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Christmas Brownies or Santa's Hat

Christmas Brownies or Santa's Hat

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Melt the chocolate together with the butter, on a steam bath or in the microwave and set it aside.

In a bowl, mix flour, baking powder and cocoa.

Mix eggs and sugar, add melted chocolate and mix.

Add flour, baking powder, cocoa and nuts.

Take a 29x25 tray, pour the dough, level well and put in the oven at 160 ° C, about 25/30 minutes. We do the toothpick test.

When it is ready, take it out of the oven and leave it to cool, then, with a biscuit shape with a diameter of 3 cm, cut circles out of the dough.


Wash the strawberries on each circle, add a little nutella, add the whipped cream and the strawberries.

When we finish decorating, we put the hats in the fridge for about an hour.

Merry Christmas!!!

Christmas cake recipes with pictures

. And if the cakes and pies are prepared at home then all the better. In the selection of Christmas and New Year Cakes we gathered a multitude of cake recipes but also cake recipes, some more complicated and others extremely easy to prepare. We have reached almost 100 cake recipes in 10 years of site and you will find here the best homemade cakes, traditional recipes, simple, explained in steps with pictures, many and VIDEO. Of course, the famous Tiramisu, Negrese of all kinds, Apple and other fruit cake, Burnt sugar cream, Chocofalnul, etc.

9 simple Christmas cake recipes Cinnamon cake and cheese icing. It is unique and quick to prepare! In less than an hour you get a fluffy cake, which you then decorate and enrich with a glaze of cream cheese that will make it perfect! Gingerbread cake on the tray. You love gingerbread To avoid this moment on Holy Christmas Day, I thought I would gather in this post 10 recipes for Christmas cakes, simple to make, very well explained, for beginner housewives but also more advanced housewives I hope that at least one will catch your eye and try it this Christmas!

Appetizers for Christmas and New Year. All holiday meals start with appetizer platters. Find here 6 cold Romanian appetizers as well as many recipes for appetizers and beloved classic snacks - see here. Eggs stuffed in 6 ways: simple, with liver pate, with fish paste or salmon cream, with cheese, with avocado or without mayonnaise - see here Homemade cakes - simple recipes explained step by step. In this category I am waiting for you with the most delicious and tasty recipes for homemade cakes, quick and simple cakes. If you are wondering what dessert to prepare for the holiday meals, you will find here unique ideas of sweets with cream or fruit cakes Picture cake recipes, homemade cake recipes, cherry cake, diplomat cake, dobos cake, tender croissants, gingerbread, cake recipes, chocolate cake, fruit cake, cream cake, festive cakes, cake recipes, cookie recipes, croissant recipes, homemade cookie recipes, cake recipes

Festive cakes for the holidays: we chose here classic recipes for cake with leaves (Jerbo cake, Albinita, with leaves with tomato juice, Kati cake, Carpathian cake) to cream cake recipes (tiramisu, chocolate cream cakes, vanilla , mascarpone, coffee), croissants, gingerbread, biscuit salami and many more Recipes with everything for everyone, including fasting. An entire section designed to prepare homemade sweets, which helps you easily choose a birthday cake or cake with which you will pamper your guests. Traditional dishes, cooked like at home by my mother, to the taste of any gourmet Culinary recipes in images from Romanian and International Cuisine. Food recipes, homemade cake recipes, appetizer recipes, traditional recipes Choose from our recipes for delicious cakes, to pamper your taste buds and to impress your family and friends in everyday life or on special days: de Christmas, New Year's Eve, Easter. We offer you a collection of homemade cake recipes, simple and easy to prepare, cakes without baking.

Christmas and New Year Cakes - Culinary Recipes

Top 15 festive cake recipes for the holidays. There are no holidays, or rather holiday menu without including some festive cakes. As the number of cake recipes on the blog continues to grow and browsing lasts I thought I would come to your aid with a small collection of recipes festive cakes .. So I put together 15 recipes for festive cakes from the blog. We have prepared this category with recipes for Christmas and New Year. Here you will find recipes for Christmas cakes, dishes for Christmas, traditional recipes for Christmas, appetizers for Christmas

Over 100 cake recipes with Pictures and VIDEO - Recipes

  1. recipesrecipesCAKEwith pictures: Cake with sheet with nut and cream of lime, Cake with broth, dietary cake with cream of cheese and fruit of forest
  2. ica, the homemade cake is not missing from our table. Here are a variety of homemade cake recipes, from our childhood cakes - Albinita cake recipe, Snow White cake recipe, Cremsnit recipe, Isler recipe, eclairs and up to a collection of Brownies recipes
  3. ute. Choose your favorite recipe: 10 quick and easy cake recipes, ready in 10
  4. Posted by Violet Postolache on December 08, 2013 in homemade sweets homemade cakes festive cakes cake recipes recipes for christmas and new year | Comments: 22 A party without cakes seems to have no charm, so we have prepared for you a collection of homemade cake recipes, festive cakes.
  5. cozonac units. For.
  6. the sweet units we have made since 2007 !!

5 simple Christmas cake recipes - Practical recipes

  1. May 15, 2020 - Discover the CHRISTMAS RECIPES panel created by florinatoma54, to which 316 people subscribed on Pinterest. See more ideas about Recipes, Food and Recipes
  2. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your help to fill our souls and meals with the most divine snacks, we are waiting for the selection with suggestions for the second course as well as the sweets. Good luck and I look forward to your next posts. I kiss you. Gianina
  3. Festive recipes for Christmas and New Year-Main meat dishes. According to the Romanian tradition, on New Year's Eve no poultry is eaten, so as not to scorch and go back like birds, and fish is preferred, to have a smooth year and to swim in clear waters all the coming year. At Christmas, however, these restrictions no longer exist
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  5. Christmas cakes 2019. Mix the flour with 10 tablespoons of cold milk and add the sugar. The rest of the milk is boiled together with the lemon peel. When the milk boils, add the whole composition of cold milk with flour, stirring constantly until it starts to boil again.

10 Christmas cake recipes - Recipes by

  • Remove from the heat and allow to cool. Meanwhile, beat the butter well with the powdered sugar, then gradually incorporate the boiled cream, and at the end add the grated peel and essence. Put the first sheet on a tray, spread half of the cream, cover with the second sheet, put the rest of the cream and cover with the last sheet
  • Christmas cakes in different forms of sophisticated and special recipes to impress your family and guests. Whole cookbooks with Christmas cakes have been written and every year a new dessert recipe appears that we want to try during the winter holidays. Sweets are ideal during this period, especially since.
  • Preparation Christmas Cake Recipes Cake tops with caramel cream and chocolate: Partially melted butter mix with sugar and a pinch of salt until creamy. Then add the eggs one at a time, mixing well after each one, the milk, vanilla essence, grated tonka bean and yogurt.
  • 05.08.2020 - Explore Marina Costache's board homemade cake recipes, followed by 108 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about Cake Recipes, Cakes, Food

You may also be interested in: New Year's cakes, mint cream for cakes, cakes, recipes for simple and quick cakes without baking, recipes for simple and quick cakes, simple cakes without eggs and without milk, appetizers with images, laura sava cakes apple-shaped cake, laura sava cakes Categories: Appetizer recipes, Egg recipes, Christmas recipes, Easter recipes, Simple recipes Yes, these are the well-known stuffed eggs that Romanians have on the holiday table. So far I have not done to avoid the mayonnaise that is here in abundance, but now that the holidays are approaching I said that it should not be missing from the site 9 recipes for Christmas cakes The winter holidays are fast approaching and we are entering the fever of preparations. We make the Christmas tree, decorate the house and start looking through old notebooks or on the internet for cake recipes. You can find cake recipes, homemade cake recipes and other delicious sweets and desserts on this culinary blog, explained in detail in pictures. Cakes Cookies Christmas Recipes Food And Drink

Christmas cakes for 2015 recipes with pictures of the New Year - the main event of the year, and must meet with extreme luxury. Cook all over the world, every year, coming up with new tricks to make just Eva the best New Year on the desk. Baking - one of the main dishes and things for women, will give you the best cakes. Because I noticed that you are frantically searching for Christmas cake recipes, I thought I would help you make a choice and I made a selection for you from the recipes on the blog.. There are sweets recipes published earlier or more recently, some easier to make, others a little more pretentious, but all delicious Dream cake with walnuts and chocolate. The dream cake with walnuts and chocolate is a perfect festive cake for holidays and special occasions, it is not a quick cake and not a simple cake. It can brilliantly replace a cake, due to the amalgam of sensations that flood your palate. top with ground walnut and top with coconut, fine cream and biscuits.

Christmas and New Year recipes (New Year) - menus for

Today we have a cake with burnt sugar cream, which can be easily turned into a cake with burnt sugar cream. Muffins and cakes Cake recipes Muffins with butter and chocolate How Christmas and New Year's Eve 2015 are approaching, as every year I come to meet you with this post in which I hope to give you some ideas that you may want to you have on your holiday table !. Don't forget to visit the post with Appetizers: Appetizer Ideas for Christmas and New Year 2015. Click on each picture to get to the recipe

dears, on holidays it always happens that we are left with leftover cakes or cake, so we have prepared a special post that we called Cake from the cake left over from Easter or Christmas (to include both big holidays ) in which you will see how easily you can turn the dry cake, which no one wants anymore, into a delicacy !! Cooking recipes in pictures and diets. Find out the secrets of the kitchen and how to easily prepare tasty food from the largest online cookbook

Christmas cakes. Discover Christmas cake recipes for all tastes! We have prepared a whole series of Christmas cakes for you, which are more varied and more appetizing. French Cake Sheets 300 gr flour, 150 gr sugar, 150 gr margarine, 1 baking powder, 2 tablespoons cocoa, 200 gr cream. Filling 6 egg whites, 250 gr sugar, 150 gr coconut. Cream 6 egg yolks, a vanilla pudding, 500 ml of milk boil until thickened. After it has cooled, mix it with 250 gr butter and 250 gr sugar. 1844+ cake recipes - These are the cake recipes that everyone is looking for: chocolate cake - ready in 5 minutes, chocolate raspberry tart, puff pastry packets stuffed with bananas, apple pie a la jamie oliver (tatin tart), karythopita - Greek cake with walnuts and spice Traditional Romanian and worldwide recipes. Recipes for food, salads, desserts, drinks and preserves. - culinary recipes Parlament Cake is one of the Top 3 best homemade cakes due to the amazing combination: toasted walnut top, layer of biscuits and the two creams. Don't be intimidated by the name of this cake, try the Parlament cake recipe !. These 9 cake recipes represent only a part of those published on this blog. If you are looking for other cake recipes.

12 Christmas recipes - cakes, pies, tarts Home »Blog» 12 Christmas recipes - cakes, pies, tarts Here you have a super delicious collection with special Christmas recipes, only good for Christmas dessert Grease an oven tray with a little margarine and line with flour or more simply, put baking paper on the bottom of the tray. We spread a sheet of half of the dough and put it in the tray, taking care to rise a little on the walls of the baking tray. Spread the grated apples evenly and spread the second half of the chocolate cake cakes over them for Christmas. Chocolate recipes cannot be missing from the list of Christmas cake recipes. We have for you a slightly more complicated recipe, with different ingredients, which will be very appetizing Have you started making your Christmas cake recipe lists? I have already started, because I am in the middle of the family party season, but also because I want to be prepared in advance.. Of course, until then the list may still change, but these 5 cake recipes that I bring you today, are at the top of the list. Appetizers tasty appetizer, quick appetizer, simple appetizers, stuffed tomatoes, appetizers in pictures, appetizers recipes Soups, soups, borscht Romanian soup recipes, belly soup in pictures, beef soup, Radauti soup, chicken soup recipe, how to make chicken soup, chicken soup with noodles, chicken soup with dumplings, soup recipes, soup recipes, soup recipes and soups in pictures.

I saw how useful the recipe collections are and I prepared a selection of festive cake recipes to make your search easier. Whether you want a weekend cake, an anniversary or a festive meal, I hope you find an idea you like here. gathered recipes for cakes for all tastes, delicious and appetizing, to inspire you and be useful 4. Cozonac with candied fruit. Cakes. 5. Tiramisu in a glass. 6. Cake with biscuits and chestnut puree. 7. Cheesecake with rum and coffee. 8. Coarse Cake. 9. Cake with walnuts and chocolate cream. 10. Profiterole with vanilla cream and caramel sauce. 11. Snow White cake. 12. Chocolate eclair 13. Biscuit salami. 14 Cornetti with orange flavor and apricot jam - Cakes Ingredients: For the dough: 650g flour 80g margarine 1 sachet dry yeast Dr. Qetker 150ml milk 150g caster sugar 2 eggs Grated rind from various sweets Bake the cake in a preheated oven for 45-50 minutes at a temperature of 170-180 degrees. Allow to cool, then remove from the pan. Sprinkle with powdered sugar. Simple Christmas cake recipes. Christmas cakes are more than cakes

CAKE of home - recipes simple explained step with step. In this category I am waiting for you with the most delicious and tasty recipes of CAKE of home, CAKE fast and simple. If you are wondering what dessert to prepare for meals of holiday, you will find unique ideas here of sweets with cream or CAKE with The combination of walnut and vanilla fruit is one of our favorites. This recipe caught my eye for a long time and I decided to try it. As I expected, it is a very good, fragrant and tasty homemade cake. Different from other cakes is the fact that it has no flour on the counter

Homemade cakes - Simple, delicious recipes Laura Adamach

  • As the Christmas and New Year's Eve 2014 are approaching and a festive meal is not conceived without a more special dessert, I come to meet you with this post in which I hope to offer you some ideas that you might want to have on your table the Holidays !. Don't forget to visit the post with Appetizers: Appetizer Ideas for Christmas and New Year 2014
  • Christmas Cakes: Besides the classic cake, housewives do not shy away from preparing delicious cakes that will bring abundance on the Christmas table. Comment Here are the most delicious Christmas cake recipes sent by the readers of the site in the Your Recipes section
  • When it comes to cakes and especially sweet cheese, then there are never enough! Whether we combine them with chocolate, fruits, spices, as if they are always irresistible, and the plates always look great, ready to be attacked from all sides by hands and hasty gloves to grab a sweet and fragrant piece of cake.

11/29/2016 - 10 Christmas cake recipes .. Save the article with the collection of cookies for Christmas today and before Christmas you start working without stress. All you have to do is choose the gifts for Christmas) 10 recipes for cookies for Christmas Homemade Dessert presents a variety of recipes for desserts and homemade sweets that you can cook easily and quickly. simple strawberry cake, chocolate cream cake, homemade cakes, picture cakes, blackberry cakes, simple and quick cakes with If you use this site, you agree with. Do you feel like frying? Choose from our collection of delicious cake recipes. Try our delicious cake recipes to pamper your senses and impress your family and friends for Christmas, New Year's Eve, Easter, holidays, your birthday or your loved ones.

See how you can prepare healthy recipes for Christmas and prepare yourself for an innocent culinary treat. We have 5 healthy and delicious recipes for Christmas. - Vegan Vegetable Cake with Vegetable Chocolate Cakes 301 recipes: Chocolate Mousse and Peach Mousse Cake, Chocolate Cake with Ganache Cream, Mascarpone and White Chocolate Mousse Cake, Creamy Chocolate Cake of the Gods, Cream Cake with .. an early holiday gift for their fans around the world, the Royal Family shared their recipe for Christmas Cinnamon Stars on Instagram. the authentic royal recipe comes directly from the royal chefs, according to the legend of the post. Scroll down for the full recipe, along with links to other royal holiday recipes you have. . Here you can find the latest news and articles related to traditions and customs, tasty recipes, thousands of ways to decorate the Christmas tree so that the winter holidays are beautiful

Christmas stump. Top: melt the butter with the milk taken from the heat, mix the flour with the cocoa. Rub the eggs, yolks and sugar with the mixer (about 10 minutes) until you get a pale yellow cream, thick that flows slowly from the phone. Pour 1/3 of the milk on the side of the bowl and sift 1/3 of the flour over the egg cream. Romanian and international culinary recipes, explained step by step. We have prepared fasting recipes, preserves, cakes and cakes, simple and fast food. I have 30 years of experience in the food field and a great passion for Romanian gastronomic traditions 25.05.2019 - Explore Viorica Angela Cioroianu's board cakes of all kinds on Pinterest. See more ideas about Cakes, Cake Recipes, Sweets

Cakes - cakes - cookies - SIMPLE CULINARY RECIPES

  • Because Christmas is approaching and we are already thinking about what menu to make for the festive meal, we thought of offering you some ideas for perfect recipes for a refined Christmas meal. If you want to impress your guests with refined dishes, but not extraordinarily complicated, we offer you 20 recipes that will inspire you
  • Christmas And New Year Recipes Menus For. 10 Christmas Cake Recipes Culinary Recipes By Teo S. Kinder Bueno Cake Recipe. The Coolest Easter Banat Cake Recipes Near Cozonac. Festive Cakes For Plate Holidays. Christmas Recipes 2017 9 Traditional Recipes For Christmas Table
  • pictures with cakes . | Search. Ingredients: For the countertop: 10 eggs, 200 grams, caster sugar, 2 sachets of vanilla sugar, 5 tablespoons fine white breadcrumbs, 5 tablespoons flour, 5 tablespoons cocoa, 5 tablespoons honey, 1 sachet and a half powder baked, a pinch of salt, 50 ml milk, 270 ml oil For cream: 700ml liquid cream, 1 sachet of gelatin, 3 tablespoons of milk, 2 tablespoons of honey, 1 ampoule of.
  • Images from yesterday's festival at: 24/05/2008 13:26:15 years old, the head of the Romanian MAFIA of be, at the age of 22 I am a poor Erasmus poor among the unknown, this spitting game louder and farther, it only gives me the sensation of an image built for Romania in vain of rib, gigel,

I spread each piece with a well-oiled twister in a square sheet with a size of 25/25 cm. I sprinkled raisins on the first sheet and rolled it carefully. I placed it at the base of the baking tray lined with parchment paper. On the second sheet I put shit of various colorful cakes cut into pieces Christmas recipes 52 recipes: Christmas stump with pancakes, meringues Santa's hat, Biscuits - Christmas tree, Christmas cakes or Jesus' diapers, Honey cookies for Christmas - Grandma's recipe, Santa's sack, Cake .. Coconut candies. Ingredients: 250 g margarine, 250 g vanilla-flavored powdered sugar, 250 g powdered milk, 250 g coconut, 100 g hazelnuts, walnuts, almonds Preparation: Set aside 100g coconut. Mix the rest of the coconut with the margarine, sugar and powdered milk until it forms a thick and homogeneous paste.

Cooking games with Sara Christmas cakes is a lot of fun, especially since you will be able to have the most fun learning new types of recipes with which to bring Santa Claus to your house. Today Sara is very generous and in her new cooking lesson you can learn two recipes to increase your number of cooking options a. place of sausagesPrepare pork steak on oil-free trayReplace sweet drinks with red wine or white wine Even if we let our guard down for Christmas, we still do not want to choose with [Christmas cake recipes. A delicious recipe for peaches with chocolate flakes from: peaches, white wine, mascarpone, cottage cheese, cinnamon, vanilla sugar, dark chocolate, pistachios, ginger, mint and whipped cream Christmas Cakes: Here is another recipe sent by Sims: Amandine From home. A very delicious and spicy cake with which you can enjoy the holidays is also Amandina, especially homemade Amandina which seems to me much more delicious than the one on the market.

In a pan, caramelize the remaining sugar and soak the biscuits with the tip in the caramelized sugar, then line the edges of the cake with them, making sure that the caramelized part is up. Tie with a bow and garnish with the remaining fruit on top. Good appetite. Christmas Cakes: Sugar Cream Cake All about the best Christmas cakes. See our collection of Christmas cake recipes and learn from experienced housewives how to make the best Christmas desserts. Find out the secret of cakes, Snow White cake or TV cake Christmas cake recipes: smart chocolate cake - Easy holiday sweets recipes, for we have a bonus and a recipe for cookies with white chocolate for a menu Special Christmas. So let's start with the white chocolate cake recipe. A smart cake, a Christmas cake very apt to sit in the lead on the festive table Try these recipes for diet cakes for Christmas and enjoy them with your loved ones! Diet cakes with chocolate and coffee. Ingredients for about 14 pieces: - 175 g of almond flour - 35 g of cocoa - 2 tablespoons of agaranth powder (easy to digest starch) - 1 tablespoon of decaffeinated coffee Cakes are sweet treats that we all love. Confectionery or homemade cakes sometimes seem complicated and difficult to prepare, but I have prepared here a selection of 10 simple and quick cake recipes for beginners from the most delicious homemade cakes published on the kitchen. If you are wondering? what cake to receive your friends, what to take to.

The recipe for Christmas cookies with butter is one that you must remember. It's that recipe for tender, wonderful-tasting butter cookies that simply melt in your mouth. When I was a child, I looked forward to my mother's cookies and biscuits. She usually made cookies with a meat grinder. Although many did them with. I assure you that these Easter recipes will beat any Easter cake recipes, although I will give suggestions from these, first of all, cheesecakes. At home we also make cookies or Easter cookies, they are traditional and always long awaited by the whole family. Of course, even for the most diligent, many cake recipes. Recipes with Laura Laurențiu is one of the first culinary blogs in Romanian. Launched in 2009, the blog has gathered around it an enthusiastic community of cooking enthusiasts. Recipes with Laura Laurențiu offers step-by-step recipes with photos and video recipes, for a sure success And we make homemade cookies, simple and delicious cakes, only good to put under the tree, in the tree and on the table, with a glass of milk and a carrot for Santa. Biscuits with nuts and raisins are sweet toys that you can make in no more than half an hour and that you can keep for up to 10 days Ingredients Aperitif Christmas tree. milk core (small and large) cheese Sofia smoked cheese Italian aperitif (oval pieces of cheese) a tomato a cucumber green olives with peppers. How to prepare the Christmas tree appetizer recipe. At the base I cut a milk core in four, then I started to build the tree, alternating the colors


I also recommend you to follow all these wonderful bloggers who created the recipes below, because you will find on their websites a large dose of inspiration for the Christmas menu or for everyday recipes. Have fun cooking and have a Merry Christmas! Festive Christmas Cake Recipes Chocolate Cake With Walnut And Fasting Rum. All posts tagged in: Christmas cake recipes. ALBUSURI. Refreshing cake with fruit and meringue. Livit Admi Play this cooking game and learn some Christmas Cake Recipes. It is easy to cook, prepare all the ingredients you need, follow exactly all the steps and at the end you will get a series of good Christmas cakes.

Festive Cake Recipes - Papa Bu Recipes

Special Christmas Landscapes - Story images with beautiful Christmas landscapes. I really like the winter holidays, especially since it's my 26th birthday, I like the smell of cake, sarmale, steak cakes, etc. Happy Holidays to all and be better for Christmas. Reply Christmas recipes for family meals. The Christmas meal is a really special one that should not miss the cake and pork dishes

Cooking recipes, cake recipes, food recipes

Cakes Holiday recipes Doughs Cookies Appetizer Soups / soups Meat dishes Cakes Romanian recipes International Breakfast Muffins Vegetarian cakes Christmas. 0 comments. Gingerbread ornaments for the Christmas tree. On the occasion of the winter holidays, I received a delicious invitation from Dr. Oetker. Chocolate cake with red wine and spices with the scent of the Holidays, step by step culinary recipe, illustrated with images. The article Chocolate cake with red wine appears for the first time in Recipes - Laura Laurențiu. Read the full article on

Delicious cake recipes - Culinary recipes by Unica

Because the winter holidays are approaching, and cookies are always present on the Christmas table, today I present to you the recipe for walnut weddings, which I made last year, but I have not found time so far to write the recipe, to share it with you. They are, after all, fragile dough cookies or Linzer cookies you can call them and so if you want Christmas is close and the menu for the holiday table is probably already in your mind. If you have reached the dessert chapter, don't forget to choose recipes for cakes and sweets that you can make with your cake. It is a great opportunity to involve your child in the kitchen and have fun preparing and decorating some of the most delicious Christmas cakes.

recipes CAKE. For the recipe proposed below, Biscuits with flakes of oats, I recommend using 1 cup as a measure of 250 ml. The recipe is easy, it is prepared quickly and the biscuits are [I found that the sweets recipes for Christmas and New Year are already in high demand, so today I present you a table of contents of the sweets recipes posted on the blog which, in my view, go well with these occasions. Kinder penguin cakes Amandine Milch schnitte Blackberry with meringue Blackberry with chocolate mousse Blackberry with cherries and chocolate Blackberry with walnut It is natural to be attached to the menus: national sarmaluta, meatballs and caltabos (pork), pickles and Christmas cake of beef decorated with boiled egg dwarfs, fish, wine steak, cake to write Happy Birthday, 2014 and midnight champagne. However, I propose a change of face

The celebration of Christmas, all over the world & # 8211 specific traditions and customs

Argentines say "Merry Christmas!" Greeks “Kala Christouyenna!”, the Chinese “Sgeng Dan Kuai!”, The Germans “Froge Weihnachten!”, and the Romans "Merry Christmas!" Whatever the wish on December 25th, the joy of the people is just as great and the traditions of this holiday are just as interesting.

It is true that religions, cultures or customs are different, but during this period, the whole globe seems to agree to celebrate Christmas together. Around the Christmas tree, looking nostalgically at the snow falling over the city or with your loved ones on a sunny beach, Christmas arrives all over the world.

United States of America

In America, almost every state has its specific Christmas customs. For example, in Alaska, children go to Christmas carols, carrying the traditional Star with them. They are being followed by "Herod's men", who are trying to steal their star. The houses are decorated with pineapple, a traditional symbol, signifying hospitality.

A parade takes place on the streets of New Orleans, with a wooden ox in the center, decorated with oak and bows tied to the horns.

And in America, children believe in Santa Claus. It is said that he has two houses: in Torrington, Connecticut and Wilmington, New York, where the village of Santa Claus and his reindeer is actually located.

The traditional Christmas dinner consists of turkey steak, with vegetables and various sauces, fruit pudding with brandy sauce, meat pie and pastries with dried fruits.

Have you ever thought about what it would be like to have Christmas dinner on the beach, at the pool or at a picnic on the green grass? Well, these are common ways to spend Christmas in Australia. Here, temperatures reach even 30 degrees Celsius on Christmas day, so people go to the beach, play cricket or practice other outdoor sports.

In Melbourne, on the eve, "Carols by Candlelight" takes place. Hundreds of people gather to sing carols, and at the end they light many candles. The houses are decorated with a local plant, with red and small flowers, called "Christmas Bush".

The Christmas meal in Australia must have turkey, ham, pork, plum pudding and meat pie.

In China, the Christmas tree is also called the Tree of Light, being decorated with paper ornaments, in the shape of flowers, chains and small lamps. Santa Claus is called Dun Che Lao Ren, the children being very happy to receive new clothes and toys from him. Traditional Christmas meals include delicious dishes.

Danish traditions regarding Christmas are a bit more unusual. Thus, on Eve, the Danes must thank a naughty and rather mischievous elf named Nisse. He lives in old and abandoned farms, wears gray woolen clothes, a red hat, red socks and white clogs. Unfortunately, he likes to make some nasty jokes, people say, so he tries to improve it, leaving rice pudding and oatmeal on the doorstep.

Here, the Christmas decorations are made of light-colored paper, to which a little wood and straw are added. One specific thing is that parents secretly decorate the Christmas tree, which children are not allowed to see until Christmas Eve.

Traditional Danish dishes are rice pudding with a lucky almond inside, goose, red cabbage, potatoes, cakes and pastries.

Candy in a calendar box

Chocolate fruit bouquet

Chocolate Basket

Box of 4 chocolate hearts

In Greece, carolers receive dried figs, almonds, nuts and sweets. On these holidays, the Greeks usually keep a bowl of water in the house, in which they put a sprig of basil. Every day, they sprinkle the house with this water, considering that it protects it from evil spirits.

The traditional Christmas meal includes pork dishes, bread called Christopsomo (Bread of Christ), dried figs and a traditional hazelnut cake, Kourambiethes.

Christians in India decorate churches with the red flowers of a local plant called Poinsettia, but also with light and small lamps. People try to get into the Christmas spirit by being better with each other, another tradition being to place clay lamps on the roof, thus imitating a Hindu tradition, during the Diwali Festival, the festival of lights.

Here, Christmas is one of the four important festivals of a year: Buddha's Day, New Year's Day and the Autumn Festival. It is true that the predominant religions in Vietnam are Buddhism or the Chinese philosophies of Taoism and Confucianism, but under French rule many Vietnamese have become Christians.

After the church service, the Vietnamese eat the traditional Christmas meal: chicken soup, turkey and pudding. And here, there is the tradition of decorating the Christmas tree and the gifts left in the boots by Santa Claus himself.

The children go caroling on Christmas Eve, when they announce to the people the Nativity of the Savior Jesus Christ through the carol & # 8222The rising star rises & # 8221. A few days before Christmas, Ignat takes place, the day when the pigs are slaughtered and the housewives start preparing the pork dishes.

The custom of decorating the Christmas tree with tinsel, globes and lights takes place on Christmas Eve, all family members being involved in decorating the tree. Santa is eagerly awaited on Christmas morning, the gifts being left in the well-polished boots from the evening. In rural areas, many of the traditions and customs associated with this holiday are preserved, each area having its traditional dishes.

Pork steak, traditional sausages, caltabos, sausages, beef salad and cozonac are never missing from the Christmas table.

Ingredients Fasting cupcakes with chocolate and whipped cream

  • 170 g flour
  • 30 g cocoa
  • 1 teaspoon baking powder
  • 130 g caster sugar
  • 200 ml coconut milk
  • 100 ml oil
  • grated orange peel
  • 80 g finely chopped (or grated) fasting chocolate
  • 300 g coconut cream
  • 1 tablespoon powdered sugar
  • 1 sachet of vanilla sugar
  • a drop of green dye (gel or powder)
  • 2 tablespoons ground coconut
  • sugar candies for decoration

10 Christmas games for children of all ages

With the approach of winter holidays, you are definitely thinking more and more about your child's Christmas party. Whether it is one organized at your home, or it will be a party in kindergarten or school, it is necessary for the little ones to fill their time in a way that is as pleasant and instructive as possible. Therefore, here are 10 examples of Christmas games suitable for children of all ages, which will not only ensure a lot of good mood, but will also stimulate the development of attention, memory, skill and even team spirit.

How do you make Santa Claus' boot

  • the material from which you will get Santa Claus' boot
  • a hot silicone gun (optional)
  • sewing machine (optional)
  • scissors
  • bolduri =
  • a paper
  • pencil

1. Draw the shape of a boot or print a template that you can find on the internet or you can download it below.
2. Cut two pieces of material larger than the template and stack them on top of each other, each facing each other.
3. Cut out the template for Santa's boot and place it on the overlapping materials.
4. Grasp the stencil template and then outline it with a pencil on the edge.
5. In the upper corner of the sock, on the side with the heel, fasten with pieces on the diagonal a piece of ribbon, so that you can hang Santa Claus' boot while waiting for him.
6. Then pass on the contour drawn with the sewing machine, leaving the top of the boot free and bent 1-2 cm, so that you can make a hem later.
7. If you will sew Santa Claus' boot by hand, first cut the outline made after the template and then sew the two pieces of fabric together.
8. Don't forget to sew the top two of the boot to give it a nicer look.
9. After sewing it, peel off the pins, cut the material according to the contour (if you sewed it on the machine) and turn Santa's boot on its face.

How to prepare a natural and delicious must?

Grapes are the second most cultivated fruit in the world and are an essential component of the diet, but they are consumed only a small percentage, most of the harvest being transformed into alcoholic beverages, especially wine.

Often when there is the Autumn Festival in your locality you see specific autumn products, but also must, the price depending on the size of the glass. Nothing crossed our minds that we can make a natural and delicious must right at home, in the kitchen.

The preparation of a natural and delicious must is done as follows:
1. Put the whole grapes in the blender. For a much better aroma, the seeds can be removed, although it takes longer. This method is indicated:
- to take advantage of the anticancer effect of resveratrol, which is found mainly in the peel of grapes
- to take advantage of all the medicinal properties of grape peel, which acts on the heart and arteries
In this case, it would be preferable to use black or red grapes.
2. Use a strainer to remove seeds and peel. By this method you get a delicious must with a fine texture, suitable for other indications of grapes.

The unfermented must contains the same cardio-protective substances that are found in wine, even in higher concentrations and without the inconvenience of ethyl alcohol.
In addition, grapes and must provide sugars that produce vitamins and energy that wine does not contain. It is recommended that the grapes be ripe as soon as possible before turning into must.

The must contains easily absorbable sugars and vitamins, increasing the glycogen reserve in the liver and also improves its functional state, especially in chronic diseases. Phosphorus, a component of must, is recommended for those with intense intellectual activity, for example those who have much to learn or those who have many calculations to solve.

It is also used in cosmetics, for skin care, contributing to its refresh. Grape products are most often applied to the facial area, clean the skin deeply and give it a fresh look. The therapeutic action of grapes, in the form of much on the skin is a proven fact, so after them you can take advantage to cure your suffering and cleanse your body of toxins.

Methods of preserving the must without preservatives are the following:
- by boiling (put the must to boil and mix with a wooden spoon so as not to get caught)
- by freezing (it is placed in bottles, 2 fingers are left free, in order to avoid explosions produced by expansion, we can say that the must retains all its qualities, because at low temperatures the acetic fermentation does not occur)
- storage with horseradish (wash the horseradish, grate it, mix it with the must and put it in a jug, after which it is left for about 2 weeks, then it is taken in bottles and kept in a cool place, preferably in the cellar / cellar - tip: In 10 liters of must add 100 grams of burnt horseradish)

What do specialists think about the tradition of Santa Claus?

But what is Santa Claus? A innocent fantasy or a lie that can hurt children? This dilemma is difficult for some parents who, although they gladly build this magical world of stories, full of beautiful characters, are afraid of their reaction when they find out the truth, that Santa Claus actually does not exist. They think that if they lie to them, when they grow up, they will lose confidence in themselves. So what is the solution to the dilemma?

More studied Specialized made in the United States and Canada, quoted by, suggests that most children know about Christmas, even if not everyone sees it as a real person. Most people find out the truth about him around the age of 7 and only half of children between the ages of 8 and 11 still believe in Santa Claus.

When they find out what the truth is, most react in one in a positive way , they even feel proud that they realized for themselves that he is just a character. Also, half of them are delighted with this idea, even if Santa is not real.

However, there are also cases in which the finding of the truth has produced MIND . A woman who recently became a mother told reporters that she was disappointed when she found out who Santa Claus really is, but the worst thing that upset her was the fact that her parents forced her to believe. further in this myth, telling him that Santa brings gifts only to those who believe in him.

Drawing dedicated to Santa, made by Mircea (13 years old), when he was 5 years old (Santa, Mommy, Daddy, Grandma, Daddy and the Christmas tree).

"The way children experience the myth of Santa Claus depends on how it is presented to them. If he represents a gentle, good and generous man, then he is a the experience full of joy, "said pediatrician Benjamin Siegel, a professor at Boston University School of Medicine.

Shari Kuchenbecker, a psychologist and researcher, also told her children when they were little that Santa Claus is a symbol of love, altruism and hope. "I never told them that Santa Claus is a real person," he said. not to lie to children .

On the other hand, psychologist Robert Feldman, a professor at the University of Massachusetts who has conducted several studies on disappointment and lying, believes that the myth of Santa Claus does no more harm than telling a person & quot; Look super & quot; & quot; you have gained weight at all & quot, statements that we all make when we socialize. & quot; In fact, we teach children that disappointment "It's acceptable," he concludes.
Mircea's letter for Santa Claus, written when he was younger

Children are understanding and can easily get over negative feelings when they find out who Santa really is. & quot. It's like telling them about Cinderella or Snow White. "It's a story and when they get older they'll understand that," said pediatrician George Cohen, a professor at George Washington University School of Medicine.

Navy shirt - Vicenzo Boretti

Recently it was my birthday and I chose to spend time with my best friends at a fitness club, so some time ago I thought about what to wear, but I didn't want to change my shoes and pants because they fit me. excellent, that's why I thought of buying a shirt to match them.

I looked on the internet and came across a very beautiful shirt, brand Vincenzo Boretti, dark navy blue, which I honestly liked, so I ordered it, the price being 100 lei.

It came to me in less than a week, and the first impression was a super positive one, in the sense that it was exactly as I imagined, having a pleasant appearance and a quality material, deserving the price it has.

I tried it, I can say that it matches perfectly with the shoes and pants, being so happy as if I wanted to stand out with her from that day, but I waited for the big day.

My birthday had come, it was evening and I put on those pants, the shirt I bought and last but not least, those very beautiful shoes, and everything matched perfectly.

My friends had a very positive reaction when they saw me, telling me that I was doing very well, joking with me as if I were a model, and me smiling, thanking them for those appreciations.

The shirt is very comfortable, being made of a quality material and in my opinion it is the best choice to wear it to a party, but, of course, the tastes are not discussed, but this is my opinion.

Of course, I took many pictures in the new shirt, some putting them on social networks, receiving many appreciations and beautiful comments.

In conclusion, I recommend this shirt, it is worth the money, being in relation to the quality and I think you will enjoy it for a long time from the date of purchase.