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Sony Action Cam’s Short Film Gives a Chef’s Eye View in ‘The Cook’

Sony Action Cam’s Short Film Gives a Chef’s Eye View in ‘The Cook’

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The complete short film premieres Monday, April 13

The short film follows chef Deuki Hong as he cooks in his Korean barbecue restaurant, Kang Ho Dong Baekjeong.

As part of its “Never Before Seen” Campaign, Sony Action Cam enlisted Deuki Hong — an alum of both the kitchens of Jean-Georges Vongerichten and David Chang — to give viewers a look into the life of “The Cook,” launching Monday, April 13.

The short film is one in a series of 30 creative short films which will debut weekly through the month of September.

“The Cook”, a collaboration between Sony, New York’s Stinkdigital, Tokyo’s Mori Inc. and Dentsu, follows the chef’s point of view through Chinatown in New York City, into Kang Ho Dong Baekjeong, the chef’s Korean cuisine restaurant.

Sony’s Action Cam gives you an extreme close-up of each time the chef chops, boils, purees, mixes, fries, and plates each dish.

Each kitchen utensil is rigged to the camera and is presented like one of the chef’s instruments; in fact, the film is scored by an orchestra.

A waterproof case proved invaluable to the team, especially when half-submerging the camera in boiling oil.

Shortlisted for an Oscar, ‘White Eye’ asks the hard questions

LONDON: “White Eye” — a short film from writer-director Tomer Shushan — serves as a masterclass in concise storytelling. After all, the pivotal moment at the heart of Shushan’s semi-autobiographical (and recently shortlisted for an Oscar) short involves little more than a dispute over a stolen bicycle, with no lavish set pieces or special effects required to create an enthralling atmosphere. Furthermore, “White Eye” is shot in a single, continuous take that follows Omer (Daniel Gad) as he tries to retrieve his stolen bike.

The short film from writer-director Tomer Shushan serves as a masterclass in concise storytelling. Supplied

The camera buzzes around Omer, sometimes looking over his shoulder, then backing up to show events unfolding in front of him, or circling to show the audience what he can’t see. It makes for an intense 20 minutes of cinema, and it’s no surprise that “White Eye” has made it to the 10-movie shortlist for the Best Live Action Short Film at the 93rd Academy Awards.

“White Eye” is shot in a single, continuous take that follows Omer (Daniel Gad) as he tries to retrieve his stolen bike. Supplied

Shushan keeps the scale of the film small. “White Eye” takes place in a single building and on the street outside. As Omer’s attempts to get his bike back escalate into a far more high-stakes situation, there’s a palpable sense of rising tension and, without giving away too much of the story (which would undo the strength of the narrative), Shushan begins to ask a number of uncomfortable questions — about assumption, about prejudice, about empathy and retribution.

“White Eye” takes place in a single building and on the street outside. Supplied

The 20-minute runtime flashes past in a heartbeat as the tiny world the film inhabits becomes both more familiar through repetition, and more uncomfortable as the severity of the situation dawns on Omer — and, by extension, the audience. Thanks to an understated performance from Gad, we see Omer begin to ask himself the hard questions about the strength of his own character. And by that point, we’re so taken in by Shushan’s carefully crafted microcosm that we can’t help but ask ourselves the same of our own humanity.

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Talk about your childhood and how do you see these days kids, give some advice about growing up as many kids might be watching your video.

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Who knows, maybe then you will come up with the idea that you need to focus all your attention on this type of content on your channel.

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6. Introduce Your Pets

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A personal space tour is still one of the most attractive of all YouTube video ideas.

10. What Does it Take to Be You?

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Speaking to MailOnline, Saliha, who beat 64 amateur cooks to the final alongside Steve Kielty, 40, and Giovanna Ryan, 29, said: 'I was absolutely not expecting this, it feels weird to say it even now. I’m so happy that my cheekbones are hurting and I’m probably going to have a paracetamol for smile-induced fatigue.'

Congratulating her on her stellar win after seven gruelling weeks, judge John Torode, left, said: 'Saliha is a class act'. Gregg Wallace, right, added: 'It's East meets West and it is stunningly good'

Pictures from her Facebook page show her and her husband on the picket line campaigning over the new junior doctor contracts.

The placard reads: ‘Junior doctors are your 24/7 NHS #notfairnotsafe’.

Speaking about why she joined last year’s protests, she said: ‘It is a very complex and multi-faceted issue. Junior doctors work very hard, they are very passionate about the NHS, but most of all they are passionate about patient safety.

'And that is of the most importance to all of us as a body. I think in the future all of us need to work towards making sure that our patients are as safe as possible, and that is why we were at the picket line.’

Speaking following her coup, she said: 'I'm so happy that my cheekbones are hurting and I'm probably going to have a paracetamol for smile-induced fatigue! I'm a scientist, I'm not an artist, and this is pure creativity'

Saliha beat 64 amateur cooks to the final alongside Steve Kielty, 40, and Giovanna Ryan, 29


Starter: Venison shami kebab with cashew and coriander green chutney, chana daal and a kachumbar salad – in memory of her grandmother's house in Pakistan.

Main course: A Kashmiri style sous-vide duck breast, with crispy duck skin, freekeh wheatgrain, spiced with dried barberries, walnuts and coriander, a cherry chutney and a duck and cherry sauce.

Dessert: Saffron rosewater and cardamom pannacotta, served with a deconstructed baklava (inspired by her childhood love of baklava), including candied pistachios, pistachio honeycomb, filo pastry shards and kumquats.

Congratulating her on her stellar win after seven gruelling weeks, judge John Torode said: 'Saliha is a class act. She's walked in here and has taken her food culture apart and put it back together in a modern and very exciting way.

'She always does something a little bit extra – something which always surprises us.'

On her winning menu, he said: 'Those dishes sparkled. They were clean, crisp, refined and beautiful.'

Gregg Wallace added: 'It's East meets West and it is stunningly good.'

And Saliha, a junior doctor training to specialise in Gastroenterology, says she has numerous people to thank for helping her to get to where she is.

'This is more about sharing my success with the people who helped me get there along the way.

'My husband was exceptionally supportive and my colleagues swapped on-call shifts with me so I could attend the filming days. I feel like winning MasterChef was a team effort for us.'

Saliha, who is training to specialise in Gastroenterology, says she has numerous people to thank for helping her to get to where she is

Sharing her reasons for entering MasterChef, Saliha says: 'I've always seen food as a serious hobby but being a doctor means I don't always have the time to fully engage in it. I entered the competition to challenge myself, and see what I was capable of'

Saliha's winning menu started with a Venison shami kebab with cashew and coriander green chutney, chana daal and a kachumbar salad - in memory of her grandmother's house in Pakistan - and won over the judges

A tearful John said: 'She always does something a little bit extra – something which always surprises us'

Saliha admits she'd sometimes go days without sleep, revealing: 'It was really challenging actually. Balancing my work and home life was difficult and tested my multi-tasking skills but these skills aren't too dissimilar to the skills I use on a busy ward.

'I would sometimes come off a night shift and go straight to filming with no sleep at all but tiredness vanishes when you're that excited and I just had to live in the moment.'

In a punishing final week, MasterChef fans have seen Saliha cook for the American Ambassador under one of Britain's best chef's, Paul Ainsworth embark on a culinary adventure to South Africa - which she said was the highlight of her time on the show - and take on three exceptional challenges.

Earlier this week, she found herself trending on Twitter after 52-year-old presenter Gregg Wallace left viewers chomping on their fists during after he appeared to flirt with pretty contestant Saliha.

'What rhymes with lamb shank?' he quipped at 29-year-old Saliha as she prepared her dish for the judges, before engaging her in an embarrassing 'roses are red' ditty.

After Wallace uttered the classic 'roses are red, violets are blue' line, an embarrassed-looking Saliha managed to utter: 'Lamb is lovely. and I hope you like it too.'

Unsurprisingly, Wallace's 'lamb shank' comments were met with much mirth on social media, with many making reference to the rude term that the dish is cockney rhyming slang for.

Earlier this week, she found herself trending on Twitter after 52-year-old presenter Gregg Wallace, right, left viewers chomping on their fists during after he appeared to flirt with pretty contestant Saliha

Firstly, she was mentored by one of South Africa's most celebrated, Reuben Riffel, then under British-born Luke Dale Roberts at the world-renowned The Test Kitchen restaurant and finally she cooked for leading figures in Cape Town's cultural and food community and in the penultimate programme, cook for The Chef's Table, overseen by one of the country's most creative chefs, the two-Michelin starred, Sat Baines.

So, it's hardly surprising how Saliha hopes to celebrate her win. 'I am a simple person at heart and I tend to avoid big parties so I just want to relax with a few loved ones and spend lots of time with my son.'


Saliha, who grew up in Ickenham, Middlesex, started cooking at a young age, influenced by her family, and also encouraged by her teacher. She explains: 'I'm from a big Pakistani family and we use food as a way of bringing everyone together. I had very passionate grandmothers who cooked traditional Pakistani food and my mum is also an excellent cook. We love to feed people – it runs in our genes'.

'I discovered my love for cooking in food technology lessons in year seven at school. Then when I was 15, my Food Tech teacher entered me into the "School Chef of the Year" competition and I won it.'

Sharing her reasons for entering MasterChef, Saliha says: 'I've always seen food as a serious hobby but being a doctor means I don't always have the time to fully engage in it. I entered the competition to challenge myself, and see what I was capable of.'

Saliha says her passions include Pakistani food, Kashmiri cuisine, Persian and middle-eastern food and Mughal cooking.

Tarla Dalal, Nigella Lawson, Cyrus Todiwala, Sabrina Ghayour, Atul Kochar and Greg Malouf have been her inspiration over the years and her most treasured cookbook - Rani, A Legacy of Recipes and Fables - was given to her by her grandfather.

Sony Action Cam’s Short Film Gives a Chef’s Eye View in ‘The Cook’ - Recipes

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