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What We’re Loving: The Roundup 2.18-2.22

What We’re Loving: The Roundup 2.18-2.22

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From Oscar-worthy eats to entertaining must-haves

As awards season nears its end, we’re oohing and ahhing over the last bit of themed treats and products. With spring holidays on their way, we’ve uncovered a few new entertaining musts as well.

Pioneering sweets shop Magnolia Bakery is serving up one of their signature fan favorites for the Academy Awards, a Red Carpet Red Velvet cupcake. Adorned with a gold luster dust and enveloped in a metallic golden wrapper, it’s as good as the golden Oscar in our books.

Ben Affleck owns this year’s awards season. The media’s obsession with the adorable PDA moments between him and wife Jennifer Garner, the fact that he was snubbed for a Best Director nomination by the Academy Awards, and oh yeah, the fact that he’s swept every awards show so far has everyone in a tailspin.

Having servers, dishes, and flatware on a buffet can get cluttered, so why not opt for dish accessories that don’t take up too much space? A solution too all problems, here's a toothpick holder that barely takes up any room. This little porcupine from Kipik is ideal for entertaining, not to mention adorable.

With all the sugar cookie, pound cake, and vanilla fig scents that are out on the market already, why not add a sprinkles scent to the list. Be immediately catapulted back to your childhood when mom baked a fresh batch of vanilla-frosted, rainbow-sprinkled cupcakes with one sniff of this candle from Fred Flare.

Wine for a Wedding has created a stellar idea for newlyweds who just happen to be oenophiles. With a detailed yet easy process, you can select a series of three wines that will ultimately be enjoyed on milestone anniversaries: the first, the fifth, and the 10th.

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