
1 tablespoon sour cream
salt, pepper to taste

Pour the sauce over the meat, serve with rice or french fries.

Source: Chicken with orange sauce. In: Delaney, Rain. Recipes from Argentine cuisine / Rain Delaney, Hannah Green. & # 8211 Cluj-Napoca, Urban Lifestyle, 2008, pp. 109-110.

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Di-na-mo, hauw, hauw, hauuuuuw

This was the cake promised to my husband, a hardened Dinamo player, and in the end, to make everyone happy, I made it!

The top and the cream correspond entirely to the Cake with mascarpone and krantz-but without krantz, this time, but with marzipan.

I made the top in a rectangular tray, I cut it once once horizontally, I put the cream between the sheets and on top, then I covered it with a very thin layer of whipped cream.

to have the adhesive of the marzipan sheet.

I had a large piece of marzipan, 600g, I peeled it with chocolate, I sprinkled powdered sugar and I spread a sheet

which I put over the thin layer of whipped cream on the counter.

From the second sheet I cut the coat of arms, the star, the dogs and the letters.

Luckily, I had red chocolate - a huge red-dark chocolate egg - which I melted on a bain-marie with a little whipped cream, so I used it happily to decorate the dogs.
I did the same with dark chocolate.
From the remaining marzipan I spread a wide band of two fingers that I used as a border and I painted it with red chocolate.
I covered with whipped cream next to the coat of arms and ready!

I won't tell you how many hours I spent on this coat of arms. ufff.

But everyone was satisfied and happy!

Either good weather or bad weather,
Dog to death
And beyond it
Hauw, hauw, hauwwww!

And a slice for all Dinamo players!

What, did you think I didn't have a Dinamo plate? You were wrong. hi, hi: P

Happy birthday, once again, Mircea, my Dinamo player! : *

There are 4 food groups

  • Foods rich in starch and carbohydrates: Rice, Potatoes, Bread, Sweets, Mung Beans, Pumpkin, Chestnuts, Coconuts, Carrots, Parsnips, etc.
  • Proteins: Sprouts, whole Susan Seeds and all Walnuts and Seeds, Vegetables, Tofu, Microalgae, Margarine (run away from it as much as you can, even if it is vegetable and especially if it contains hydrogenated oils), Dairy Products, Eggs, Meat, Fish, Avocado (contains more protein than dairy), Mushrooms, Fresh green peas, etc.
  • Sweet fruits: Bananas, Dates, Raisins, Papaya, Dried Fruits, Sweet Grapes, Plums. It can be consumed with green leaves and celery sticks, and in the form of a green smoothie. Fruits in these groups should be eaten as a separate meal, 30-60 minutes before / after the regular meal. Melons are also eaten at a separate meal due to their very fast digestion.
  • Fats: Oil, Olives, Butter, Cream, Animal fats. The ideal combination with green leaves and vegetables. source here
  • 15 & # 8211 30 min. : raw vegetable and fruit juices, most raw fruits
  • 40 min. & # 8211 2.5 hours : raw vegetables, greens, sprouts and sprouts raw, avocado, cooked vegetables
  • 1.5 & # 8211 4 hours: oil, cereals, beans, chickpeas, lentils, potatoes, starchy vegetables
  • 2 & # 8211 4 hours: nuts, raw seeds
  • 4 & # 8211 10 hours or more: various types of meat, fish, shellfish, processed dairy

Each type of fat has its role
I am indebted with information leghjkhfjhate of food fats and I think a winter day like today is the perfect time :)
There are 3 types of fats:
- saturated or solid-butter, bacon, hydrogenated margarine, coconut or palm fat
- mono unsaturated or liquid at room temperature and which become viscous in the refrigerator - olive oil
- unsaturated poly. e or liquids- all vegetable oils and fish oil
A balanced diet should contain little of all these types of fats to provide the body with hundreds of types of fatty acids in their composition. Here are some examples:
- Sunflower and corn oil contain Omega 6, an essential fatty acid with a pro-inflammatory effect if consumed in excess
- Walnut, soybean or flaxseed oil is a source of vegetable Omega 3 with anti-inflammatory effect
- fatty cold water fish (sardines, anchovies, sprats, mackerel, herring, salmon) is rich in Omega 3 essential fatty acids
- monounsaturated fats in oily fruits (nuts, peanuts, almonds, pistachios) increase HDL cholesterol (the "good") and polyunsaturated fats in their structure lower LDL cholesterol (the "bad")
- milk fat (butter, sour cream, cheese) contains fat-soluble vitamins A and D and a fatty acid (LAC) with anti-cancer effect. Conjugated linoleic acid is also called rumenic acid because it exists only in ruminant milk :)
- Olive oil is the main source of monounsaturated fatty acids
- peanut butter and avocado butter, along with goose fat and duck, also contain monounsaturated fats
- Bacon, fatty meat, cheese and cheese are the main sources of saturated fat
As a basic rule of health, try to reduce your intake of saturated fats and increase your intake of monounsaturated or poly unsaturated fats. But as most foods contain several types of fatty acids, we return to my favorite recommendation: all in all!
And don't forget, regardless of its origin, any gram of fat has 9 calories. source here

Rules for proper frying:
- Avoid overheating and smoking the oil
- use a large amount of oil to completely cover the frying product
- put the food in the hot oil, a waterproof crust will form quickly which prevents the soaking of the respective product with fat
- change the oil in the frying pan as often as possible
- use steam fryers that use a little oil and make a dietary frying
- avoid frying in butter, over 120 degrees it starts to smoke
Ideally, we should consume raw fats, ie not thermally prepared. Put butter or oil on the food after it has been removed from the heat. As for the frying, even if it is done correctly, use it only from time to time :))

- meat and fish minerals are not affected by cooking and do not pass into the boiling liquid, so the meat in the blood has no more iron than the well done :)
- B vitamins are sensitive to heat so medium cooked meat is richer in vitamins and easier to digest than dry and hard
- vitamin A and D in the liver and fish are fat-soluble, ie it dissolves in fat, use oil-free cooking methods (oven, grill) to avoid the loss of vitamins
- the heat oxidizes the red pigments in the meat (myoglobin and hemoglobin) and changes their color to gray-gray, avoid prolonged cooking of the meat, its appearance will suffer
- Iron absorption is favored by the acidic environment, so use lemon juice and tomato juice for meat and fish dishes
- cook the chicken and fish with the skin but do not eat it, it is 100% fat
- use non-stick pans, stewed or baked without the addition of fat, the coagulation of egg, meat and fish proteins is done strictly on the basis of heat, not frying oil
- pork and chicken can not be eaten raw, heat treatment eliminates the risk of contamination with parasites
The secret of proper cooking:
- if you do not consume the juice from boiling (brine products) put the meat or fish in boiling water, the high temperature will block the diffusion of nutrients in the water
- if you consume the juice / boiled sauce (soups, stews, stews) put the meat or fish in the pot from the beginning, in cold water the resulting liquid will get a stronger taste and the nutrients that have diffused in the water will be consumed with the juice .
In conclusion, cooking proteins not only does not change their biological value, but also gives us a wider range of tastes and flavors :)) source here

Banana bread ingredient:

& # 8211 230g oatmeal
& # 8211 3 medium bananas
& # 8211 100g coconut sugar
& # 8211 65g hazelnut butter (you can choose almond butter, cashews or hazelnuts)
& # 8211 2 tablespoons ground flax seeds + 6 tablespoons water in which they will hydrate
& # 8211 2 teaspoons baking powder
& # 8211 1 teaspoon baking soda
& # 8211 2 teaspoons vinegar or lemon juice
& # 8211 a vanilla powder
& # 8211 1 tablespoon cinnamon
& # 8211 1 teaspoon nutmeg
& # 8211 a pinch of salt

Video: Foraging videos - Identifying hazelnuts. (June 2022).


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